Paleo Spaghetti

Recipe makes 4 servings.
Approximate Cook Time: 20 minutes
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1 tablespoon(s) olive oil
2 medium garlic clove(s), crushed
1 pound(s) beef, ground, or groun turkey or sausage
3 cup(s) marinara sauce, about 15 oz, (no sugar added)
24 ounce(s) kelp noodles, (or one spaghetti squash)


  1. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil.
  2. Add meat and garlic, and cook completely.
  3. Add noodles and marinara, stir and bring to a simmer.
  4. Preheat the oven to 375 F.
  5. Split the squash lengthwise, then dig out the seeds.
  6. Place both halves face down on a baking pan, with 1/4 inch of water.
  7. Bake for 45 minutes.
  8. Dig out squash with a fork (cross-wise) and add to the skillet with the meat and marinara.


  1. Kirsten

    where is the recipe for the marinara?

    • Jason G.

      I use Newman’s Own Marinara with Mushroom Sauce. Yes, this has sugar in it, but it’s close enough for me, and considering the small amount I use, the amount of actual sugar I ingest is pretty minimal. You can, of course, make your own sauce if you have the time or motivation. This one is good.

  2. Gaby Ondrasek

    whre can I find the Kelp Noodles? and what’s for dinner for Tuesday night?

  3. irongirl3018

    You can microwave the spaghetti squash if you are in a hurry. Cut in half, remove seeds and cover with plastic wrap. Each half takes about 6-8 minutes depending on the size of the squash.

  4. amyporpora

    AH-MAZE-ING. I fell in love with this dish and I’ll definitely be making this one again anytime I have a hankering for Italian food. I even took a picture of it and texted it to my friends because that’s how easy and delicious this is. I used an organic trader joe’s sauce but I noticed (milk enzymes) as an ingredient which was discouraging after I poured it onto the spaghetti squash. I’m going to make the Giada version and keep it on hand. Fresh is best. THANK YOU! love, mrs spaghetti.

  5. Berndawg

    How do you split the squash… I can’t seem to find anything that actually explains this. Everywhere I look on the web says “Cut spaghetti squash”. I can’t seem to get a big fork in it to cook it either.
    Lol I don’t want an exploding brick in my oven.

    • Neely

      @Berndawg – You want to split a long squash lengthwise. Just do it with a knife and a cutting board. Good luck!

  6. austhokie

    I realized after I got home tonight that I only had a 12oz bag of kelp noodles, since that is the only size I can find them in…so my spaghetti def. turned out more meaty, than spaghetti’ish. I also added a sprinkle of garlic salt at the end…but it needs something…I just dont’ know what

  7. Rob E

    Searched high and low for the noodles. Whole Foods doesn’t carry them locally, I almost broke down and paid the $24 for two 12 oz bags on Amazon.

    After reading some reviews I got the idea to check my local Asian market. Eureka!! Found them for $1.99 per 12 oz bag.

    I’ve made this with squash before and it is great. Added some mushrooms and onions tonight. Noodles are oddly similar to the spaghetti squash in texture.

  8. Renee

    What about Shirataki noodles? Every time I search for kelp noodles these come up? Just curious! I tried researching what they were made from and can’t find out much about them except that they were gluten free, ‘mostly’ carbohydrate free, and calorie free. Thanks!

  9. RILEcuyer

    Thank you! I finally found kelp noodles and we tried them tonight! Wow! My husband said ‘like eating water noodles’! When I asked if he’d eat them again he said yes! LOL! Once they were covered with the spaghetti sauce, you really couldn’t tell the difference! I found them at an asian market much cheaper!

  10. micheleholley

    If you are like me and don’t care for spaghetti squash you can also use shredded zucchini…yum!!

  11. mishka

    i agree with michelle, “zuketti” is the best thing ever. julienne the zukes (not the core, the seeds will make the “noodles” break), salt them and let them sit for 30 mins, squeezing occassionally. you can then either pour your sauce right over, or fry them in a teentsy bit of olive oil for 3-4 minutes. i prefer to cook mine as some of the extra water evaporates. using these “noodles” you also use less sauce overall as it doesn’t absorb.

  12. Jude

    Also great is roasted eggplant. I quarter a medium eggplant, then cut crosswise so I have 8 pieces.
    Roast at 450 on foil-covered baking sheet, skin side down, lightly brushed with oil, for 20-25 minutes.
    Good when you want a change from spaghetti squash or zucchini, both of which I love also. Cover with
    meat sauce, to which you’ve added some Italian seasoning for some flavor.

  13. Emily

    This recipe is great using spaghetti squash in place of kelp noodles as well!

  14. grayzone

    Please include cooking times not just “cook completely” and nutrition info.

  15. PKHPaleo

    Can you please include nutrition info either using the Squash or kelp noodles

  16. lisalu

    I just noticed the serving size is 324 servings and 19 calories?!?

    • Neely Quinn

      lisalu – Ha ha! Sorry about that – I fixed it. It was just a little clerical error. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  17. stellafey

    I found a delicious marinara from a local grocery store here. The brand is Gia Russa, NO SUGAR! That was not easy to find.

  18. drewcraig13

    Can I make my own marinara sauce. With little olive oil garlic, onions, tomatoes and fresh basil.

  19. erinkkemp

    I made it with the spaghetti squash. Added mushrooms and onions to the sauce. SUPER delicious :)

  20. LynnRo

    Organicsville is delicious and no sugar depending on the flavor sauce you pick


    A note about the spaghetti the next day. Particularly if you use kelp noodles and are in an office with only a microwave. Don’t microwave the kelp noodles (if you packaged the noodles with the sauce) b/c they turn out weird in the microwave. Just the sauce.

  22. Christal

    What about the pasta made from vegetable??

  23. Bida1

    I prefer steaming the spagetti squash in the microwave. I use a large glass dish, split the squash in half and place face down in the glass dish with water. If u want to cover it with saran wrap that is great too, as it steams better. I usually try to use smaller squash that larger. About 20 minutes and your done.

  24. Emily

    You can find kelp noodles at an Asian market

  25. Bek

    Can I use Konjac root noodles? Are they healthy or just a gimmick?
    Ps you have changed the way I look at food x thanks x

  26. Amy B

    What do kelp noodles taste like?

  27. Karen M

    Wow! Who knew kelp noodles exisited?! I found them at my local organic shop. They have no discernible flavour and are a bit like vermicellii rice noodles. This is the perfect substitute for spaghetti for us. Next time I’ll add a few veges to the sauce.

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