The Biggest Paleo Sale Ever – 71 eBooks for $37

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Our main goal at Paleo Plan is to help you live a healthy lifestyle as easily as possible. I’m always trying to find and create the best resources for you to make your life easier. AND I’ve written extensively about how to save money in the process. Well, this week both of those things are taken care of in the biggest bundle sale ever created in the whole universe, the Harvest Your Health Sale :)

This Harvest Your Health bundle includes 71 ebooks, 3 meal plans, 3 magazine subscriptions, and about 20 discount codes, all for $37! WHAT?! That’s down from about $1070, which means you’re paying $.44 per product and saving 97%!! Check all the ebooks and goodies out below. It’s not just about food, either: there are ebooks in there about natural skin and hair care, apartment gardening, natural cleaning, fertility, tooth care, and so much more. I own a few of those ebooks, including Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed recipe book and the Baking with Coconut Flour ebook, which together are $34 right there…

Our stuff is even in the bundle!

If you buy the bundle, you get a half-off coupon for our year-long Meal Plan + Fitness Program membership (that’s $75 down from $140), AND our 21-Day Paleo Cleanse eBook, which is worth $25 on its own. So right there you’re getting $90 worth of stuff for $37! And that’s not even counting the 70 other ebooks, 3 meal plans, and 3 magazine subscriptions you get, as well. I seriously can’t even believe how crazy this sale is.

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What Else Is in the Bundle?

The following is the list of all the eBooks, meal plans, online magazine subscriptions and discount codes included in this once in a lifetime offer. Use the links to obtain more detailed information on each specific category or book.

Cooking/Preparing Paleo Food

Cooking/Preparing Real Food

Meal Plans

Personal/Home Care (Skin, Hair, Teeth, Cleaning)

Fertility, Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Motherhood



Intentional/Simple Living



Online Magazine Subscriptions


Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.11.52 AM


This bundle sale is only happening for 1 week, and it will seriously help educate anyone on living a cleaner, healthier life. Get one for yourself, and get one for your friends and family members who you know will benefit from it!

****Disclosure: If you purchase any of the products through the links in this post, we receive a small percentage of your purchase through the affiliate program. Thanks so much for your support!****


  1. I purchased the bundle and for the code on your offer and on the document with the codes it said “Please email“. I emailed that address and they sent me the doucment and didn’t give me a code. I’d really like to take part in your special offer. I’m just about done finishing up the meal plans in your ebook — which are excellent, BTW!

    1. Hi Julia – I’ve sent your request to Todd Dosenberry, the host of the big sale. He’s got a whole team of people on emails, so he should get back to you shortly. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything on the support end of things for that sale, so they’ll be the ones helping you out. Thanks for your support and patience!

  2. I wasn’t able to download The Modern No Nonsense Guide to Paleo, and now I can’t even find the page with all the links to re download without going back in to pay. Very frustrating especially trying to grab all this great info on an iPhone. It’s my only option but I need the info.

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