Almond Muffins


These muffins have plenty of Paleo-approved protein from the almonds and coconut to keep you running until lunchtime. You can add more sweetener to your taste, another nut butter in place of the almond butter, and a handful of blueberries or some grated apple, mashed bananas or cinnamon for a more complex flavor. The possibilities are endless! They are also great served with a side of bacon.

Recipe makes 12 servings.
Approximate Cook Time: 25 minutes
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1 cup(s) almond butter
1 cup(s) almonds
1 cup(s) coconut milk, full fat
2 cup(s) coconut, unsweetened shredded
3 large egg(s)
1/4 teaspoon(s) vanilla, (optional)
2 tablespoon(s) coconut sap, or raw honey (optional)
1 package(s) paper muffin liners


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
  2. Line a muffin tin with paper liners.
  3. Combine all ingredients and pour into muffin tin.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes.


  1. Shelby

    Is there supposed to be almond flour in this recipe?

    • Jason G.

      The almond butter works similar to the flour would, and mixed with the eggs, coconut milk, and shredded coconut, you should be good to go with just these ingredients. Are you having problems with this recipe?

  2. texaspaleo

    Instead of Agave Nectar, I just used Honey. These were super simple and turned out pretty good, if you life Coconut. I think throwing some fresh Blueberries into the batter might knock these up a notch. BAM!

  3. Kate

    Tried these this morning – they’re pretty great! They needed to cook closer to 20-25 minutes in my electric oven.

    This recipe makes 12, which is a lot for little old me. How long will they keep? Not long, I’m guessing…

  4. romansellbin

    This recipe was wonderful! I am going to try a little cinnamon the next time I make them. These are a really good muffin alternative. I like that they actually came out looking like a muffin. I’ve very pleased.

  5. New to Paleo

    This was my first crack at some paleo baking. I used the suggestion of adding blueberries and was happy that I did! Next time I’ll probably add some cinnamon and a little vanilla. These turned out great! And I did have to bake them for 20 minutes. Does anyone know how they freeze? I have a lot of them to eat for just me.

  6. Don

    My girl friend is allergic to coconut, what do you suggest as a substitute?
    Also I notice coconut milk and shredded coconut used a lot in these recipes, what is the reason? Is it mainly to add texture? in general what could be a coconut milk substitute?

    • Neely

      You could substitute almond milk for the coconut milk in general, although the batter for this recipe may be a little runnier if you do. The coconut flakes could be substituted with other seeds or nuts. For instance, you could increase the 1 cup of almonds to 2 and then add one cup of a mixture of finely chopped walnuts and cashews. The reason we use coconut often is that it’s a good source of nutritious fat that is easily used as energy by your body. It’s also a great substitute for milk, which is not allowed in Paleo. Hope that helps.

  7. CHEL

    The name of this recipe is ‘Almond Muffins with Bacon.’ There’s no bacon!

    • Jason G.

      Actually, for this week’s meal plan, we listed this recipe — and *added* bacon to the side as an addition to the meal. The recipe itself does not have bacon, but bacon was included as protein in the meal. Hope this helps.

  8. beagle99

    Does anyone have recommendations on the number of servings this makes? Seems like a lot for two people. Even for two meals.

  9. bd1star

    Neely thanks very much for the information and suggestion on the coconut substitute. I’ll give it a try and post my results.

  10. bd1star

    @Neely: I tried your suggestion. I substituted the shredded coconut with Almond flour/meal and the coconut milk with Almond milk (I used a bit less because the Almond milk was less think in consistency than the coconut milk). I also had to substitute the egg (I forgot to mention that my girlfriend has an egg and dairy allergy). I used quarter cup unsweetened apple puree/sauce for one whole egg.
    When all was done the Almond Muffins came out quite well (the GF liked it).

  11. beagle99

    Just a warning- This does not serve 2, or 4, BUT 12! Each muffin contains 317 calories. Too bad we ate three the first morning. Breakfast comprised 50% of our daily calories :(

  12. cat

    i am going to try using flax meal as part substitute for the shredded coconut. i certainly wouldn’t do 2 c though…maybe 1 c. and then the almond flour/meal as suggested above. flax with the blueberries would be delicious. : )

  13. Jackie

    How much coconut flour would you use as a substitute for shredded coconut. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing. Thanks

  14. harrietpell

    Are there no number of servings on the recipes?

    • Neely

      For almost every recipe, the number of servings is four because we’re providing enough food for 2 people at one meal and then for those same 2 people as a snack or meal the next day. Because this recipe is a bulk baked good, however, it provides (a lot) more food than that. It serves 12 people (as one person stated in the comments), so please adjust accordingly! I edited the top of the recipe to reflect that – thanks for the heads up.

  15. wndytyme

    I made these last night and they turned out ok. Wish they were a little sweeter! I used the vanilla and agave and they still turned out a little bland. could BARELY taste the coconut for some reason?? Maybe I only used one cup and didnt realize………

  16. Sarah

    These muffins are so filling! I was doubtful because of the size, but I had one this morning and stayed satisfied until lunch. I added a ripe banana for a little more flavor.

  17. Stella

    These are BLAND and DRY! I even added some agave and vanilla. So I made another batch, cut the coconut in half and added a cup of packed shredded carrot, pecans instead of almonds, 3 tsp of cinnamon, 2 generous squirts of agave, vanilla and about 1/4 tsp sea salt. MUCH BETTER!

  18. lydaugherty

    I found the original recipe to be very tasteless and extremly dry. I put the almonds and cococnut into a processor, and also added a grated apple (almost like applesauce) and a cup of blueberries…. Tastes much better. To each their own, I suppose.

  19. Paula

    This recipe was quick and easy, and the kids loved helping. We used vanilla and fresh blueberries in ours. The final product does turn out muffinlike, but very dense and heavy–I definitely did not want to eat bacon with mine (per the menu)–too rich. The flavor of the muffins is OK but they are not sweet–my little girl did drizzle some local honey on top of hers.

    Maybe will try adding applesauce next time, as the poster above suggests…

    I would make these again and freeze them just to have something to grab and go when you need a rib-sticking breakfast but don’t have time to cook, or to pack for travel.

  20. kristen

    New to all of this and trying new things. I do have a quick question… Is almond butter like peanut butter, or is it like regular butter???? I know, seems stupid to ask, but for a newbe, who has never heard of either, its important :)

    • Neely

      kristen – Almond butter is more like peanut butter. Good question.

  21. lisa

    Just had a question I am new to paleo and when making these muffins and cookies. Is there a limit on how many we should be eating? Also I was wondering is everything in these recipes all paleo? I get confused sometimes with the ingredients in here thinking there not paleo.

    • Neely

      lisa – A limit? There’s always a limit – that’s up to you, though :)

    • Neely

      lisa – Yes, all the ingredients are Paleo, but there are different versions of what is and is not Paleo. So again, you’ll have to decide for yourself sometimes if you want to eat a certain ingredient. We try to do our best to keep it as clean as possible – no dairy, no sugar, no grains, no dry legumes, no vegetable oils.

  22. Mishy

    Is it possible to use the almond flour instead of the almond butter. Have real difficulty to to find almond butter in South Africa

    • Neely

      Mishy – Almond flour is actually just almonds ground up. If you grind almond flour up further, it becomes almond butter. Maybe try blending up the almond flour for a while (could take minutes) and see if you can’t make your own almond flour. You can also try it with just regular almonds and blend them up for a while until you have almond butter. Look online – there are a ton of videos on how to do this, what the best way is. Good luck!

  23. caz

    Hi, my family’s first day, so checking out recipes for the children, wondering where would I find almond butter?
    Also is it ok to take the children3 &4 off all dairy?

    • Neely

      caz – Yes, it’s fine to take them off all dairy. And you can find almond butter on if you can’t find it in your local grocery stores.

  24. Brian

    Thank you for this delicious recipe – I’ve made them several times and they are GREAT!
    My most recent additions have been including a little extra coconut milk, a bit of cinnamon & nutmeg, and three blueberries to each muffin!

  25. Anonymous

    Can i substitute the almond butter for peanut butter?

  26. barbara v.

    What is coconut sap, and does the market sell it.

    • Kinsey Jackson

      Hi Barbara!
      Coconut sap is also known as coconut nectar. It’s a dark, thick, sweet syrup that exudes from the coconut tree blossoms when the coconut tree is tapped. As is the case with all paleo-ish sweeteners, we recommend that people use it on an occasional basis. I have only seen it for sale in health food stores and grocery stores that carry higher end products. It’s available online (generally for much cheaper), and I really like this brand here.

      Here are a few more articles that we wrote previously discussing coconut sap and other sweeteners:



      In good health,
      Kinsey Jackson, MS, CN

  27. barbara v

    Tried these muffins, not to bad but a lot of calorie s for what you get, who eats only one little muffin.??

  28. Martha H

    I’m not impressed by these. The taste is very blah. It may be better with some fruit but as it was I put some maple syrup on them so they would have some kind of flavor. I don’t think I’ll be making these again.

  29. Kate D

    I added cinnamon and agave, but substituted almond meal for the almond slivers, which I don’t recommend! The taste was ok, but much too dense (which is likely my fault).

  30. Sarah H

    Is there an alternative to almound butter ?


    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Sarah,

      Common alternatives to almond butter are cashew butter or sunflower seed butter, sometimes called SunButter. Sunflower seed butter tastes a lot like peanut butter. I would think that any nut or seed butter and any variety of nuts or seeds would work in place of the almonds in this recipe.


  31. debra

    Hello, is it supposed to be one cup of almond flour as opposed to 1 cup of almonds? Is the recipe wrong? Thank you

    • Aimee McNew

      Hi Debra,

      It is intended to be 1 cup of almonds, although it doesn’t specify that almond slivers or chopped almonds will work best for the recipe.

      Hope that helps!

  32. Gail B

    These were delicious. I added dried cranberries. I cooked for the time indicated and they were perfect. Will definitely make again, even every week with different additions.

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Almond Muffins

Number of servings 12
Approximate cooking time: 25 minutes

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1 cup(s) almond butter
1 cup(s) almonds
1 cup(s) coconut milk, full fat
2 cup(s) coconut, unsweetened shredded
3 large egg(s)
1/4 teaspoon(s) vanilla, (optional)
2 tablespoon(s) coconut sap, or raw honey (optional)
1 package(s) paper muffin liners


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
  2. Line a muffin tin with paper liners.
  3. Combine all ingredients and pour into muffin tin.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes.