End of 30-Day Paleo Challenge!

You’ve reached the finish line of the 30-Day Paleo Plan Paleo Challenge! You’re done! It’s all over! You can finally stop eating all that disgusting prime rib, burger, bacon, and pork chops! Thank God it’s OVER. Wait.

While this 30-Day Paleo challenge is over, I’m sure many of you have realized this Paleo thing isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it’s kind of delicious, satisfying, and not bloat-provoking. You probably feel better in at least one way after doing this for a month…

To all of you who’ve made it through your first 30 days of eating Paleo, congratulations. To those who went Paleo again for these last 30 days, I congratulate you, too. I hope this was an enlightening, health-changing experience for you all, and that you’ll continue eating this health-promoting way for… well, forever.

In exchange for all your hard work, discipline, and courage, we have some fantastic prizes for you. Here are the details of the final contest.

Final Contest

I’m excited for this last one. It’s simple, really. All you have to do is tell me your results of the last 30 days. That might mean you just say in all caps I LOST 20 POUNDS AND FEEL AMAZING! or you email me your before and after pics, your blood work, your performance changes, a description of all the symptoms you no longer have, videos of your progress, measurements, fat loss, etc. I just want to hear what happened over the last 30 days, and see it if I can. So, email me at neely@paleoplan.com or comment below or put your results on our Facebook page here. Tell me your 30-Day Paleo Challenge story! The winners will be chosen on Saturday, February 11th, 2012. That’s in 3 days, so get crackin’!

The Prizes

A male and a female winner will be chosen by virtue of their amazing stories. They will both win the following.

1. US Wellness Meats – $75 Gift Certificate

2. Applegate Farms – $50 voucher

3. Year Membership at Paleo Plan worth $89

I hope to hear from you all soon. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be back to our normal blogging for a while. I have some great stuff in store for you guys. Thanks for playing and keep up the incredible work you’re doing!

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  1. Stacy Oosterink

    Well, day 30 has come and gone… and all I can say is… WOW. Really. Wow.

    I lost 9.4 pounds in 30 days. While that may not sound like a lot, to me it is HUGE. You see, I am a cancer survivor, having lost my thyroid to cancer 13 years ago. As you know, no thyroid = no “natural” metabolism. So my synthroid and I have a necessary love/hate relationship.

    I also have a recently diagnosed allergy to wheat. THIS challenge gave me a reason to kick the wheat for good. I can’t believe how much better I feel.

    Oh and I guess I should also mention the addiction to caffeine, which I also gave up.

    So yeah… I LOST 9.4 pounds. No wheat. No caffeine. No dairy. No beans/legumes. No added sugar. I cheated ONCE with some popcorn and a diet soda at the movies with my hubby.

    But what did I gain? Oh let me list what I gained in this thirty days….

    I sleep through the night….for 8 hours a night! That’s right. I, the queen of insomnia fall asleep between 11 and 1130 every night. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing…when my body says “it’s time for sleep” it just happens. I also no longer wake up during the night to pee, or to just look at the clock. From the time I close my eyes to sleep, they stay closed until 7 or 730 am. I am using NO alarm clock at all. Oh, and I don’t have that “just five more minutes” feeling either.

    I wake up refreshed, with no aches or pains. Plantar fasciitis? GONE. I have suffered and have worn inserts in my shoes for over 18 months. Not anymore. GONE. No achy knees, no achy hips…no achy back. I feel good. The funny thing is, I didn’t realize I felt bad until I got to here.

    My skin is better. Clearer. No more of those little bumps on the backs of my arms…. no more dry patches, no more “winter dry” legs. Each and every day my skin gets a little better, a little more supple. My hair too! It feels thicker somehow.. and my scalp doesn’t itch.

    My stomach is flatter than it’s been in forever. I have no gastro-intestinal issues. I haven’t had a stomach ache not even ONCE since eating Paleo. And I am starting to see flatter, sexier abs without having to suck in my gut. I am starting to not have a gut at all to suck in!

    My pants fit better, which is a rarity for me. Being VERY pear-shaped, if I did lose weight it was always my face and chest that took the hit. Not this time! This time my pants are looser in the waist, in the hips, and in the thighs. It makes me want to dance with joy. My bra size hasn’t changed a bit. Could I be on my way to FINALLY being proportioned like a “normal” person?

    The biggest thing I have gained is a change in mood. I feel… lighter of spirit. Happier, calmer, not as short tempered or intolerant of those around me. I find it easier to laugh, to love, to just be content wherever I am. The little things don’t bother me as much… I can only attribute it to nice level blood sugar. I’m sure my labs (to be drawn on Friday the 10th) will show improvement!

    Oh and did I meantion I lost nearly 10 pounds?

    In short, I gained a path back to ME. A path I never even knew I had lost. I am going to be taking another 30 day challenge… sticking with the Paleo way of eating, and incorporating some consistent movement every single day. Parking farther away, taking the stairs, using my treadmill for a leisurely walk along one of the “trails” programmed into it.

    I’m even looking forward to bathing suit season for the first time in my life. I’m a long way from a bikini body, but I’m closer now than I was 30 days ago.

    So, I lost 9.4 pounds… and I gained so much more. Thank you for challenging me and giving me the opportunity to succeed beyond my wildest imaginings.

    See you on the beach!

  2. kristy ot

    Starting stats:
    128.4 pounds; 32.5% bodyfat; 33.9% muscle

    Ending stats:
    120.4 pounds; 31.0% bodyfat; 34.6% muscle

    I can fit into pants from 5 years ago! I don’t get shaky when I have to wait an extra hour to eat! It’s pretty great.

  3. Teresa

    I’m Paleo for life! I can’t believe how much better I feel after 30 days. I have been struggling with acid reflux for the last 10 years, and have had to take 20mg of Omeprazole every morning and a Pepcid Complete every night and would still wake up several times with heartburn. Since I’ve started eating Paleo I’ve only had heartburn 3 times, and those were days I cheated. This is amazing to me! I’m completely off those medications! I believe my reflux was triggered by dairy. I thought it would be impossible to live without cheese and yogurt and now I don’t crave or miss them at all. I’ve lost 6 lbs, several inches (including 4 off my waist :), and gained a new outlook on what a healthy meal is.
    I truly feel Paleo is how I should be eating the rest of my life. I don’t miss coffee, Diet Coke and processed foods. I’m committing myself to Paleo 6 days a week and cutting myself some slack one day to enjoy some pizza and beer or whatever else sounds good.

  4. Annie

    As a Type 1 Diabetic and Celiac, Paleo has been a God-send! I’ve dropped 10 pounds in these 30 days, and am feeling great! I still need to lose another 20, but I am totally committed to Paleo. I have to say that I haven’t cheated even ONCE during this time, which is amazing for ME! I look forward to the healthy meats, fruits and vegetables that I’m eating every day, and have never felt like I was on a diet. As a ‘professional’ dieter most of my life, I can say without reservation that Paleo is the easiest and healthiest eating plan that I have ever discovered. I’ve gone down almost 2 dress sizes, and am feeling the healthiest in my life. I’m reading labels and throwing foods back on the shelves if they contain high fructose corn syrup or any kind of nitrates! I love eating s-i-m-p-l-e! I’m a Paleo Life-er, for sure!

  5. Michelle

    I was already eating a pretty tight Paleo diet, so I used the 30 day challenge to clean things up a bit and then re-examine how Paleo-ish treats affect me. My stomach flattened out noticeably and I’m fitting much more comfortably into my jeans, but he biggest thing that the challenge did for me was remind me how refined sugar affects me. Even small amounts make my heart pound and make me feel edgy. Berries and other fruit keep me on an even keel, but chocolate will be kept to very small, infrequent doses at times that I can handle the side effects.

  6. lakegirl72

    30 days and I am ready for the rest of my life. Everyday, I am thankful for learning about Paleo and the lifestyle that it is. Way too many years were spent chasing the “next best diet” and I suffered accordingly. Plagued by carbohydrate cravings that made me feel inferior as a person – a person with no willpower, unable to achieve even a simple goal of losing weight and keeping it off. My weight has yo yo’d my whole adult life and I don’t even own a YoYo. But the new normal for me is sustained food satisfaction, energy and mood. Life is peaceful for me because I am not crazed over my eating and weight fluctuations.

    At the end of this challenge I have lost 5 pounds and 6 inches (taken from 6 measurements). My blood pressure is down from an average of 120/80 to 113/70 on February 7. My blood labs (measured change over 14 months) were not as encouraging. Total cholesterol up 25 points, HDL down 6.7 points, LDL up 34 points. Triglycerides went down 10 points. TSH (thyroid) went down .562 from last year. I want to learn more about cholesterol and paleo eating.

    In these 30 days I have removed non-paleo foods from my life. New recipes have given me a chance to experience new foods – especially vegetables!! Learning new ways to do things has been challenging and fun…I found a “locally grown” market featuring local farmers with products from grass-fed beef, pastured chickens and eggs, pork, low pasteurized dairy, raw honey, all manner of organic veggies. This weekly market is now my go to source for paleo foods along with the local “health food” store. What fun!

    After describing myself as a sedentary person for years, I am now active all day long. Exercise is not something to be endured. My “routine” fits my age and is achieving the results I want. I look forward to more outdoor playtime as spring arrives. Being active all day has led to sleeping better all night!

    Maybe the best part of these 30 days is that my son and daughter-in-law with their 7 month old daughter are adopting the paleo lifestyle because of the results I am experiencing. This is not just about weight loss. This is about changing the way we live life! Paleo is not about giving things up, it is about gaining everything we always wanted. Thank you PaleoPlan!!

  7. Carolyn Akimseu

    I had begun a personal Paleo-challenge on January 1st. I wanted to see how the change in diet would affect my mood, energy level, weight loss… everything.

    I have battled with my weight since college. I have a family history of thyroid disorders and have been diagnosed with a “sluggish” thyroid. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… I am on a low level maintenance medication to try and counter the times it doesn’t work… It makes it difficult to lose weight as well as difficult to maintain a lower weight. I tend to be cold most of the time and not particularly motivated to get up and move… I have also battled with mindless eating and snacking, craving sweets and salty-fatty processed carbs. All that is gone!

    After about the first 4-5 days, my cravings for sweets were gone! i don’t want them. I don’t need them. I have no problem declining or walking right past them. A lot of people think I’m being a martyr but I genuinely don’t want the cake and candy and cookies. The desire just isn’t there anymore. As for the salty processed carbs…cravings? Also gone! I would so much rather eat a small handfull of paleo trail mix.

    Gone are the afternoon sleepies that would send me running to the vending machine for a dose of sugar and a cup of coffee! I have so much more energy during the day and I sleep so much sounder at night! My mood is considerably more positive over all!

    Finding a way to incorporate the change in lifestyle with our family routine has been a little challenging. My daughter has been a vegetarian for several years and recently has incorporated fish and shellfish back into her diet but still does not eat red meat or poultry. We have had to be creative in finding ways to accomodate both of our dietary preferences and still honor our family tradition of sitting down to meals together as a family. Our favorite dinner is a taco/burrito bar! We prepare some kind of protein source (my favorite is shrinp) and then everyone fixes their own plate the way they want it. My plate usually consists of a bed of shredded cabbage with protein, pico de gallo, onion, cilantro and avocado. I don’t miss the tortillas at all.

    I cheated one day. I went out with my family to celebrate Chinese New Year at a local dim sum restaurant. I ate dumplings and buns and I felt the difference that night! I felt like I’d been hit by a bus! No energy, listless, fuzzy headed… It was remarkable! After that experience, I was totally onboard!

    Over the course of this last month, I have lost approximately 9 pounds and lost 2 inches from my waist and an inch and a half from my chest. I am stronger, more energetic, and more confident! I’m back into my “skinny” pants and I’m preaching the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle!

  8. Janet F.

    I have said it before and my million emails to Neely can back me up – I HEART Paleo! I cried the day I found out I had a gluten intolerance because I felt like there was nothing in the world I could eat. How would I be able to stop eating my beloved carbs??? Typical meals used to be bagel for breakfast with a nice heaping mound of cream cheese, breakfast sweet for snack, carb-y sandwich for lunch with fries or chips AND a pop, then on to my afternoon snack which sometimes was fruit or veg, but usually not, then a big plate of carbs and a little meat and veg. Oh, and let’s not forget my love for all things cupcakes – I love how cute they are, I love to bake them, and I love(d) eating them! But now after being on Paleo for about a month and a half I’ve lost over 15 pounds, my body isn’t really interested in sweets, and holy crap I feel good! I no longer have my muffin top hanging over my jeans, I stopped taking my acid reflux meds – which I had taken every single day – and I am able to sleep without waking up with horrible heartburn!

    My workouts are even improving! I have not been sore like I used to be and am actually able to increase reps and weight where I never really had before. I’m able to run faster for longer, and my stupid joints aren’t in pain all the time. I can also now see my ankle bones, and my collar bone! This is huge for me! I think my skin is a little less dry, and I’m less crabby, don’t have itchy patches of skin and my stomach isn’t hurting anymore. This is literally the best thing that ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to see how I continue to progress. I have to be on this plan for life since I’m allergic to soy, gluten, dairy, and legumes. It’s just a great feeling to know that it’s possible to cut out all of those delicious foods, and still be able to have tasty, nutritious foods! Thanks again, Neely! You haven’t heard the last of me!

    • Neely

      @Janet F. – That’s what I like to hear! Pictures?

  9. Lynn

    My neighbor encouraged me to try the Paleo diet. So my husband and I started it 30 days ago. It is a little hard with 3 kids that are picky eaters, but we have managed. I feel so much better – I’ve lost 15 pounds. Like others who have commented, I have acid reflux but have not needed my meds. It’s amazing how I’m not hungry and the energy that I have had. I still have trouble sleeping through the night but plan to start exercising more so I hope that will help with sleeping. The plan isn’t that hard and I’m amazed I no longer crave sweets or salty snacks. So happy for my neighbor’s encouragement!!!

  10. denice

    It was great for me too. I lost 10 pounds. However, I still cannot give up my coffee but did switch to decafinated. I never missed dairy or pasta. Was great going for another 30 days.

  11. Lara

    I have been going paleo now for a week and half, plus I’m starting to work out 3 times a week (from nothing). I weighed 143 pounds a week ago at 5’3. A week and half later and I can’t tell you how much I weigh (b/c my scale sucks!) but I can tell you how I feel. I feel great. I feel more energy and mostly not so starving like I always felt consuming breads and dairy.

    My biggest concerns still are that I don’t sleep through the night (although stress may have something to do with that) and that I still eat a lot after supper (9pm ish)… wish I could kick this habit. Any advice?

    Otherwise, the fat seems to be melting off and I feel much MUCH better. I haven’t felt pretty in at least 10 years. I think in less than one year I’m going to feel so good about myself. I can’t wait! I’ll keep you posted.

  12. Marci

    I will be finishing my Paleo Challenge tomorrow. My results have been amazing. I lost 11 pounds and have seen huge changes in my health. If you want to see my before and after please visit http://mrsspruiell.tumblr.com/

    • Neely

      Marci – Congratulations to you! I’m so excited for you and thank you for sharing your story here! I’ll be posting this on Facebook if you don’t mind :)

  13. Paleo

    Congratulations to all of you specially for those who LOST! Hehehe!!! Because in this challenge, Losing Weight is Winning.

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