Salami Stackers


These tasty little snacks are easy to pack on the go. Don’t like tomatoes and Dijon? Try pickled peppers and horseradish, or simply smear a slice of avocado with freshly ground black pepper instead.

Recipe makes 2 servings.
Approximate Prep Time: 5 minutes
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1/4 pound(s) salami, hard, sliced
1/4 cup(s) mustard, dijon
1 cup(s) tomatoes, cherry or grape, halved


  1. Spread Dijon on salami slices. Top with half of a cherry tomato.


  1. Zak

    Salami is not Paleo it is full of nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, salt and possibly wheat products as a binding agent same for bacon

    • Neely

      Zak – You can find very high quality salami out there that doesn’t contain any of those things. Applegate Farms makes some, as well as plenty of other companies. Please visit your nearest health food store and I’m sure you’ll find something. Or go online – you can always find high quality, Paleo options.


    I had salami with spicy peppers leftover from the Sicilian Salad and dijon. Easily my favorite snack so far!

  3. Paleo Moxie

    I used grape tomatoes. These were great. I wasn’t crazy about how sweet the grape tomatoes were, and they are sweeter than cherry tomatoes… but this is a great snack.

  4. Suzanne

    Mmmmmm. My first Paleo snack. So yummy! I found some “Hot Abruzzese Uncured Salami” without Nitrates and Nitrites and no wheat. Found it in the “cheese” section at Whole Foods. Wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it’s super yummy with the mustard and tomato! :)

  5. Britta

    You can get bacon, salami, etc., Non-cured in health food stores such as Whole Foods, which is like Trader Joe’s. Actually, even Wal-Mart carries the salami and they also have some very good un-cured hot dogs. Hope that helps

  6. Karen M

    These are so simple and so yummy. It’s a shame I have to travel for an hour to buy Paleo salami!

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