How To Resist Temptation Over Any Holiday


If you’ve been losing weight on the Paleo diet this year, you know that it can be a finnicky process. For some people on the diet it’s easy as… er… cake, but for others not so much. One slip and the pounds come back and you’re defeated. Sucks to have bad genes or a messed up metabolism, or both.

Enter Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah, and beyond. Self control and logic are lost to impulsiveness and rationalization. Delicious food is everywhere tempting you. I just want to remind you of one thing through this whole holiday season.

It’s going to be a pain in your ass to lose the weight you gain in the next month and a half.

Now, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day (and any other holiday that involves gorging oneself) are one thing. Packing in a giant meal every once in a while isn’t necessarily bad, depending on just how big that meal is. I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge a bit. What you should be concerned about are the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know what I’m talking about with leftovers, holiday gifts of fudge and other sugar bombs, Christmas cookie parties, work Christmas parties, early Christmas parties, and on and on.

4 Tips To Resist Temptation

Remind yourself of these four things every time you’re tempted, and maybe it’ll spare you some pounds to resolve to lose come the new year.

1. If you’ve gone the Paleo route, it’s probably because you’ve realized that eating crappy, Neolithic, conventional foods makes you feel awful in some way. Is the piece of Walmart pie someone brought to work really worth the bloat, indigestion, and (enter symptom here) you’re going to feel later?

2. If you’ve been successful this year in losing weight… Just because you’ve lost some weight doesn’t mean you’ve been a good girl or boy so now you get to eat whatever you want. Gaining weight isn’t a reward for losing weight, so don’t rationalize it as such.

3. It’s possible that you could be the host of one of the holiday events, or you could be the one to bring in treats to the office. Translation: you could bring in healthy Paleo “treats” that taste good but don’t make you or your friends feel terrible. Host Thanksgiving or Christmas at your house and make Paleo foods that provide you with Paleo leftovers to avoid some of the temptation.

4. What is it worth to you to feel and look your best? Is it worth saying “no thank you” to something you don’t need, or even really want in the longrun? I think so. Sit down and give this one some thought. Have you lambasted your own attempts at feeling and looking good for far too long now? Stop getting in your own way and do something good for yourself.

Remember, if you need help sticking with the diet, we have our meal plan, of course, here.

Anyone else have any tips to resist temptation?


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