What Keeps You Paleo Motivated?


A common theme among my clients is finding their motivation. What motivates them to make such big changes in their diet and lifestyle? When we figure it out, it’s from this place of clarity that they can then make choices with integrity every day.

What are your goals today, this week, and for the next year that keep you out of the bread basket?

It’s different for every person.

Today one client said, “I just want to get back to eating this way because I’m so f%*cking sick of trying to do it and failing!” His motivation was just not failing.

Another client wants to stop having audible farts at work.

Yet another wants to lose her baby weight, partly because she feels so far behind the other mothers in her community who’ve already lost theirs.

A lot of people’s motivation is weight loss, and just plain wanting to look hotter in jeans. At the same time, a lot of people’s heinous symptoms make it nearly impossible to NOT eat Paleo, and their pain and suffering alone are their motivation.

What motivates you to want to change?

The answer to this question may change again and again. One person may feel like she “should” eat better for her health and longevity in the beginning, and then realize 6 months later that she’d actually felt like crap for a long time and now she’s going to keep this Paleo thing up forever.

But what motivates YOU to eat well most days – if not every day – of your life?

Answer that question and keep the answer close at hand. Remember that answer when you’re faced with one of those tough Paleo decisions: “Do I eat it? I really wanna eat it damn it… Wait, why would I say no to this again? Oh yeah, because….”

It’s not because you shouldn’t eat whatever temptation you’ve found yourself in front of – it’s because you’ve chosen not to. Now just figure out once and for all why you’ve chosen this path so you never feel like a victim again when you “can’t” have something you once really wanted.


  1. I lost 125 lbs last year with hCG and kept it off with Paleo eating. My personal motto is: I am one slice of bread away from 300 lbs. Interestingly, tomorrow is my 46th birthday, at 44 I was sure I was going to have a heart attack, my blood pressure was high enough to warrant medication, and my cholesterol was getting out of control. Now I have a normal blood pressure, my cholesterol is much better, and I am in the beginnings of 100 burpees in 100 days challenge (day 12!).

    What keeps me Paleo? I want to live!

  2. For me, my motivation comes from having a clearly defined set of values. It was impossible for me to stick to Paleo, even though I truly wanted to, until I said, “What do you value most?”

    I realized (and I wrote down, and keep in a very obvious spot for future remembrance) that I value sleeping well and feeling like I have been nutritionally fed so my mind is clear and my body is ready for action. That is one of my top values in all of life. When I see something I want to eat, I remember, what are my values? Because in the moment, it’s so easy to only see that moment in time, when what you really need to remember is your long-term values.

    That’s been the game changer for me. Write down what you value and the things you need to do to accomplish that. And, just a tip, keep it simple. My value actually says “Feeling good physically and mentally”. I don’t go into great detail in my values because I know what it takes! But when I see that value written down, it’s like, oh yeah, I do have a long term goal, and yeah, it’s worth it.

  3. I need to do this because I am 85 pounds overweight. I develop boils if I eat dairy or gluten. I think I’m pre diabetic. I’m diving in tomorrow. I ate %100 paleo the day before yesterday and I felt good. I supplemented with L-glutamine to fight sugar cravings and the day went by great. That night I had drinks with some friends which led to a carb binge. No drinks for a long while. I absolutely have to do this. I really want a before/after picture.

  4. Well this is an awesome point. Every time I’m tempted with a cookie or donut (which are my worst temps) I just remember the migraines that would take me down for 1-2 days at a time every few weeks. It was hard in the beginning, but now I don’t miss it at all and I think it’s because my mind changed from feeling like I was giving something up to getting something instead; NO MIGRAINES!!! Thanks for all your help and guidance!

  5. I’m still looking for my motivation. I started eating primal/paleo two years ago when I hit a threshold on the scale, and promptly lost 30 pounds. I felt great and looked great. I fell apart when I “treated” myself at Easter – and couldn’t stop eating sugar.

    As a result, I’m back at the threshold weight, and despite eating well and being off grains entirely for months, I haven’t lost any weight. I feel better than I did a few months ago, but the fact that I don’t fit in my summer clothes is both depressing and demotivating. If I could see a difference in either the scale or the fit of my clothes, I would not be so sad…the only thing that’s changed for me is energy. I did a 25 mile bike ride yesterday, first of the season, and felt better than I did after the same distance at the end of last summer.

    I want to look as good as I feel, and it’s not happening. Yet.

    So how can I find a motivator in the face of what feels like failure?

  6. I have several reasons to continue on the Paleo Plan (this is my 3rd week)….First, I will be 60 years old on my birthday in 9 months, And I am 60 lbs overweight. I want to lose weight (down 12 pounds in 3 weeks), and I want to live clean so that as I age I can be as healthy as I can be!

    I have made Paleo muffins, soup, meatloaf, candy bars, salads, coleslaw from your PaleoPlan recipes…love them. My husband is following the plan as well.

    My motivation is my weight loss, how great I feel and that I believe this is the healthiest way for me to eat.
    Continued success to all……..

  7. This comes at a good time, because I have to stay I’m really having trouble staying motivated right now and have been slipping up recently. I went paleo at the top of the year because I gained 8 lbs last year and have only lost 3 of them in the last four months. I guess I feel better but my health was pretty fine to begin with, so I haven’t noticed any major differences. I know that this way of eating is better for me and my long-term health, and I should stick with it…but I also spend a lot of time asking myself why I’m turning down stuff I like to eat at every turn.

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