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Paleo Summit from Underground Wellness

There is so much cool Paleo stuff happening right now! I can’t even believe how quickly conferences and well-made products are cropping up to educate the public on this way of eating. First the Ancestral Health Symposium last August – the first real gathering of scientific Paleo/Primal masterminds. Then the PaleoFX conference coming up in mid March, featuring some of the brightest thinkers and doers in the Paleo community. And now this: a conference I didn’t even have to purchase a flight to get to (not to mention a ludicrously expensive hotel room).

Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness, who hosts the podcast, UW Radio, and wrote the ebook “The Dark Side of Fat Loss”, recently created the Paleo Summit. Sean interviewed some of the top Paleo/Primal experts, including Mark Sisson, Dr. Jack Kruse, Chris Kresser, Diane Sanfilippo, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and more. It’s a collection of videos, audios, and transcripts of their interviews, and I can tell you that it’s really, really good.

So far I’ve listened to Dr. Jack Kruse on how leptin affects, well, everything. I heard Dr. Tom O’Bryan talk about the devious nature of gluten in the most specific terms I’ve ever heard it described. I heard Amy Kubal talk about how endurance athletes can perform well on a Paleo diet, and I have yet to listen to so many more. Here they are and see what their talks are about here:

Mark Sisson
Sarah Fragoso
Erwan Le Corre
Matt Stone
Nora Gedgaudas
Mat Lalonde
Denise Minger
Chris Kresser
Reed Davis
Paul Chek
Dallas & Melissa Hartwig
Dr. Allison Siebecker
Dr. Catherine Shanahan
Keith Norris
Dr. Daniel Chong
Jimmy Moore
Stephanie Gruenke, RD
Dean Dwyer

They’re talking about everything from cholesterol myths, how pharmaceuticals stack up against diet, implementing Paleo, eating vegetarian while Paleo, how to perform well and be healthy, and so much more. I’d like to lock myself in a room and listen to all of these for the next 23 hours, but alas, I have to eat and sleep…

I needed to let you guys know about this because this is where the good stuff is. If you can’t make it to PaleoFX or the Ancestral Health Symposium, these are the same people who will be speaking at those conferences. Everyone needs to be as informed as possible, and Sean Croxton is helping to make this possible. The set of all the videos, audios, transcripts and a bunch of extra bonuses costs $100 – it’s kind of a big chunk of change. But think of it like this: For instance, the PaleoFX conference is $300 for the ticket to the conference plus $350 for a flight to Austin (for me, at least), plus $250 for budget hotel rooms for two nights, plus any other travel expenses. That’s $900. All for many of the same talks from many of the same people. I’m just sayin’.

If you feel compelled to educate yourselves a little further on the latest research and the most finely-tuned implementation of the Paleo diet, this is your product.


  1. The summit was very interesting. There were a few glitches with the videos on the first couple of days, but Sean got them fixed pretty quickly. It’s worth checking out.

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