Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho Soup
Recipe makes 2 servings.
Approximate Cook Time: 10 minutes
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4 medium tomato(es), quartered
1 small onion(s), coarsely chopped
1 medium cucumber(s), peeled and coarsely chopped
1 tablespoon(s) parsley, fresh, about 1 sprig
1 medium garlic clove(s), peeled
1/2 cup(s) water, cold
1 medium lemon(s), juiced
1 teaspoon(s) sea salt, (optional)
1 teaspoon(s) black pepper, freshly ground, to taste
1/4 teaspoon(s) cayenne pepper, (optional)
1/4 cup(s) ice


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor until vegetables are chopped very small (not pureed).
  2. Serve cold.

This recipe inspired in part or in whole from here.


  1. Jules

    This was not good at all. Just an FYI

    • Neely

      Any recommendations for improvement? Was it just lacking salt?

  2. JeanJ

    Try adding some low sodium tomato juice

  3. Spaniard

    This is not Gazpacho! Gazpacho is a Spanish dish and it is made as follows:
    Plenty of tomatoes (main ingredient, you can add more or less to taste)
    1 Green pepper
    1 small cucumber
    1 small onion
    A couple of garlic cloves.
    Olive oil (maybe a cup)
    Vinegar (maybe half a cup)

    (I cannot say exact quantities right now, but you can play with the ingredients while you are blending them and adapt to your taste)

    Put everything in a blender and puree!!!!!! it has to be almost liquid or creamy!
    Then put it in in the fridge for a few hours. It’s a cold soup we have in the summer.

  4. Sandra

    I agree with Spaniard about gazpacho. I’m so tired of seeing gazpacho recipes out there with strange ingredients like V-8 or Clamato or jalapeno or (in this case) lemon and parsley.

    A gazpacho is essentially a liquified salad. Tomato, cucumber, green pepper, olive oil, vinegar, salt. Some people add a hard boiled egg yolk, some put some soggy bread in to thicken things… I don’t particularly like onion and garlic in mine, but that’s it!

    (Como Dios manda!)

  5. britsquid

    Would gazpacho still be good if frozen right after made? I was thinking of making a large batch and dividing into single servings and then freezing.

  6. Alba

    Spaniard’s recipe is the right one, I think you should try that one because gazpacho is so refreshing during the summer, and such a healthy dish! The one listed in this website above is very weird, there are some ingredients that I’ve never seen in gazpacho :S (like parsley, lemon or cayenne pepper, wtf).

    A lot of people make it with bread (from the day before) but not in my house because it’s healthier without it. Then some people prefer it with more garlic, and other prefer it more liquidy so once they serve it in a bowl they add some water. I recommend adding the ice cubes more at the end and after tasting it, because in the traditional recipe you don’t need that, so it depends on how cold you like it.

  7. Alba

    And yes, you can freeze the gazpacho, the only complain is that you would have to blend it again once you unfreeze to mix the ingredients properly :)

  8. Kristin


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