Here’s A Quick Workout You Can Do At Home


beach-workout.jpegThere are times in all our lives when we want to exercise but there’s just not enough time. Am I right?

That used to happen to me a lot. I want to get my heart rate up and feel like I’ve done something, but I only have a half hour, or maybe only just 15 minutes.

And you can’t get any real exercise done in 15 minutes, right?

Wrong! You can, and I’ve done it. In fact, we created a whole fitness program, PaleoFit, around workouts that are quick (20 minutes or less), hard, and dirty. Ok, maybe not dirty, but they definitely get the job done.

And you can do them in your living room (or on the beach or wherever).

Most people know Paleo Plan for our recipes and meal plans, but our PaleoFit coach, Max Shippee, a CrossFit gym owner and coach, creates 3 main workouts and 1 “mini” workout (which usually takes about 5 minutes) every week for PaleoFit. I’ve done these workouts, and they kick my ass.

Sample PaleoFit Workout


Today’s workout involves two movements: wall sit/hold, and tuck jumps. One round is as follows

  • 1 minute wall hold
  • 1 minute tuck jumps

Beginner – 3 rounds Intermediate – 4 rounds Advanced – 5 rounds You will perform the movements for the allotted rounds. Your score is your completed reps of tuck jumps. Any break in the wall hold is -1 rep for every second you’re not in the hold. Estimates (within reason) are fine. Workout Time Frame: exactly 6, 8, or 10 minutes.



  • shorten to 30 seconds each
  • don’t go all the way to parallel for the hold or jumps


  • put a weight on our lap (a kid?;)
  • knees must be at LEAST parallel on both movements


The Wall Sit (full size video link)

Keep feet shoulder width apart, and back against a wall. Slide your back down the wall until your lap is parallel to the ground (completely horizontal). Hold. Try to drive your heel into the floor. Arms at your side or crossed in front of your chest. DON’T TOUCH YOUR LEGS!

The Tuck Jump (full size video link)

Stand feet shoulder width. Do a 1/4 to 1/3 squat. Drive straight up, knees out, and jump as high as possible. While in the air, bring the knees as high as possible. Land. Repeat.

What’d you think?! Are you out of breath? Sweatin’ a little? I hope so :)

If you’re interested in receiving these PaleoFit workouts every week, the service is $9.99 a month, just like our meal plan. You can find out more about it here. I hope this makes your life a little easier (and a little more active), as it’s done for so many others so far!

———>Again, find out more about PaleoFit here<———