Paleo News Update

1. Vote for the Paleo diet in Outside Magazine’s poll for best diet of 2012 here. Go to the page and scroll down. On the left hand side below “Recent Articles” you’ll see where to vote. We’re already crushing the competitors.

2. Registered dietitians are trying to monopolize the nutrition world by making it illegal for nutritionists (like myself) who aren’t RDs to give people nutritional advice. If this happens, that means the USDA’s My Plate and all of the American Dietetic Association’s other outdated information will be the only guide to people’s dietary choices. Please help stop this nonsense by signing a petition against it in your state here. Congress continues the debates in February about it. I’m not usually a political person, but this threatens my livelihood and your choice about who gives you information about the food you eat.

3. As you probably know, Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes. What I heard all over the internet, Facebook and from my really pissed off nutritionist friends was that all she’s doing is taking a glucose-lowering drug called Novo Nordisk. I thought that was a brilliant message to send to people: “Don’t change a thaing about ya’ diet. Just take a druuug and ya’ diabetes’ll be faaan.”

I decided to take a gander at the situation myself. It turns out it’s actually worse than I thought. She’s using Novo Nordisk as a sponsor for her new Diabetes In A New Light program. The program is a way for you to get 1) educational material on how to manage your diabetes (with drugs) and 2) recipes to “lighten” things up. Meaning she’s changing some of her recipes to include less fat. Just like the dietitians of the world would want her to say Please reconsider news bit number 2 if you passed over it before. It’s not like I expected her to all of a sudden go Paleo upon learning of her Condition, but the least she could do is leave the fat and take out the excessive carbs in her recipes…

Any other newsworthy bits? Please share them with us in the comments!

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