Banana Tapioca Crepes

This Paleo Banana Tapioca Crepes recipe combines tapioca flour, eggs, bananas and full-fat coconut milk into a healthy, protein-packed Paleo snack that can also be used as a wrap around either sweet or savory fillings. Eat these Paleo crepes on their own, or pair them with another protein or some sauteed veggies for a complete Paleo meal. If you make up a whole batch, they will keep in your fridge all week, making a quick to-go snack. If your’e looking for a less sweet or non-banana crepe recipe, try our basic Tapioca Crêpes recipe.

Each 8″ (diameter) crepe is a serving.

Recipe makes 8 servings.
Approximate Cook Time: 20 minutes
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7 large egg(s)
5 large banana(s)
1 can(s) coconut milk, full fat (403 mL)
1 teaspoon(s) sea salt
21/4 cup(s) tapioca flour or starch


  1. Mix and mash all ingredients together to make a pretty soupy batter (a hand held mixer works well).
  2. Meanwhile, heat a large, non-stick pan over medium low heat.
  3. When the pan is hot, cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of batter (about 1 cup or so).
  4. Flip when bottom is golden brown. Cook until both sides are lightly browned.
  5. These crepes are great plain, or use them to wrap meat and veggies.


  1. ljsymons

    Maybe I am just not seeing this somewhere, but how many crepes is a serving? Is it just 1 crepe, so this makes 8 crepes?

    • Neely

      ljsymons – I just updated the recipe to say (at the top) that each 8″ crepe is a serving.

  2. Sutimonster

    Could only find tapioca pearls, is there a way to make that work?

    • Neely

      Sutimonster – Hmmm. Not sure. Maybe you could powder them in a food processor?

  3. Shilpa

    Look for the flour in the Asian aisle or nearest asian store. I get an 12oz bag for $1 in my usual grocery store in the Asian aisle.

  4. michael

    Each 8″ (diameter) crepe is a serving.

  5. Ann

    I found Tapioca Flour at WINCO in the bulk section.

  6. Brent

    We love these crepes! My son and I look forward to these the night before. We put a bit of maple syrup on them to sweeten them up. I make them thin and use about a 1/4 cup for each small crepe. This recipe makes a heck a lot them at this size. I even serve them to my sons non paleo friends and they gobble them up faster than I can make them.

  7. Kelly

    These are PHENOMENAL! I just made my first batch yesterday, having never used tapioca flour or even had crepes before. I had one last night with a thin spread of lemon curd and another right now with some almond butter. These are seriously the best baked good I have ever had. Simple and yummy and just perfect. Thank you so much for posting it! I made 6 inch crepes so I have 4 left in my fridge and another 8 in the freezer. Mmm-mmm.

  8. Kelly

    I guess they’re not a “baked” good, I just mean pastry. I used to eat tons of wheat foods before going primal, and this surpasses all of them.

    I couldn’t find tapioca flour at any local store, so I ordered Bob’s Red Mill in bulk on amazon. It came out to about $3 per bag, I think, and thank goodness I got so many since one batch uses half a bag!

  9. tdschubert

    I just made a batch of these and they are deliscious . I used 2 less banana s then called for. I layered them between wax paper and put them in a sealed plastic container. Should they be refrigerated anyone? Thanks Julie

    • Neely

      tdschubert – Glad you like them! Yes, they need to be refrigerated. You can reheat them if you want to get their consistency back when you eat them later. I just eat them cold though :)

  10. Holly

    1st time to Paleo and this recipe….Turned out great….I used grapeseed oil bc my pan was not nonstick and it worked great.

  11. Catherine

    I’m not sure what I did wrong, but these turned out gummy and inedible. I was so disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. I mixed the batter in my Blendtec on the “batter” choice. Not sure if this would have messed it up??

    • Neely

      Catherine – Make sure you cook them until they’re golden brown on both sides, and the thinner they are, the less gummy they’ll be. Tapioca flour is gummy by nature, so you have to either heat the gumminess out of it, or create a small enough product that you don’t notice it. I honestly like the gummy texture myself :)

  12. SW

    Thanks for this great recipe! I’m in the middle of making the crepes now, and mine are coming out nicely browned on both sides, but the middle is still kinda soupy, and makes me nervous to eat it. Is this normal? I feel like it’s undercooked, but when I cooked it for longer, it burned the sides of the crepe. Thanks!

    • Neely Quinn

      SW – Did you use canned coconut milk or cartoned coconut “milk”? You want to use full fat canned coconut milk. And how thick did you make them? Make sure the crepe batter is evenly placed in the pan, meaning, make sure it’s not super thick in the middle and thin on the outside. You can adjust it by moving it around with a spatula.

  13. natalie

    I really like the look.of these, can I use.almond flour instead of tapioca? I am.struggling to get it

    • Neely Quinn

      natalie – Not sure. Let me know what happens if you try it. You can always get all these uncommon Paleo ingredients at if you can’t find them locally.

  14. Anu

    Can I sub the bananas with plantains if It is to sweet? If so would the ratio change?

    • Neely Quinn

      Anu – Did you try it and it was too sweet? I’m just curious because I don’t think they’re very sweet at all. It’s kind of like eating honey wheat bread or something – just a hint of sweetness, but maybe that’s just me. I haven’t tried subbing plantains, but I don’t see why it would be any different. If you try it, please let us know how it goes :)

  15. LT

    I’m a believer! I was skeptical just because I thought, if this fails, I’ve wasted 5 bananas & 7 eggs! I’ve also never used coconut milk before, so when I opened the can and saw the milk was hardened, I was very nervous. But, they crepes turned out awesome. Any chunks from the coconut milk in the batter melted down in the pan.

    My six year old daughter declared — ‘best.breakfast.ever!’ So, I will definitely make again.


    I was very happy with this recipe and have been happy with all of the paleo recipes so far, especially the muffin, cake, and cookie recipes. Every recipe turns out perfect! No failures so far. Yay! These were fantastic, easy and made enough for extra grab-n-go breakfasts and snacks for people with busy schedules.

  17. Colleenie

    Is tapioca starch the same as tapioca flour? Went to my local asian grocery market and they had a variety of tapioca starch.

    • Neely Quinn

      Colleenie – Yes, it’s the same thing. Make sure you get the starch and not the tapioca pearls, which you use to make the classic tapioca pudding (I think).

  18. Wendy

    Can anyone tell me how long these are good in the Fridge? BTW AMAZING!!! Not fully following Paleo diet but eating quite a few recipe’s to help with the healthy aspects! :)

  19. Herta Davila

    I made this recipe on Sunday, the first pancake was horrible because it stuck on my iron pan, bat the rest came out beautiful, I loved them! and the gumminess hmm.. simply delicious. I haven’t bought coconut milk lately so I had to use almond milk, I find that they were so good anyways. I will make a whole lot to have them ready, I could eat them every day. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  20. PKHPaleo

    Since it makes such a big batch are these ok to be frozen?

    • Neely Quinn

      PKH Paleo – I’ve never tried freezing them to be honest. I’ve refrigerated them for up to a week, but not sure what the freezer would do to them…

  21. PKHPaleo

    I made a 1/2 batch of these today since I’m following the meal plan and they don’t have us eating them again for breakfast. To cut the 7 eggs in half I just used 3 whole eggs and one egg white, it seems to have worked perfectly. I still got about 7 crepes from just 1/2 recipe and they weren’t tiny either, at 1/2 c batter they spread out to about 6″.
    I loved how the bananas cut down on the gumminess of the tapioca starch, best Paleo crepes I’ve had yet! Paired with some blueberries these were an excellent breakfast and will hopefully be a good snack tomorrow.

  22. Paleo Moxie

    I found tapioca flour at Whole Foods Market here in NC.

  23. Paleo Moxie

    Made these tonight and let me tell you, these are to die for. I’ve made a lot of different recipes so far since I’ve started eating healthy, and this is my favorite so far: Amazing taste, only a few ingredients, cook quickly, done in no time. Easier to flip than the typical flour-y pancake, I thought, or crepes I’ve made in the past. I didn’t worry about mashing the bananas to perfection, so I had some chunks. The “gummy” stretchy part of it, I loved. These remind me of the fried bananas with powdered sugar that Chinese restaurants have. I always wanted to make them, but never did. This total suited the craving- and of course, healthier and no powdered sugar involved. I kept eating them as I was making them. OOPS. Saved plenty for my girlfriend. She will have a nice breakfast surprise and will love these.

    Oh and I did cook mine a little higher- Medium to medium high. Had no problems with that at all.

    Don’t know what’s wrong with my measuring cup… :) But the tapioca flour in the recipe says 2+ cups or 10 oz. And my measuring cup said 2 cups is 16 oz. I used exactly 2 cups and it was perfectly fine.


  24. Cliff

    Wow, what a great recipe. Crepes are one of my favorites as are tapioca and bananas. Thanks for sharing it!

  25. Tatiana

    Hi, have no doubt these would taste great, just can’t understand how a mix of really caloric foods (such as banana and tapioca) would help you lose weight. Do you know how many calories for each crepe? Thanks!

  26. Sara

    These a phenomenal! My toddlers ate these faster than I could make them, and they really reminded me of our Swedish pancakes recipe that been in the family for generations. Thank you!

  27. briah2665

    Absolutely delicious!! I made these this weekend for the first time. I’ll probably be making these a few times a month! Mine came out sweet too (NOT complaining!) Perhaps because I waited for my bananas to be a little spotty. I love to smear them with almond butter, a drizzle on honey, and fresh blueberries and then roll it up like a taquito! A perfect breakfast on the go!

  28. Silverstar

    Oh my goodness, the bf and I LOVE these. Every time it comes up in the meal plan, my bf gets sooo excited!!! I make these at least 4 times a month! I like smearing organic unsweetened applesauce, and cutting up fresh fruit such as peaches, plums, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc, whatever is local at the time, on top!! Soo yummy!

  29. snoballqueen

    how long will this batter keep if i don’t use it all? is it freezable?

    • Neely Quinn

      snoballqueen – I wouldn’t keep it for more than about 5 days. I’ve never tried freezing it, but I think it’d be ok. The bananas would turn brown, though, so the whole batter will probably be darker when you thaw it out. Enjoy!

  30. Patrick

    Excellent by themselves, but add some Justin’s Almond Butter and some raw honey and they are simply fantastic. Even my non-paleo mom loved them. For desert tonight I added some chocolate hazelnut butter to one of these. Also a good combination.


    I liked these but am not real fond of banana flavor. Can the bananas be substituted with applesauce?

    • Neely – I haven’t tried that, but it might work. I’d strain the applesauce in a really fine strainer before you use them, though, to get as much of the water out as possible. I also use pumpkin puree in them and that’s really good.

  32. Nicole

    THESE ARE AWESOME! I was a little nervous at first because I really am no good at making pancakes. I was able to get like they said about 8 crepes. I didn’t have the exact ingredients as well so I crossed my fingers and they came out great!! I used 3 bananas, 5 eggs, 1 whole can of organic coconut milk, 1 3/4 c of tapioca flour, and 1 tsp of salt. I used a 10″ non stick pan, and soup laddle to add batter to pan then moved the pan around and around to spread out the batter. I think one of the comments above mentioned that the inside was somewhat soupy. I think that is the banana. Even with an electric mixer I found its pretty hard to get every single banana lump ground up. I liked the taste anyway and loved the gummy texture as well!! Being a newbie it is greatly appreciated for all your information!! Thanks so much!


    I like to roll up scrambled eggs in them!!

    • Neely

      backtofitnesschiro – I do too! Love it :)


    I tried this tonight, and although the taste was very good, they were way more different than the ones in the picture. The color was browner. I’m not sure what I did wrong. I used exactly the same amount of everything and I made like 15 crepes, and they were super thin. I used cartoned coconut milk instead of canned, because I already had it open. Could that be the difference? Anyway, I still love them, and I put some walnuts in a few of them, I love the combination of bananas and walnuts, they were awesome. Thanks!!

    • Neely – Yes, that is definitely the difference. The cartoned coconut milk is much thinner and has way more ingredients in it than the canned coconut milk. If it was good, though, that works!


    I mean some of them were super thick, not thin….. :)

  36. Tam

    love love love this recipe! it will definitely go into my favs!

  37. Caitlin M

    These were absolutely delicious! The perfect breakfast before a long day of lectures

  38. Lisa

    Can you use arrowroot instead of the tapioca flour?

    • Neely

      Lisa – I’ve never tried. Please let me know how it turns out if you do! I think arrowroot is a little starchier than tapioca flour, so you may want to sub in some other kind of flour with it?

  39. Sherri

    Hi there I’m new to this and came across some coconut sugar at the shops please confirm if it’s paleo ?

    Thanks for your help

  40. N Tegarden

    So many of these recipes look delicious but so many of them have a coconut product in them and my husband is allergic to coconut. Do you have ideas on substitutes for coconut flour, full fat canned coconut milk and coconut oil that will give us similar results? Thanks

    • Neely

      N Tegarden – Sure. For coconut flour, use almond flour (but use fewer eggs and less liquid overall – sorry I can’t be more exact than that). For canned coconut milk, use almond milk, but add more fat to the recipe in the form of bacon grease, duck fat, lard, tallow, olive oil, or ghee (if you tolerate dairy). For coconut oil, use any of those fats I just mentioned from sustainably raised animals (pasture raised, grass fed, etc.).

  41. erin c

    I found using my eight inch crepe pan that I needed 1/4 cup of the batter per crepe to make them the right thickness. They were great!

  42. Cara

    I am making these right now and they are awesome! I definitely think they’re better the thinner they are. I followed the recipe exactly and they are amazing. Love. I’m going to try to freeze a few and see how they thaw. I’ll keep you posted.

  43. Gina

    I’m allergic to coconut and I continue to see most things i want to make dessert/snack have coconut flour or milk…. What can I substitute for it since i can’t have almond/rice milk either and I don’t allow my young daughter to have soy milk (obvious reasons)…

    Thank you for your time and doing this

  44. Gina

    clarification: can’t have almond milk on Paleo… :-)

  45. Cara

    Update…I did freeze these in a ziploc freezer bag with parchment paper in between each one. I have a gas stove that has a center burner with a skillet. I pull one from the freezer and just heat it up on that skillet…it was fabulous! Not as great as fresh…but still an amazing treat. I’m making another batch right now! THANK YOU for this recipe!!

  46. Desiree S

    THESE WERE AMAZING. If you have any doubts about it, just go for it. We added cinnamon and vanilla. I’m still snacking on these way into the afternoon. :)

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Banana Tapioca Crepes

Number of servings 8
Approximate cooking time: 20 minutes

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7 large egg(s)
5 large banana(s)
1 can(s) coconut milk, full fat (403 mL)
1 teaspoon(s) sea salt
21/4 cup(s) tapioca flour or starch


  1. Mix and mash all ingredients together to make a pretty soupy batter (a hand held mixer works well).
  2. Meanwhile, heat a large, non-stick pan over medium low heat.
  3. When the pan is hot, cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of batter (about 1 cup or so).
  4. Flip when bottom is golden brown. Cook until both sides are lightly browned.
  5. These crepes are great plain, or use them to wrap meat and veggies.