Caveman Cafeteria Food Truck Serving Paleo Plan Recipe!

Will White got out of the military earlier this year and pretty much immediately opened a Paleo catering company and food truck in Denver. It’s called Caveman Cafeteria – check it out.

Will, who’s also a badass comedian, found Paleo while he was serving in Iraq and lost 25 pounds because of it. He decided the entire Denver area needed to have access to Paleo foods, too. Read an interview posted on with Will to learn more about him.

This month we’ve been chosen by the Caveman Cafeteria to be showcased throughout the month of December. Basically, he’s planning to feature one Paleo recipe website per month on his food truck, serving recipes from that site to his customers. December is Paleo Plan’s month. Mmmhmm.

Yesterday I went to Will White’s commercial kitchen and met his chef, Johnny Hurley, who, by the way has legitimate traditional French chef skills that he’s blessing the Paleo world with. He showed me his broths… they were giant vats of veggies and veal bones, which over a two day period are turned into their secret weapon: demi-glace.

Will White

Chef Johnny Hurley at work.

Here’s their menu for the fall – just click on it to make it bigger. You can find that menu and more about them online here.

Among other places, Will takes his truck to brewing companies and CrossFit boxes, and on Saturday nights his company caters at Mile High Spirits, a local liquor distillery. Their schedule is here if you’re in the Denver area.

This coming Saturday, December 1st, at 1pm the truck will be serving their rendition of our Bison Chili recipe and some other great stuff at the opening of the new CrossFit gym in Boulder, Ruya CrossFit. More info on the timing and other details of that event here.

You can follow Caveman Cafeteria online here:


Facebook page


We need to support our local Paleo restaurants, so get your Denver butts over to the Caveman Cafeteria: Where the Hunters Gather!


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  1. Mary Catherine

    Thanks for the link to my site.

    I wish I could make it up to Boulder Saturday. The chili sounds amazing! Plus, if Will and his team are cooking it, I am sure it will be delicious!

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