Get Rid of Health Problems Once and For All with the Caveman Diet Plan


ll, obviously no one can claim all health problems can be solved with any one activity. But the caveman diet plan (also known as the Paleo diet plan) has its share of sterling successes.

Some have noticed a marked increase in energy. For instance, Margaret wrote, “The Paleo Plan is amazing. My husband and I began three weeks ago and are losing weight and feeling much more energetic.”

A More Comfortable Diet
As with any diet, some people feel that they will experience discomfort from the change of lifestyle. Nick wrote, “I was pretty skeptical… I was sure one would suffer. I’ve never felt better…” In fact, the caveman diet plan is a diet that hardly feels like a diet. John wrote, “In the past 2 months, my cholesterol has dropped 24pts. I’m leaner, stronger, and just feeling better in general than I have in a long time.”

Caveman Diet Plan Successes
The list of success stories goes on and on. Though the results cannot be guaranteed for every individual, some have experienced the elimination of irritable bowel syndrome. Another had carpal tunnel disappear and asthma greatly reduce. And another person who had upper respiratory infections and frequent colds, had the infections disappear and colds reduce from once every few months to once in two years and with much faster recovery time.

Pam wrote, “…knee pain, gallbladder pain, fatigue, indigestion, foggy mind—all gone!!”

Giving the Body a Chance to Heal
And these successes make sense. If you give the body what it needs and none of the poisons that destroy the body, then the body has a chance to heal itself.

A recent map of cancer statistics worldwide compared to a map of gross domestic product (a financial indicator) show a major correlation between the wealthy Western nations and high rates of cancer. Where the correlation between national wealth and cancer did not correlate, the nations did not have a strong cultural tie with America. And perhaps the strongest cultural tie is that of food and food packaging. The implication is that our modern foods are killing us.

Cost Savings
Packaged and processed foods tend to cost more, so you can save money there. If you follow the caveman diet plan properly, you might need far less pain medication. And fewer doctor visits. Of course, we can’t promise all of these, but based on the successes of others, there’s a good likelihood you could see substantial savings all around.

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