Salsa Salad

Salsa Salad-2
Servings: 2
Approximate Prep Time: 15 minutes
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1 cup(s) cilantro, fresh, chopped
4 medium tomato(es), roma, diced
1 small onion(s), yellow, (or red onion) finely diced
1 small chili pepper, finely diced
1 medium avocado(s), diced
1 tablespoon(s) olive oil
1/4 teaspoon(s) sea salt, (optional)


  1. Wash and prepare vegetables.
  2. Toss cilantro, tomatoes, onion, and chili pepper together in a large bowl.
  3. Add olive oil and sea salt and toss again lightly.
  4. Top with diced avocado.

This recipe inspired in part or in whole from here.



      It is a red algae and is generally used as a seasoning or a “sea vegetable.” Hope that helps, I had to look it up! You can probably find it at a health food store or you can Google it and find it online.

  1. zayasluis

    I added 1 lime’s juice to the salad and it was great. I did the same to the fish and rubbed the salt and chipotle instead of sprinkling it on. I don’t really like chipotle but I liked this recipe. It gave it a smokey flavor.

  2. pegrodgers

    Does it matter which pepper is used? There are many varieties of chili peppers available.

    I may have to substitute something for the dulce leaf until I order some…”ain’t no such thang” out here in West Texas!! ;-) Any suggestions?

    • @pegrodgers – Whichever pepper you love the most. It really doesn’t matter at all.

  3. Is there anything you can substitute for the dulse leaf? I couldn’t find it at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but I could of just looked in the wrong places!=)

  4. Karen M

    This was easy to make, very fresh and lovely. My daughter wasn’t a fan but my husband and I loved it with the turkey burgers.

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