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We’re proud and excited to announce our new movement, We Want Paleo at www.wewantpaleo.com!

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Wewantpaleo.com is the beginning of a food revolution. We want Paleo options in our local restaurants and we’re pretty sure you do, too. Even just a few options would be amazing because I’m honestly tired of eating plain, bunless burgers on a bed of lettuce every time I go out to eat. BORING. So sign your name and give us your zip code and we’ll try to make that happen. We Want Paleo is like a petition to restaurants all over the U.S. for Paleo menu items.

The more names and zips we get, the more data we’ll have to work with. When we start seeing areas that have a large calling for Paleo options in restaurants, we’ll start reaching out to restaurants in those areas. If we can say, “Hey, 2,000 people in your city will give you business if you offer them something Paleo to eat,” we think that’ll be a pretty compelling reason for them to change their ways.

So help us out! Spread the word! Go to www.wewantpaleo.com, sign the petition and then share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Then blog about it, tell your friends and family, and write the url on your forehead. Just kidding about that, but seriously, we need help getting the word out.

Thanks for your support!


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  1. Amy

    It would be nice to see a map of the locations. Maybe you could put your results on your website with a map so that we could see where people are located as well.

    • Jason G.

      That’s actually the plan, but at the moment, there aren’t enough to map. Which is the whole point of We Want Paleo! to get more restaurants answering our call. And when there are, we’ll find a way to let you know (did you sign up? It’s the best way to find out when we hear of places in your neighborhood.)

  2. Kylie

    This would be amazing! Heading out to restaurants, especially for dinner seems so limited because I follow Paleo! It would be nice to be viewed as a normal customer who is ordering from the paleo friendly menu as opposed to the oober picky customer who is asking for everything to be taken off the entree and replaced with paleo friendly options only to then send it back at least once or even twice!

  3. Shannon Lange

    76132. I would live Paleo options!!!! I live in TX, home of fried, breaded, potato, and biscuits. Would be great to have options.

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