36 Hours Left to Get the Primal Life Kit (30 Products for $39)



There are currently about 36 hours left to get the Primal Life Kit that we put together here at Paleo Plan – the sale ends tonight (Tuesday) at 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 9th. The Primal Life Kit is a $39 “bundle” of 30 Primal/Paleo products worth about $485. Plus there are 8 discount codes on your favorite products in there! You can check out all of the products and their descriptions at the sales page here, but I’m going to just highlight a few of my favorite products in the bundle right now. We all know who Mark Sisson, Sarah Fragoso, Bill Staley & Hayley Mason, and many of the other contributors to the Primal Life Kit are, but these lesser known 3 products are worth more than $39 alone – and there are 27 more goodies and 8 discounts to go along with these in the sale..

Alright, here are a few of my favorites.

Awaken Egg Free and Grain Free Breakfasts EBook1. Awaken: 30 Egg-Free and Grain-Free Breakfasts

This is an ebook by Karen Sorenson of lowcarboneday.com that normally sells for $9.99.  I love this recipe book because first of all, the photos are beautiful. But most of all, so many people have egg allergies or sensitivities and they’re left with the big breakfast question. She shows you how to make pork, chicken, and beef sausage using ground meat and your own spices. This is SO important because sausage is way more expensive than plain ground meat, and sometimes store-bought sausage has some weird ingredients in it.

Here’s her homemade Italian pork sausage. Yum.

Italian Sausage

Primal Tightwad_ Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget - Carolyn Rush2. Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget

This ebook is by Carolyn Rush of PrimalTightwad.com and normally sells for $14.95. I learned a few things myself from this book about budgeting my groceries on a Paleo/Primal diet.

Carolyn takes you through preparing your menu for the week, to navigating grocery stores, avoiding food waste, and buying meat in bulk, among a lot of other things. This is a super valuable ebook.

Obstacle Course Training3. The Obstacle Course Race Training Program

This ebook is by Stew Smith, CSCS and former Navy SEAL of stewsmith.com and normally sells for $16.99. This is for all you crazies out there who are psyched on races like the Tough Mudder or some other unconventional race involving mud and things to climb over. Or American Ninja Warrior! That show’s the best.

I thought it was a really cool niche ebook to include in the bundle. Hope it helps you guys crush it out there.

So there you have 3 of the 30 Primal and Paleo products that are in the Primal Life Kit. There are just a little over 24 hours left to buy this $39 package deal, so go and get one for yourself (and your friends)!




  1. i was just diagnosed with pcos this week and have unfortunately missed the boat on this awesome sale. i have no clue what i’m doing and was researching paleo for women when i stumbled across this site. any information would be greatly appreciated—-if you could buy just one of the resources listed in the package deal, which would it be? thank you so much for your time.

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