Slimkicker Interview with Neely


I was recently interviewed by Slimkicker, a new diet tracking, weight loss challenging website that just might make your health goals a little more achievable. They make your weight loss goals into a winnable, level-up game for those of you who need a little more accountability and fun in your life.

In the interview, I answered questions about things like whether quinoa is acceptable on the Paleo diet, grain substitutions, how much fruit to eat, whether or not you should start the diet out really strictly, and lots more.

Again, the interview can be found here. And check out slimkicker while you’re at it!

Anyone use them yet? Have any comments on them?


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  1. Glen Thomson

    Hi Neely, great interview! I agree with you, and Robb Wolf, on the quinoa front. The saponins in quinoa are also way too irritating for your immune system. Thanks for all the good info! Glen

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