Our New Free Paleo Challenge Email Series!

TimeForChangeI mentioned the other day that I’d created a Paleo Challenge Facebook page for anyone who is in any stage of a Paleo challenge. The Facebook page is also for anyone interested in learning more from me and our community about Paleo.

Obviously, there’s a lot of people out there who want to do a Paleo challenge, since we have over 1,400 Likes in just over a week or so! It makes me very happy that so many people are psyched to take the Paleo plunge, and get started. But… I understand that a lot of people have NO IDEA how to do a Paleo challenge on their own.

So I created another tool to help guide you through a challenge. 

It’s an email series written by me, where for 30 days I email you every few days to check in, answer common questions, and keep you motivated. If you ever have questions about anything, you can ask them on the Facebook page. Here’s a sample of what I cover in the emails:

  • what to eat and drink, and what to avoid
  • how to track your progress through the challenge
  • what to expect during the detox phase
  • alcohol’s place in the challenge
  • caffeine’s place in the challenge
  • what to snack on
  • how to modify the diet if you’re an athlete
  • setting realistic goals for yourself
  • lifestyle changes you can make beyond diet
  • how to eat Paleo on a budget
  • the virtues of “cheating” on the challenge
  • and lots of other good stuff :)

All of this info is also in our Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook, but I’ve pared it down for you in these 12 emails to give you the pithiest info I could.

If you want to take the challenge with me as your guide, please sign up for free here! You’ll begin receiving emails immediately.

And please let me know what you think of it if you do sign up! I want to know how to make it as useful and comprehensive as possible for you.

Again, here’s the link to sign up to start the Paleo challenge today! 


  1. Hi Neely-thanks for all your info. I’m on day 3. So far so good. I already tried to be wheat free and eat clean but found chocolate cravings getting the better of me more and more. Looking forward to the journey!

  2. Started Paleo on June 30. I thank Neely and my niece Megan who inspired me. Eczema – gone, breakouts – gone, bloating – gone. Thank you for all the information on your site.

  3. Started paleo diet on May 15th. Have kept it reasonable and still have lost close to 50 lbs. My only exercise has been long walks on the weekend. My wife has lost 23 lbs. We don’t feel like we are on a diet. Snoring , reflux, sleep apnea , and leg swelling have all disappeared. I am a physician and have recommended paleo to my many obese patients.

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