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The Paleo trend is growing. I recently went to Southern Florida and was asked a few times what I did for a living. When I told people I run a Paleo diet meal planning website, some of them actually knew what that meant! At Paleo Plan, part of our mission is to spread the good Paleo word so that even more people around the globe will know what Paleo is, just like they know what “vegetarian” or “gluten free” is.

One way to foster that is by giving the community another place to chat about things, ask questions, and LEARN. With knowledge comes confidence and we want you to be confident enough to tell your friends and family about this way of eating.

Thusly, we created the forums. When you have questions, go there. When you have comments or make radical (or not so radical) observations about your Paleo-ness, then write them there. You may not think you’re so special (we do, though), but you ARE in that people can learn from your mistakes and get inspired by your triumphs. Even if that triumph is as small as figuring out the prodigious usefulness of a crockpot.

So introduce yourself over there, and start talking it out, folks. We’ll be right there with you, clarifying things that need to be clarified… and breaking up nonsensical arguments if the need arises (and I can be mean when I want to be).

You want to know how the meal plan or ebook at Paleo Plan is working for other people to see if you want to try it yourself? Visit the forums. You want to brag about your astounding weight loss and health recuperation? Please, visit the forums. Anything else Paleo or Faileo on your mind? Go.. you get the picture.

We hope to see you there!

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  1. Patrice Baker

    Hi… I’m doing ok with a paleo diet. I went on it when i could not control hunger and sugar cravings, especially in the evenings. Here is the problem. I STILL crave CHOCOLATE like crazy. But only at times. I can walk down the chocolate isle in the grocery store and look at the chocolate, and have NO interest. But I can leave the house at midnight to walk down to the corner store because i soooo want a chocolate bar. Just pure chocolate, nothing else. Sometimes it happens in the afternoon too.

    Also, in a paleo diet, can I squeak in a bit of quinoi from time to time?

    • Neely

      Patrice – Quinoa isn’t Paleo because it’s a grain (despite what people say), so when you eat it, just know that it’s not technically part of the diet. As for the chocolate, I had to give that stuff up completely because I’m so addicted to it. When I have it I turn into a raving mad chocolate monster. All I think about is chocolate – must have chocolate. I think it just affects some people more than others. Now that I don’t ever have it, I don’t ever think about it and it’s much less stressful. I don’t know if that’s your answer, but it’s worth considering. You may be having the cravings because you’re not getting enough carbs in general, though. Could you add more fruits or veggies into your diet during the day so you don’t have such intense cravings at night?

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