My $1500 Lab Test Results: 1 Month Update

I recently wrote a post about my lengthy test results I got back from my naturopath. Today I wanted to give you an update, even though it hasn’t even been a month since I wrote that post. I’m just so excited I couldn’t wait.

I went to my doc because of the following:

  • first and foremost, a suspected intestinal parasite (diarrhea, etc.)
  • terribly painful and heavy periods my whole womanly life
  • occasional debilitating headaches
  • flashing lights in my eyes and two ocular migraines this year (I went mostly blind in my left eye for 6 weeks because of the flashing about 10 years ago)
  • morning fatigue that has led to some noticeable puffiness under my eyes lately
  • occasional acne outbreaks (that have gotten WAY better since going Paleo)
  • occasional eczema (also better now)
  • tendency toward depression
  • joint pain
  • my two week bouts with gigantic, sore breasts every month lately
  • and we’re planning on having a kid sometime in the next few years, so I wanted to make sure my hormones were lining up for that.

What My Results Were
You can read my post to find out exactly what my test results said, but basically

  • I have a gene that makes it difficult for my body to turn folate into the kind of folate my body needs (methylated folate). That means that my liver isn’t working so well, and it also can have a terrible (cancerous) effect on breast and colon health. Methylated folate also helps clear estrogen from the body…
  • My thyroid was a little whacked out (hypothyroid).
  • My histamine levels were high (joint inflammation, depression, etc.).
  • My adrenals were a little tired.
  • And I have cryptosporidium, a parasite. Yaayyy…

What My Doc Had Me Do About It
In response to these results, I’ve been taking a lot of supplements. The picture above is truly all the stuff I’ve been told to take. I’ve never been a supplement girl. In fact, I hate pills, mostly because they’ve never done anything for me in the past. However, I’ve always firmly believed that if you know what you’re lacking, then supplements are in order. And my doc firmly stated that I need certain nutrients, which makes stuffing 12 pills down my throat a necessary part of my breakfast and dinner (for a while). Along with the supplements, he of course also urged me to continue eating how I have been. If I hadn’t already been Paleo, he would’ve strongly suggested I switch to Paleo.

I’m going to tell you what I’ve been taking, but in no way does this mean you should be taking any of these things yourself. Find a naturopathic doctor, a holistic MD, or a highly skilled nutritionist to work with (who is also keen on ancestral eating) to figure out what you need.

My Supplements
Thyroxal (Apex Energetics) – for my thyroid
Adrenal Support (Vital Nutrients) – for my adrenals
Glutathione Recycler (Apex Energetics) – for liver support
Vitamin D (Designs for Health)
Methyl-Guard Plus (Thorne Research) – to give me that methylfolate that my body can’t produce well on its own
GI-Synergy (Apex Energetics) – a bunch of herbs, etc. to kill the parasite
Digestive Enzymes – to help me digest everything better
Fish Oil – But I haven’t been taking it because I always burp it up later, no matter what brand or how many enzymes I take with it.
l-Glutamine (Iron-Tek) – an amino acid used for gut healing

My Improvements So Far
I’m happy to say that I’ve already seen awesome things happen in less than one month! I started taking all these things on the 20th of September, and it’s now October 16. Here’s what’s happened so far.

  • The flashing in my eyes that I used to see every morning when I went outside and then throughout the day has almost completely stopped. You can’t imagine how relieving that is. I’ve always suspected my eye stuff had something to do with my liver, and with all this liver support and the methylated folate, I may just have been right.
  • I only experienced 4 days of breast pain this month – that’s 4 down from 14! It was less painful than usual, too. I’ll take that over two weeks any month.
  • My parasite symptoms have been non-existent for the last week. Digestion in general has been better.
  • My energy levels have been noticeably higher. They were never bad – I’d just have occasional drag days when menial tasks seemed difficult. Haven’t noticed any of those lately.
  • My skin’s been really good, despite a few slip ups with coconut oil, which I think gives me zits.

Was It Worth It (so far)?
When I was trying to decide whether or not it was worth it to go to this doctor – who requires that you do all these tests up front – I wavered a whole lot. Should I do this? I don’t think I need to do all these tests. I’ve lived with this stuff forever – why spend all this money to maybe make it better and maybe not? 

Well, I’m having absolutely no regrets so far. I’ll let you know how things progress, but for now this is how I’m feeling about it all.

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  1. Moongirl

    Try adding Evening Primrose Oil to your regimen. It took away my breast pain altogether.
    I am on L-Glutamine to heal my gut but I don’t think it is working. I think I will try the powder. Thanks for the post! I too had a lot of expensive tests that uncovered a lot. I think it is very important for others searching for answers to hear that it can be very beneficial.

  2. Lolagirl

    Hi Neely, love the post! I suffered with hypothyroidism for over 30 years. I was taking three medications everyday and pretty much resolved myself to that fate for the rest of my life. I started seeing a chiropractor/kinesiologist who practices Body Restorative Technique, a method of using pressure points to fix hormonal problems. After several months of treatment I stopped all my thyroid medications. I just recently got my new thyroid results. I went from having a zero functioning thyroid, and requiring so much medication I was actually testing as hyperthyroid, to being off all medications and having just a slightly underfunctioning thyroid. I ordered the Thyrolmax. I am looking for a natural way to boost my thyroid. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and I am thrilled to be off medication. I love hearing how natural medicine is working for you!

  3. Tarah @ What I Gather

    Hi Neely! I am glad you shared this, and am happy for you that you are seeing improvement in your symptoms. I hope it encourages others that traditional “prescription” medicines aren’t necessarily the answer, even if it is sometimes more expensive to make the decision to see a naturopathic doctor.

  4. carolyn

    I have heard that thyroid is very hard to diagnose and most docs do it wrong, so find the real expert, I would recommend.

  5. Martha Goudey

    I commented somewhere else on the blog, but not sure where so I can’t see if you answered. :/ I’m confused about a couple of things. Corbain says no supplements needed, except fish oil and D, which I take. But I’ve used supplements for years for a variety of things prescribed by naturopaths, but recently thought I was taking too many things. I thought the diet was supposed to take care of a lot of health issues, but you are taking quite a few things.

    Also, and this is what I posted somewhere else. I have high cholesterol and I”m tiny and eat “well.” Have an organic garden, eat grass-fed (now), organic chickens, little grains, etc. But still the high cholesterol. Then today I’ve been bombarded with information about vegetarianism, which I rejected years ago as not for me…but the mixed messages make me nuts. “Woman, 70, eats raw for 27 years and in perfect health and looks 40.” “Man, 96, in India, just fathered second child. Attributes longevity to being life-long vegetarianism.”


    • Neely

      Martha Goudey – There’s no true one answer for everyone, unfortunately. Those people live long lives as vegetarians. Well, maybe their body chemistry allows them to do that, or maybe they don’t have a lot of stress in their lives, so it doesn’t really matter if they were eating a whole foods vegetarian diet or a whole foods paleo diet – they’d be healthy. I don’t know what to tell you about your cholesterol except that you should definitely be having your cholesterol numbers analyzed by a naturopath who’s been trained in functional medicine. They may not actually be high or indicative of anything at all. A normal doctor won’t tell you that.

      As for my supplements, no, I don’t like being on so many. That’s for sure. But the thing is that after crushing my body for the first 25 years of my life with vegetarianism, pasteurized dairy (which I don’t think I ever tolerated), grains, lots of sugar, lots of alcohol, and tons of stress, I’m in dire need of some support, as are many people. Plus the fact that our food isn’t as nutrient dense as it could be, so I never was (nor am I now) getting the full array of nutrients that I should be from my food. So having done this to my body, I may need to take supplements in order to feel really good for the rest of my life. I’m ok with that.

      Here’s what I said to you in response to your previously posted questions below.

      (My response) Martha Goudey – Before I answer any of these questions, I’m going to ask that you use our search box at the top right of your screen to find out more about these things. They’re really broad topics and I’ve written extensively on them. If you search “grains and legumes” you’ll find at least 3 good articles on just what you’re asking. If you search “high protein” you’ll find a series I wrote on the myths of high protein diets. If you search “cholesterol” you’ll find a lot of info regarding the myths we’ve been fed our whole lives about how eating cholesterol gives us high cholesterol, and that cholesterol is a good marker of heart disease to begin with. Yes, I think you should try the diet, but if you don’t want to lose weight, you need to eat tons of fruit, sweet potatoes, tapioca flour, and perhaps even some honey, depending on how active you are. If you have further questions after reading those articles, please let me know.

      (your question) I’m lean, 5’3″, 112 #, 66, have high cholesterol (probably genetic). I eat well compared to most people…lots of veggies, have an organic garden, just purchased second year of grass-fed beef. I have stayed away from dairy for the most part (little yogurt and ice cream), stayed away from processed foods, but I have eaten grains and beans and nuts, thinking they were giving me the nutrients I needed (and calories). Have also been using a lot of supplements. Nothing i’ve done has lowered my cholesterol (even though doc says ratios are good, it concerns me), or healed my joint issues, and I have reoccurring IBS, which I have mostly healed.
      I know you can’t say for sure, but will eating a lot more meat and fat raise my cholesterol or possibly have a positive affect. Seems counterintuitive to all I’ve read over the years.
      Only way to know is to try it, I know, but concerns me a little.
      I also can’t afford to lose weight. Will the extra fat and meat work in my favor, you think.
      Also, I read once that eating meat leaches calcium from the bones. Another thing that has made me reluctant to eat more meat…but several years ago I read that eating grass-fed beef is good for women. So go figure.

  6. Martha Goudey

    Thanks Neely for your thorough response. And glad to learn more about your history. I sometimes have a hard time explaining to my husband, who eats well, but quite flexibly with no problems, why I’m forced to eat as I have…and will. He’s excited for me to go on the Paleo diet, however, as he has felt for a long time that I needed more meat and fat in my diet.

    As for cholesterol, I’ve had a fairly in-depth analysis…and as you say, the numbers don’t always tell the whole story. My doctor keeps telling me not to be concerned…that the ratios are fine…that cholesterol is good, etc.
    I think I buy into the “party line” too often.

    Again, thanks. So glad I discovered your site.

  7. Rebecca

    Hi there,
    I recently found your blog and have been on a health quest myself. I started seeing a new naturopath and I believe I have the folate issue that you do. I did the MTHFR test and came back homozygous for C677T. Can you tell me more about what you know about this? I am also struggling with trying to kill candida. Thanks, Rebecca

  8. Julia

    I just wanted to tell you that if your breast pain has returned and it is in the last 2 weeks of your cycle, you may want to try dabbing tincture of iodine on the breasts a dime sized circle- daily for a couple weeks and then every 3-5 days once the pain has stopped. I had this condition for years and it really freaked me out the pain and swelling was so bad I tried all kinds of changes and this is what worked. I also try to wear wireless bras. You mention the thyroid issue and I also had hypo thyroid which had cleared up but the breast pain hadnt. I’ve barely had a twinge of pain in years and I don’t take good care of myself at all- heavy smoker, coffee drinker, eat lots of grains and dairy and starchy foods. But I know it sounds quack or even dangerous I don’t think it is and it worked pretty quickly for me and I had this condition just as you describe for 10 years. It also seemed to help the joint pain, tendency toward depression. I believe people can handle large amounts of iodine because people used to get large parts of their diet from it untainted so although it sounds excessive I’d say worth a shot. I also had hypo thyroid on and off for years and it went away on its own at some point though I’m not sure if the two were related(iodine and no recurrence of hypothyroid)

  9. Tim

    @Martha G.

    Cholesterol. Are you eating meat, animal fat or dairy?

    If so, cut them out. Go high carb vegan. I will bet you London to a shilling your cholesterol drops like a bomb.


    • Neely

      Tim – Why, may I ask, are you on a Paleo site mongering vegan advice?

  10. Vix

    I would be taking ACV for any gut issues that’s for sure. Coconut oil for cholesterol. Tablespoon a day.
    I also recommend reading the one minute cure by Madison Cavanaugh to learn about hydrogen peroxide or you could check out earth clinic. all the best

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