Paleo Plan Fitness Tool?

At Paleo Plan, we’re all about making the Paleo diet easier to follow. That’s our mission and our goal. However, we care about that because we want you folks to be happy, to be healthy, and to be whole–in the way we believe our ancestors were. So, we’re considering branching out just a little bit, and we’re responding to requests from you, our faithful members and readers. We’ve heard from you that you’re interested in an exercise element to go along with our eating plan. Something that takes the same prescriptive approach on what to eat and tells you what to do with your body. We think that’s really interesting, and we have this guy Max (you know, the guy who writes the great blog posts about Intermittent Fasting and Burpees) who wants to help.

We don’t have a name yet, or even a complete idea of what this product would be, but that’s where you come in. If you’d be interested in hearing more and being part of our beta users to help shape what we offer and how, now’s your chance. Right below this paragraph is where you can put your email address so we can reach out with some questions, some information, and a sample of what we’re thinking. And really, we want to know what you think, and if you’re interested. So, go ahead, put your email address in there. We’ll wait.


If you don’t feel comfortable giving us your email address (we promise we won’t sell it or do anything else rude with it), please just comment below about your ideas for a fitness product from Paleo Plan. Would you want an ebook? A subscription plan? Something else? Tell us what you think.

OK. That was awesome. Expect to hear from us soon, and thanks a lot. We’re really excited about what this could mean.


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  1. Willie Parker Jr

    I would love an ebook.

  2. Raelynn

    If you were going to offer a subscription, it would be great if you could combine it with this site’s subscription.

  3. Peter Banta

    Or maybe you make it as an (or also) smart phone app (Android, please!)? Free w/ subscription. :D

    Be stoked to check it out and be involved. In addition to making the move to Paleo (6+ weeks and 25 net pounds lost, as wel as other general health improvements! But it is hard sometimes…), I also began a (near)daily exercise & weight-training regimen (especially interested in weight routines & Cross-Fit -style stuff), and joined a local gym with plenty of gear, so fits right in with my current situation. Another book would be cool, too.

  4. cmyers

    Don’t forget the seniors!! I’m 61 and trying out this lifestyle and also will be living in a 25 foot RV for the summer. Maybe something that can be done in a small space, not requiring a lot of gear. Delivery is best via email, or via ebook. Thanks.

  5. Karen Swirsky

    I’d be happy to beta-test as a not-quite in primal shape older woman.

  6. RaeEllen

    I would love subscription..or app..i am always looking for new ways to work out or add to my routine, to help keep things interesting and fun.

  7. Brandi

    Would LOVE an iPhone/iPad app with food and exercise tracker or log, also with daily recipes and workouts!!

  8. Dr Tyler smith

    I think it’s a great idea.. As a chiropractor, paleo nutrition junkie and as a CSCS, I suggest the exercise program be back to basics, crossfit style, w progressions for folks to work up from. Limited equipment, focus in body weight and work up to bands and kettle bells/Dbs. Can’t complete a Pullups, then this is the exercise you until you can complete a full one. Ect. Keep up the good work!

  9. Diane

    Would love an ebook with Paleo meals that have calories per serving associated with them. Also, would love some Cross Fit training ideas as well.


  10. blueowl

    I agree with Brandi. A place to track your exercise as part of the program would be great. I am also a senior who walks/jogs and like to do 5Ks and half marathons. But I need a routine to keep me focused.

  11. Kimberly

    Crossfit works that can be done at home gym. Android app would be great. Thanks

  12. Susan

    A plan that doesn’t cost monetarily would be fabulous!

  13. Yvonne M.

    Making a plan that gives tips for those of us with disabilities that prevent strenuous exercise. I have Fibromyalgia and there is no way I can do most of what is read. Sometimes I get muscle fatigue from just walking through my backyard to the house. Maybe ideas of how it could be dialed down?

  14. Caitlyn

    I Like the thought of an app. It would be cool if it was high intensity workouts that can be done at any level of fitness with different exercise modifications. Maybe daily posts along with a video using mainly body weight exercises in case you have no equipment? is a good example but you guys could make it tailored to a paleo lifestyle. Good luck!

  15. TCarnes

    Yes. A mobile exercise app, that is included in the subscription would be wonderful and round out the paleo plan. If it could incorporate the meals already laid out for us here (a one click option if you ate according to plan instead of having to input it all individually) would be great. You could then look up the week’s worth of exercise (slow moving 4x, sprint 1x, weights 1x etc) options that would hopefully be specific and click those off as well. I would like it to sync with the main site so you could choose to enter items on the computer as well.

    Sounds fun.

  16. Lulu Jones

    You know what would be cool I think….a weekly youtube video sent via email describing and demonstrating exercises that should be done several times per week. You could also do a virtual 30 day fitness challenge where people could share there experiences with the videos to support each other.

  17. JCole

    “Like” Dr Smith’s comment. It seems to me that there are two types of paleo eaters: those that are already Cross-Fitters (or HIIT workout fans)… who only need the Paleo nutrition “helps”…. or, those of us who find Paleo as a way to clean up our diets, but are missing the workout component (or are doing inefficient exercise or doing moves incorrectly and not seeing results). I have been trying to follow Mark Sisson’s 4 Body Moves using only my body weight (and no, I cannot do a “real” pull up!). I hope to work up to a level of fitness that one day I *might* join a Cross-Fit gym, but I don’t feel even close to that today. I would love to see an exercise component with PaleoPlan. I don’t have a fancy phone though, for “apps”…

  18. Colby

    I have put a lot of thought into what I consider to be a paleo exercise regimen. My routine includes lots and lots of running (barefoot is preferable, but I use running sandals). I also incorporate a lot of gymnastics for upper body and plyometrics for lower body. Nearly all of my exercises are bodyweight exercises using no equipment at all, but I do use gymnastics rings, a homemade suspension trainer (similar to TRX), a pullup bar, homemade parallets, homemade parallel bars, and homemade medicine balls. I do a 12 minute yoga routine as a warmup and static stretching as a cool-down. Much of the inspiration for my workouts comes from cross-fit and the monkey bar gym. There are great gymnastics progressions in a book by Steven Low titled “Overcoming Gravity”. If you are interested, I’d be happy to share more.

  19. Colby

    As far as high-intensity workouts applicable to all levels of fitness, I have found Escalating Density Training (EDT) to be far superior than other plans. The individual chooses a movement within a particular progression that suits their level of fitness, then completes as many reps as they can in 15 minutes. Usually two competing muscle groups are exercised at a time (ie. upperbody push, upperbody pull). They record the total reps executed in that 15 minutes and attempt to beat that total the next time they perform the routine. You can do a full body workout in a half hour that will leave anyone exhausted!

  20. Colby

    An online or smartphone app could look something like the workouts found at

  21. Karen

    I like the example workout a lot, esp that it has easier options since I am an “ahem” older woman.

  22. Amber

    I think the sample workout is nice…it has structure but you include ways to adjust for skill level. Especially nice is the Workout Time Frame, both in order to gauge how quickly we should be doing the workouts, as well as the fact that it is short and sweet (anything up to 30 mins for at-home is good i think).

    A possible addition would be to briefly add what muscles, body area, benefit etc the different movements are addressing. While some maybe obvious, if i know i have a bad hamstring and there is something we do that is going to work that and I dont realize that, I might end up needing additional recovery time and not understanding why my hammy is acting up.

  23. Jeanee

    an android app with exercises and routines that could be done at home or on the road

  24. Niki

    I have subscribed to a friends website called is free to subscribe) Daily he sends a brief message to help his clients stay on track. I am not personally a client but love the daily emails. Sometimes they are an inspiring story, maybe a recipe for a healthy treat or meal, a post about a particular exersize and it’s benifits, or the “superfood” of the day and all of it’s benefits. Something to the same effect could be nice to provide to your subscribers for free. It might just increase your subscriber base. That could build some recognition and sell an ebook or create more website value.

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