Fatworks Beef Tallow Giveaway!!


It’s Day 3 of Giveaway Week at Paleo Plan! Today we have something very, very special for you. Something that will improve the nutritive value of all of your foods and make your food taste better.

Today’s giveaway is 4 jars of BEEF TALLOW FROM FATWORKS!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 1.47.37 PM

This stuff doesn’t need much explanation. Suffice it to say that beef tallow is rendered beef fat and it’s really great to cook with. It’s mostly saturated and mono-unsaturated fat, so it’s incredibly stable in heat, meaning it’s ok to fry things in it. It also imparts an umami flavor to your food, and saves you from the ever-present coconut oil in the Paleo diet. Sometimes you just don’t want to cook with coconut oil – am I right?

Have you liked Fatworks on Facebook yet?

If you haven’t, you should just for sheer entertainment value. They’re really funny over there. Plus, that’s the only place you can order their stuff as of now. They’re a grassroots, small business doing the right thing the right way (all products come from grass-fed and pastured animals and they do all the work themselves), and they don’t have time for such nuisances as a website yet :) Check ’em out on Facebook here. They also have duck fat and pork lard for sale, both excellent additions to your arsenal of fats.

What You Can Win

We have FOUR 14.8-oz jars of Grass-Fed Kettle Rendered Fatworks Beef Tallow for FOUR lucky winners. Each jar is worth $16.25 plus shipping (which can be kinda expensive).

How to Enter

Alright, so this entry process is going to be a little different from the other ones. As I’ve told you, there’s this amazing Harvest Your Health bundle sale going on right now where you pay $37 for over $1000 worth of ebooks, magazines, meal plans, fitness programs, etc. What I want is for you to go over to the sale (link here), check it out, and tell me in the comments about one product in the bundle that you like, own, or want. That’s it! 

You can enter this giveaway until Sunday, October 13th at 5pm Eastern Time. I’ll announce the 4 winners on Tuesday, October 15th.

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  1. Carla LaBossiere

    I am very interested in the Fast Paleo, Top 100 :)

  2. amanda smith

    Primal Tightwad E-book, because we are so pay check to paycheck and I want to get the family eating healthier!

  3. Elaine erickson

    Cooking and preparing real food for me !

  4. Carol Holmberg

    There is so much offered here that it is almost overwhelming to know which ONE thing I would like. Plus I do not have an ereader, so I am a little unsure how the ebook works on my laptop. My #1 ONE choice would be THE GRAIN FREE LUNCHBOX and secondly, I know I would use any of the Meal Plans. Please add my comments to the drawing for the Fatworks giveaway. Thank you for your consideration.

    Carol Holmberg

  5. Bill

    I have Well Fed – one of my favorite cookbooks!

  6. Katie

    I bought the bundle a few days ago and am reading a fabulous cook book right now called “Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat”. I’m one of those people! And I’m not completely paleo yet but I am trying to transition my diet as much as possible a little at a time. Reading really good recipes is inspiring me in the right direction! And I love the author’s tips on how to save time by prepping all kinds of ingredients in advance and then just taking them out of the fridge for a quick meal. I’m going to try this right away.

  7. Jennifer Gulbert

    I have Well Fed from a previous ebook bundle and I live the way Melissa gives variations on recipes. And the recipes I have made were all delicious!

  8. cmswhite@cox.net

    There are quite a few interesting items…Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving, Feeding your cats raw food, how to eat healthy on a low budget, and many of the cookbooks. Maybe I will actually purchase this.

  9. Cathleen Pierce

    I am super interested in “The Veggie Book” I need some new ideas for my veggies. I also think this is a sweet deal, both the e-books and the Fatworks Co.

  10. Kymber

    I already have WellFed…both as a pdf and as a book and LOVE it. Even my nonPaleo family LOVES everything I cook out of it.

  11. Ann Guin-Nichols

    I order the bundle. I want them all!

  12. Faith

    I’m really interested I the 30 day intro to paleo. I’m definitely considering getting this bundle!

  13. Tricia

    I have Matt Stone’s e-books and they are awesome!

  14. paula

    I would like Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love to Eat and Fast Paleo Top 100

  15. Samantha

    Crazy for Kale! That just seems interesting! :)

  16. Thomas

    Well Fed is an excellent paleo cookbook, and at the price of the bundle, it can’t be beaten.

  17. Christopher Sorel

    Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is what I love

  18. Suzanne

    I love the Paleo Magazine! I have not seen the other magazines but am very interested in learning more about them. Thanks for encouraging everyone to take a look at the bundle! I never would have known they existed. :o)

  19. Karen

    I have Well Fed… great cookbook. I live anything and everything by our Civilized Caveman, George Bryant… and would love to get the pumpkin thanksgiving cookbook of his. I also have simple bites… as I am trying to simplify my complex life.

  20. Nanda

    I’ve been looking to purchase Well Feed… In addition Nikki’s coconut butter is amazing, it’s a must have!!!

  21. Colleen Wheat

    I would love the Kale cookbook. I have tried and tried to enjoy kale and it is beyond me, so I would love to learn how to cook it so I would enjoy it! :)

  22. Natalie

    No way to choose just one part of the bundle… So I bought everything!

  23. Kerri Crane

    Actually there are three, well fed, meal plans and lunch box ideas. But since I have to choose one, well fed. Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

  24. Gayle

    Primal Tightwad sounds good (I admit, I saw this in the comments here, not over there, because what popped out to me was the Paleo snacks!)

  25. Ian

    Definitely most interested in the Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving cookbook!

  26. Elizabeth Hearn

    Primal Tightwad E-book, because I am trying to transition into the Paleo lifestyle and it is hard enough to convince my spouse that it is a great way to eat regardless of the cost. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Fatworks Tallow.

  27. stephanie

    Salve made simple ebook sounds really appealing to me!! I am always interested in natural ways to cure anything and the salves I feel can be beneficial to me and my family. I also thoroughly enjoy making homemade products to either sell or give as gifts around the holidays! So this is something I’m reallyconsidering! :)

  28. Dana

    Paleo pumpkin thanksgiving!! Yummm

  29. Dana

    Paleo pumpkin thanksgiving!! Yummmm

  30. Scoob

    I wish I could buy the entire set. Last time a set of like 37 went on I had the means to get it. Now I don’t :(

    If I had to pick one thing though, probably the Paleo Meal Plan!

  31. Amy Kidwell

    I would love 3 months of Paleo Meal Plans by Deliciously Organic, I need the help!

  32. Justine

    I need some apartment gardening in my life. And tallow.

  33. Laura Solomon

    I would like the books Paleo Chocolate and Baking with Coconut Flour <3

  34. Rachel S.

    I already own Toadally Primal Smoothies (GREAT book!) and Well Fed (another good one), but I am VERY interested in the Fast paleo Top 100 book as well as the meal plans!

  35. Helanea Combs

    There’s so many! But most excited about Back To School Slow Cooker…always looking for new quick recipes for my crock pot with our busy life!

  36. Erica

    I’m very interested in the Well-Fed cookbook! A friend of mine has it and the recipes she’s made from it are DELICIOUS!

  37. Phil Johnson

    With the majority of my shopping being done at Whole Foods Market, Primal Tightwad is DEFINITELY a piece of literature that I need in my posession!!!

  38. Jessica Perez

    Nikki’s Coconut butter! I’ve always wanted to try that :)

  39. Lee

    I like “Well Fed” and would love to have Matt Stones “The Vegan Solution”.

  40. Essi Salonen

    The books about homemade skin care really interest me & I definitely must buy ‘Well Fed’ ASAP!

  41. Noel

    I fourth that motion in support of Well Fed. It is an awesome cookbook. Last night I learned how to make Ras el Hanout- a North African blend of spices that is completely aromatic and intoxicating. I open the container of it all the time just to take a whiff and send my senses reeling.

    Also interested in checking out Paleo Magazine and more Paleo cookbooks. There’s alot to learn in this mode of cooking and I’m ready to take it on!

  42. Tabitha

    I really want 30 Day Intro to Paleo. I’m trying to get my husband on board and think it would help him.

  43. Nancy S

    Too many to choose from! But I would love to have paleo everyday, paleo ice cream or the paleo pumpkin thanksgiving:)

  44. Angela Towers

    I already purchased & I am excited about bone broth book!

  45. Devyn

    I loved the book Well Fed so much, I have it on my e-reader and in soft-back. Because sometimes you need to get into the book and really just hold it…and accidentally get spices and bacon spatters on it… That’s how much one should love a beautiful cook book like that!

  46. Raelynn Smith

    They all look great, but one that caught my eye is Apartment Gardening!

  47. Ann Champion

    I have the Well fed cookbook and really like it!

  48. JessicaD

    I am very interested in the book Clear for Life!

  49. Teresa

    I am really interested in the 30 day intro to Paleo. My son has autism and we are having to cut out carbs. I have been wanting to start Paleo diet and this book will help me.

  50. Kelli

    I would be interested to read the well-fed cookbook!

  51. april

    I want the Well Fed cookbook and Paleo Magazine for starters. :)

  52. Samantha

    I am interested in Paleo on the Go. I live in Germany which means beer, bread, and snitzel. We travel a lot and gas station food gets really difficult when the most popular item is a chocolate covered croissant and very very strong cappuccinos.
    I have the book Well Fed and Everyday Paleo.

  53. Criselda Dougherty

    I love these books ! I’ve purchased them a while back and have used them over and over again . My fave is Well Fed ! I have to support a fellow neighbor in Austin, TX and the food is great and whole 30 approved.

  54. Lindsay Christensen

    I would love to read “Inside Out Simplicity.” I am a college student seeking to live a more simple lifestyle, and I would love some tips on how to streamline and derive more satisfaction from the various facets of my life!

  55. Paul smith

    I’m digging the tightwad on a budget or what ever the book is called I love it
    We all need to save money !!!!

  56. melanie anderson

    I am interested in the paleo pumpkin recipes because one can never have too much pumpkin in their life!

  57. Aubrina

    I’m interested in the Baking with Coconut Flour book :D

  58. Claire

    I have the Well Fed cookbook. Love it!

  59. Ann Marie Harvey

    I would like Well Fed…I have recently finished a 21-DSD and want to continue to eat as clean and as sugar-free as possible. It has taken my Paleo eating of the past two years to a whole new level.

  60. Tiffany Drake

    Interested in the Fitness bundle and anything Paleo.

  61. Lauren Frye

    Very interested in the primal supplements

  62. Lydi

    A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving

  63. Michelle

    I am very interested in the Squatty potty and the well fed cookbook.

  64. Tara

    I have well fed and love how she gives different variations and all the simple hot plate combinations

  65. Bernie Chen

    Would love Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed

  66. Holly M (@NourishingEX)

    I’m really interested in Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health On a Minimal Budget. Also, as a nutritional therapy practitioner, I’m always up for learning more about customized meal plans as those are extremely time consuming to do for my clients-especially considering unique health conditions!

    This was a great marketing tool because I always buy these things but often I don’t find them worth the cost or simply forgot they are on my computer. I think might get this one!

  67. kristen

    I’m actually really intrigued by the raw fed cats book!

  68. Jeremy R

    The Paleo Miracle is a great book. If anyone has any doubts on the benefits of Paleo, then they need to read this book!

  69. Hillary

    Paleogasm! Who wouldn’t want one of those?! :)

  70. Angela

    I would be interested in Broth Elixer of Life :)

  71. Amy

    I’d like to get Well Fed!

  72. Lynda

    Well fed is one of my faves

  73. Aaron M.

    There are 2 AMAZING ice cream (paleo-ish) cookbooks. I can’t wait to start using them… Ordering an ice cream maker on our next check to try some recipes out. Mmmmmmmm :-)))

  74. Lois

    I would like to have the Well Fed book.

  75. Joe

    I would really like to have the Primal Tightwad E-book, Fast Paleo Top 100, and the Grain Free Lunchbox. The Squatty Potty would be pretty cool, too, as it would replace a step stool in our bathroom.

  76. omar otto venzon

    I would be very interested in cooking and preparing paleo foods. I tend to run out of paleo ideas that I only cook certain foods and my choices can get boring from time to time. If I had a paleo cook book I would certainly have less cheat days and less worries/guilt about cheating.

  77. Jan Eastwood

    “Well Fed” was the first paleo cookbook that I bought. I truly love this book, and though I have purchased others, this is my go-to book!

  78. Lynette Ranger

    I want the Paleo meal plans! I love eating this way, but planning the meals with variety is sometimes hard. The recipes would be nice too. Thanks!

  79. Amanda

    GRAIN FREE PANCAKES PLEASE!!!! pancakes are my guilty pleasure, comfort and overall favorite food. They are just so bad for us, so to know I do not have to give up my favorite food just makes this all that much more exciting!!! THANK YOU.

  80. Dave

    I want the 21 day detox as I want to learn how to detox both my body and my life.

  81. azrael

    We enjoy toadally primal smoothies. The breakdown of which smoothies are best for what you’re aiming for (i.e high protein ) is really helpful

  82. Catherine W

    A lot of this looks great, but I think I’m most interested in “Real Food Kids: In the Kitchen plus videos! ($30) by Wardee Harmon & Jami Delgado.”

    I have two little helpers who love baking with me, but I’ve been baking so much less since going paleo that they’ve started disparaging my “caveman diet” and suspiciously asking, “Mom, are these _caveman waffles_ or regular waffles?”

    It would be great to have a way to reconnect with them in the kitchen while also feeding them food that’s good for them!

  83. Melinda

    Would love all the paleo cooking items as I currentlysubscribe to the paleo plan. I also have 2 squatty potties in my home that I don’t know how I lived without.

  84. Sara Grambusch

    I’m interested in that book about back pain.

  85. Mark N

    The 20% off Tisano Chocolate coupon sounds good to me.

  86. Jennifer G

    I want the “simple living: 30 days to less stuff and more life”. I want less clutter in my life.

  87. Aaron Taylor

    I couldn’t decide, so I bought the whole bundle!

  88. Anne

    The all look so great as I’m beginning paleo. But I think it would be the meal plan information.

  89. Cecilia

    Wow lots to choose from, I purchase a packet of ebooks awhile back see a few of them on this list I think this has more to offer. I like the Nikki’s coconut butter

  90. Lydia

    There are quite a few that I would love to have, but one in particular that stand out to me is Real Food Hits the Road. Whenever we our away from home, it can be such a challenge to deal with food.

  91. Karen Burk

    I have the 21 day paleo detox and I love it! Makes everything so easy when starting out :)

  92. Karen

    Primal tightwad cookbook! I already bought the bundle & will be starting the paleo plan 21 day cleanse tomorrow :)

  93. Heather

    Paleo Magazine would be the best reason to get this bundle…. I am still debating but unsure why!

  94. sjackson2810@gmail.com

    Love my copy of Well Fed! A great resource when I need a little inspiration!

  95. Kris

    Love well fed’

  96. Diana R.

    I’m interested in Toadally Primal Smoothies!

  97. Whitney

    There are so many that look amazing. How do you pick just one?? I can’t wait to read the one called “Inside Out Simplicity” and the paleo on a budget book and the one for clearing up skin problems. Like I said, there are too many great ones to pick just one!!

  98. Michael Althauser

    I own Well Fed – it’s a wonderful cookbook with tons of great recipes. The rogan josh is a staple in our household. :)

  99. Debra

    I’ve had my eye on the 30 day Intro to Paleo.

  100. T

    I really need the meal plans. I hate thinking of something to make for dinner. So, frequently we end up going out to eat. If I had the meal plans, hopefully I would be able to be more prepared for meals.

  101. ElizaJ

    I would love WellFed or Crazy for Kale. I have soooo many cookbooks but you just can’t have too many!

  102. Adriana

    The Grain Free Lunchbox is the book I’m most interested in. I take my lunch to work each day, and it’s difficult to prep paleo all the time — and I need to be more consistent!!

  103. John Donjoian

    I like Paleo Living magazine and have a current subscription. Every issue so far has been packed with great insights and tips.

  104. Krista

    I love the book well fed !!!! Bought the bundle for all the great additions to my Paleo collection !!

  105. Leigh M

    My friend recommended well fed – says it is an awesome book.

  106. Johna

    I’d really like the Grain Free Lunchbox.

  107. Stefanie Stark

    I am VERY interested in the Fertility & Motherhood books, all of them. Trying to get pregnant & I just finished Beautiful Babies, it opened my eyes! I’m curious about the Well Fed & Fast Paleo Top 100.

  108. Stephanie L.

    Would really like the subscription to Paleo Magazine. The one issue I’ve read I thoroughly enjoyed, however haven’t indulged myself in a subscription yet.

  109. linn garon

    I’m interested in the meal plans! It’d be great to avoid the “What’s for dinner?” question from the family.

  110. Linda Li

    I’d like to get the Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health On a Minimal Budget.

  111. AJC

    Skin Deep seems to be an amazing resource!

  112. Matthew G

    Primal Tightwad interests me, as a single income family that is always on a budget but trying our hardest to eat healthy and keep our bodies strong. I own a squatty potty, too, and love it!

  113. michele

    Fast paleo top 100 is the book that I am most interested in!!

  114. Gail

    WOW, how can there be such a long list of provocative options, of which I have NONE! (rhetorical )
    Thank you for all the research and bundling. (So we don’t really have to , choose one.) I thought I wanted Nell Stephenson’s meal plan, until I read all the rave reviews about Well Fed, now I want that. How brilliant you are to engage so many of us with these titillating freebies, attracting everyone to go and look at all the products, with glee. Genius.

  115. shannon

    I would the Acne Freedom ebook. I follow a paleo lifestyle, but still have issues with acne:(

  116. Brent

    I’d love to get the book about baking with coconut flour!

  117. Jared Buck

    Well Fed is one of my favorite ebooks ever! Also Toadally Primal. They’re both great.

  118. Nichole Gaines

    Count me in!

  119. Kara S

    I’m most interested in the Well Fed book and Nikki’s Coconut Butter!

  120. Sandy C

    Totally just bought the Healthy Harvest Bundle and can’t wait to read everything! The book about Raw Fed Cats was the deal maker for me :)

  121. Annemarie

    I love well fed and can’t wait for number two to come out!

  122. Kate P

    I’ve been eying the Well Fed cookbook, but what I think i really need is to sign up for one of those meal planning services so that it’s really a no brainer to get on track with paleo!

  123. Louisa

    I’d like the Paleo Snack Recipes, as this is where I always find myself falling off the Paleo wagon!!

  124. William R

    Excited to read the The Veggie Book, since I’m always looking for fun ways to add more veggies on my plate. I got the bundle and am loving these books!

  125. Jordan F

    The book “A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving” looks very interesting. Maybe because it’s October, it’s cool outside, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner … or because real pumpkin recipes are amazing.

  126. Glenda

    I own the book ,Well Feed—it is one of my favorite cookbooks:)

  127. Ellyse

    I really enjoyed the personal and home care section! Improving what you put inside your body is only half the battle. The external products are just as important, there are some nasty ingredients in products!

  128. lexy

    Restocking the Pantry! So many sauces, condiments, flavorings, dressings that you’ve always wanted to try… all in one ebook!

  129. Mary Kay

    The Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skincare. I would like to get this one. It’s very much what I’m interested in. I make a skin care lotion with Tallow so I would LOVE to win this.

  130. Nicole

    I have and love Well Fed. Bora Bora Fireballs rock!

  131. Stephanie Lowry

    I have paleo everyday and well fed plus a few others but would like to read the fertility books to help my sister who has been struggling with infertility as I have been blessed with 3 babies of my own. I want her to experience my same blessings.

  132. Amber

    Crock On Cookbook!

  133. Cathie wright

    I have We’ll Fed and it was well worth it!

  134. Donna

    The Primal Tightwad looks amazing, so I would like that best out of the bundle. Also, we already have a Squatty Potty and are glad to have it – it really does what they say it does! ;-)

  135. Barbara

    I already have Toadally Primal Smoothies, 30 day intro to Paleo, Guide to Paleo, and I would like to get the Grain Free Lunch Box, Paleo Snacks and Apartment Gardening.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Kata

    Bought the bundle, can’t wait to get into it. So far really like the cooking with coconut flour book.

  137. MaryAnne

    I just purchased the Harvest Your Health Bundle, so I am interested in everything!! I’m excited for all the books & recipes, and I’m also curious about Squatty Potty… I admit that I kind of giggled out loud when I first saw it, but then I started reading about it & sounds pretty cool.

  138. Linda Sand

    I own Well Fed. It changed my whole life relating to food. Now I need to branch out beyond it.

  139. Kimberly

    Fast Paleo and the Crock On Cookbook both sound awesome! The Primal Tightwad sounds great too.

  140. Lee Ann Kaplan

    I’m interested in all of them, butthe 30 day intro to paleo and the paleo meal plans seems like it would give me a good base to start :) Also would love a squatty potty and the apartment gardening.

  141. Stephanie

    I’ve heard such great things about the book Well-Fed. I would love to use some yummy grass fed beef tallow with her recipes!

  142. Michael Bulzomi

    Im interested in the 21 Day Paleo Cleanse!

  143. Doug Christy

    I like all the cooking books, and also all the discounts at the different websites.

  144. Marilyn Olmsted

    The Curing Skin Compulsions guide! I am a picker and this seems like a great solution.

  145. Susan Fry

    My health has improved since starting paleo, but as time goes on I am slipping back into some habits that don’t make me feel great. Need some motivation!

  146. Dee

    Well Fed is the one I’m most interested in reading….

  147. Melissa Harmon

    I have Well Fed & Todally primal smoothies. Both are great!

  148. Lori Johnson

    Love Well Fed! I am especially interested in Crazy for Kale!

  149. Shelbi

    I would love to read the grain free lunch box. Sometimes I crave a sandwich and this would give me some new ideas… And keep me distracted. :)

  150. Joan Armstrong

    “Wel Fed” was the 2nd Paleo cookbook I bought 1.5 years ago and I still use it at least once a week. I LOVE IT!

  151. Stacey

    I’m interested in Detoxification: 70 ways to cleanse your body. I wish they were actual books instead of downloads though.

  152. Karen

    I subscribe to Paleo Magazine — it’s full of useful and inspiring articles. And it’s written in Bend, Oregon, where I live!

  153. Alysia

    I own well fed and I love it! So many delicious recipes.

  154. Miranda

    Well Fed!

  155. Matt

    I love the Toadally Primal Smoothies! Always something yummy.

  156. Werner

    I’d like Well Fed but really any one of the ebooks would be great

  157. Julia

    I bought the bundle a couple days ago and am totally in love with Well Fed. It’s fantastic!

  158. Leisa

    I like Prmal Tightwod

  159. Leisa

    I like Prmal Tightwod

  160. Shelley

    I love Well Fed. It is my go to cookbook.

  161. Leisa

    I like Primal Tighwod

  162. Leisa

    I like Primal Tightwod

  163. Leisa

    I like Primal Tightwod

  164. Julie Zacharias

    I’m excited about the 21-day Paleo Cleanse plus all the great discounts!

  165. Julie Zacharias

    I’m excited about the 21-day Paleo Cleanse

  166. Deb

    Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People who Love to Eat

  167. Deb

    I love reading the Paleo Magazine for new ideas and information. Also, it was in the previous bundle package I was introduced to Paleo On the Go (discounts.) Love their food!

  168. Kelly

    I have several of these books from a previous ebook deal and I’ve been enjoying them. Primal Deliverance was especially inspiring to me!

  169. Amanda Emmerson

    I like the idea of being able to start a garden from inside my apartment. The 71 Ebooks alone make this offer worth wild.

  170. jappel

    I’m all about saving time in the kitchen…so I’d be most interested in the ‘Back to School Slow Cooker freezer recipes’.

  171. Nancy Cashwell

    I would take anything you give away

  172. Kathalina

    That is an amazing deal!! Just purchased it! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  173. Jane

    I like that there is a fertility & motherhood section

  174. Barbara Rae Robinson

    I’d like Primal Tightwad. I’m spending a fortune on my food. I’ve been Paleo for over a year now.

  175. Ashley

    I want a Squatty Potty. Can’t believe I said that in public ;)

  176. Josh Deutchman

    I like the raw fed cats ebook!

  177. Tiffany

    Primal tightwad ebook, I want!

  178. Carolyn G

    The Paleo Ice Cream looks great

  179. Amanda Matlock

    Wow! What don’t I want to own! I need everything but I absolutely love magazines the most :)

  180. Cindy

    Natural Cleaning

  181. @debralu

    I’d love the 30 Day Intro to Paleo by Bill & Hayley Staley

  182. Tess

    I would be interested in any of the meal plans!

  183. Stacey

    I bought the last e-book bundle and highly recommend it. Favorites include Paleo magazine, Paleo Life magazine, and the Well Fed book. Also, I own a Squatty Potty a nd highly recommend it. The discounts available with this current bundle practically pay for the bundle, I would like to read a Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving and I would like to try Nikki’s Coconut Butter. Also I would love to read Raw Fed Cats as I have a cat that refuses to eat almost anything. There is a little “overlap” between the last bundle nd this one, but not bad. Lots of new stuff!

  184. Stacey

    I bought the last e-book bundle and highly recommend it. Favorites include Paleo magazine, Paleo Life magazine, and the Well Fed book. Also, I own a Squatty Potty a nd highly recommend it. The discounts available with this current bundle practically pay for the bundle, I would like to read a Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving and I would like to try Nikki’s Coconut Butter. Also I would love to read Raw Fed Cats as I have a cat that refuses to eat almost anything. There is a little “overlap” between the last bundle nd this one, but not bad. Lots of new stuff!

  185. Liz

    I’m interested in everything but raw fed cats and the squatty potty. Well fed, paleo pumpkin thanksgiving, the books with kids’ recipes- it all sounds good. Anything that will help me convince my kids to eat less garbage would be with its weight in gold!

  186. Susan Lawrence

    It an amazing package! I am most interested in the fitness info, as this is the next step I really need.

  187. Samantha

    The 30 Day Intro to Paleo is something that I would love. Just starting into Paleo and still trying to learn it all and keeping food in check

  188. Kara

    I have already bought the bundle! I’m most excited to read the paleo and fertility books!

  189. Spencer

    Real Food Hits the Road and Well Fed stood out to me. I will definitely be buying the bundle. Thanks

  190. Kellie Redondo

    I would love to own Detoxification, as I am leaving a mold damaged home and need to reclaim my health.

  191. Nancy Stehman

    I’m looking forward to doing the 21 day Paleo cleanse.

  192. Jessica F

    I am interested in the Detoxify books. I went back to “normal” eating and it totally send me into having my stomach issues again. I definitely will benefit from learning to detox and start eating right again. Thanks!

  193. Sarah M

    Definitely “Salve Made Simple”!

  194. Amy Ayers

    I would love the grain-free lunch box. Looks like a fantastic resource for me, as a mom, to get ideas on what to send in my kids lunchboxes for school.

  195. Jenna

    I am interested in all of the lovely books and information but the one that stood out to me most was Broth: Elixir of Life. It would be awesome in healing my gut.

  196. Nick

    Well Fed is an awesome book — very informative. However… the real trick is getting ‘non-believers’ on-board!

  197. Chris Madison

    I want paleogasm cookbook. Or the crockpot cookbook. Why? Well I’ve been very unpaleo tonight with draft IPAs and I’m feeling guilty.

  198. Rachel K

    I want the Paleo Magazine subscription and the Well Fed cookbook!

  199. Brian

    I want the US Wellness Meats $75 Gift Card… thanks!

  200. Erica J

    I’m very interested in the Primal Tightwood book. Feeding a family of 4 the paleo way is expensive!

  201. Ann Marie

    I have many of these books already but a like Paleogasm the best,

  202. Lothlorien

    I like them all! Everything is something I would love to have. Since I have just started the Paleo diet, anything is a help.

    The one item I picked was Building Incredible Willpower. I really struggle with willpower and I hope in reading it, I would have better control.

  203. connie s

    Oh I loved so many that I purchased the bundle several days ago. Currently I am reading through the acne guides.

  204. Jess

    I want Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love to Eat

  205. Lisa

    I can’t pick one thing!! I want the whole bundle. Bday is coming up next month. I might ask for my gift early! ;)

  206. Lori Lachenmeier

    I haven’t decided which one I like most but I am trying to find a book that has a simple step by step approach into the AIP.

  207. Vic Vincen.

    I have Toadally Primal Smoothies & Paleo 21 Day Cleanse. Would love the Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving. Probably gonna get this awesome package.

  208. Jessica Ardente

    Crazy for Kale! I have been puting kale in so many dishes lately! Can’t wait to experiment more!!

  209. Ashley Shiver

    I am most interested in the restocking your pantry book, tonight. That could change tomorrow, or next week, because they all look great, lol, but my husband and I were just talking about pantry food vs refrigerator food.
    And I bought the books, so we will soon be restocking our pantry :-)

  210. Becky

    Well Fed is a great cookbook. This bundle offer is an excellent deal. I’m very interested in the Primal Tightwad book as my grocery bill has skyrocketed eating Paleo.

  211. Kate

    I already own (and love!) Well Fed. It’s really helped me learn how to cook for the whole week, instead of just one meal!

  212. Leonard Curtis

    Primal Tightwad! Need to fit this into a tight budget

  213. Ed Maddox

    Having recently began detoxifying my mind, I would find the “Educate yourself on detoxifying your body and life” to be very interesting to include with my eating like a caveman.

  214. Sue Knuckles

    We have Well Fed – a great Paleo start. I like natural health products and would like to acquire Salve Made Simple.

  215. Theresa Pursel

    A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving sounds awesome! N

  216. Shellie

    Crock on Cookbook!

  217. Vince DAddona

    I bought the whole shooting match. Looked like too good a deal to pass up!

  218. Brandy

    Well fed…because our family LOVES to eat!! Mmmmm!

  219. Katie McKane

    The first thing that jumped out at my was The Primal Tightwad, as money is extremely tight these days
    and I would like to eat consistently paleo on our tiny food budget. Baking with Coconut Flour also looks really useful.

  220. coonman75@gmail.com

    The obvious choice is the books on how to make Paleo chocolate, Paleo ice cream and gluten free pancakes!

  221. Veronica

    I would love the Toadally Primal Smoothie book. Thanks for the offers and give aways.

  222. stormie

    the paleo meal plan, or the paleo living magazines. im just staring this , im hoping it will work for me.

  223. Erlinda Thomas

    I would like the paleo Thanksgiving ebook. Thanks

  224. Jeff Donovan

    I have Well Fed as well, excellent cookbook and I’ve added several of its recipes into my normal rotation.

  225. Elvia

    The Hollistics Mamas Guide to Healthy Skincare, really interests me! I like to take care of my skin and if I am already switching to eating Paleo might as well switch out my commercially bought creams and lotions too.

  226. Melissa

    Really interested in “A Practical Guide to Children’s Health by Kate @Modern Alternative Mama!

  227. Tammy Bybee

    I would like the paleo chocolate!

  228. Tammy Bybee

    I would like the paleo chocolate!

  229. Kya Wolf

    I am only 2 months into Paleo so I am looking for recipes. Fast Paleo, Top 100.

  230. Bill G

    WellFed is an awesome book!

  231. Barb

    Raw feed cat

  232. Andy

    Just bought the bundle, great offer that i was waiting for, so cant tell anything about those sources. Anyway, have a good one!

  233. Kit

    I purchased the Harvest Your Health Bundle, it’s great! I’ve already downloaded all kinds of great books and information. :) It’s a fantastic deal.

  234. Amanda

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  235. Natasha

    I bought the bundle almost as soon as it went live :) It’s hard to pick favorites, but I’m especially excited to read Birth Control Unlocked (I love Stefani Ruper!), Homemade Health & Beauty, and Paleo Recipes for Every Day. I already had quite a few of the books from other bundles, but there are plenty of new and exciting additions to my library!

  236. Amy

    I’d love the Paleo Lunchbox book. I strive to send my boys to school with full, happy lunchbox. A book would be a great tool for the times I am struggling!

  237. Sasha B

    Well Fed is on my to-buy list!

  238. Reid

    I have Well Fed. I love it! There are many ebooks here that I am interested in too…

  239. Lissie

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  240. Beverly

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  241. Hannah

    some of the discounts are amazing! like for bulletproof self and nikkis!

  242. Kelly K

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  243. Cathleen

    I think that Common Sense Health would be interesting for me.

  244. Michaela

    There’s several books I want! One of the first that I’ll read is Primal Tighwad. Eating right is VERY expensive around here.

  245. Yvonne Harrison

    I would love to have Just Making Ice Cream – my weakness :-)

  246. Diana Cote

    I own Well Fed, I though it was good for when i did my whole30, I would love, love to try these books. maybe hubby will let me buy them. ;-)

  247. Rusty from Alaska

    I order the bundle. I want them all!

  248. Laurel

    I have Well Fed and it is phenomenal! (ps. Cant wait for WF2!)

  249. Nic

    Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health On a Minimal Budget by Carolyn Rush. A student living on her own and newly diagnozed with MS this book would be so perfect for me.

  250. Jessica

    I’m thinking Well Fed as 1) we like to eat! And 2) I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about it! However I’m a pumpkin fanatic so the paleo pumpkin thanksgiving sound good!!

  251. Toshi

    I own Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan – it’s a Paleo classic!

  252. Robert

    Interested in the detoxification action.

  253. Sarah

    I would love to read the Simple Living and the One Bite at a Time ebooks…I need to be better at de-cluttering!!

  254. Lauren

    Looking forward to the bone broth book! And many others!

  255. Jennifer

    I am always in search of new recipes. There are so many books I havent even heard of

  256. Lauren

    I bought the bundle and I’m super excited about the Plan to Eat membership! I signed up and started posting some recipes and it seems like a pretty great tool!

  257. Krystle Caricaburu

    I have several of these books already, but Well Fed is one I have cooked my way through multiple times! It’s amazing! And of course, who doesn’t love meal plans?!

  258. Bethany

    I especially wanted the My Buttered Life books for making my own lotions. (just bought the bundle – some fantastic stuff in there!)

  259. Penelope

    I am very interested in the baking with coconut flour book, as I am a sucker for baked goods but have a sensitivity to gluten that causes very itchy rashes.

  260. Brian Voien

    Baking with Coconut Flour! I get so jealous of my girlfriend’s roommate’s baking…

  261. Christine

    nikki’s coconut butter and tisano chocolate!! And all of the books!!

  262. Carina

    I ordered this bundle a few days ago. I’ve clicked through a lot of these e-books not completely interested in a few of them. The couple that have stuck out to me are the 30-day intro to Paleo and Well Fed. My parents have Well Fed and I will take pictures of recipes and try to decipher what they say when I get home through my itty bitty iphone screen, but now I have my own copy! I’m very happy about that. I love the meal plan in the 30-Day Intro to Paleo. I’ve been cooking paleo for a little over a year now, but I always love finding meal plans and more recipes because I always find myself cheating. I guess I still need more guidance and to learn self-control and detoxing my body of the things I crave.

  263. Cat

    I love the Well Fed book! Excellent recipes.

  264. melissa@IWasBornToCook

    Well Fed!

  265. D Crawford-Parker

    I have been interested in Well Fed for quite some time.

  266. Tiffany

    I own Well Fed an amazing cookbook. I can’t wait to order Well Fed 2.

  267. Annette

    I really want Paleo Ice Cream ($5.99) by Ben Hirshberg. That’s been the hardest thing to give up. I have a great ice cream machine (and a gelato machine) that are going unused, but this book could change that.

  268. Roberta

    I really want Paleogasm because the recipes sound amazing!

  269. Aimee

    Wow what a bundle! I’m new to your plan and paleo and the bundle looks great but overwhelming at the the moment.. Baby steps. For me right now.. The fat sounds interesting! I would like some variety.. Thanks:)))

  270. Immanuela

    I own “Gluten Free Pancakes” by Jolene Sloam because its simple and it stops me from buying and eating cakes and biscuits made from gluten!

  271. Lois

    I am very interested in the detoxifying books. Detoxifying is key!!!

  272. ronnie

    bought the bundle and its full of great information and is helping stay on track i would love to try the tallow

  273. Matt paulsen

    I’m interested in the Fatworks Beef Tallow.

  274. cynthia brock

    how do you choose just one?? They all are incredible….. .
    3 month paleo plan is calling to me this morning!

  275. Jean

    I have used Cultures for Health for Kefir grains and Viili yogurt starter and Redmond Earthpaste. I have liked them both very much! I would especially like to read the book “Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life.” :)

  276. Kat jimenez

    Wow, let’s start with gluten free pancakes then let’s go with paleogasm and we can top it off with Well Fed :) these are my favorite! Thank you for putting all this amazing material together! About to order !!!

    Que Rico!!!!


  277. sandra

    paleo snack recipes ….. total weakness for my husband and I.

  278. Annie

    I’d love to read the Fast Paleo!!!

  279. Deb

    Well Fed is really good, lots of great recipes! Looks like many more with great ideas and new things to try!

  280. Brittany

    I can’t wait to get well fed and the running guide.

  281. Joe

    I own the 21 day Paleo Cleanse and really benefited from taking out certain foods. The Plan was easy to follow and loved the shopping lists as well.

  282. Karen C.

    I *need* “Grain Free Lunchbox” for my GF/DF picky eater. So tired of making him chicken salad…

  283. ritas73@aol.com

    All of it looks super interesting. I especially like the Personal/Home Care category. I just bought the bundle and can’t wait to dig into on my days off this week!

  284. Mark H

    Well Fed is a great resource.

  285. Denise

    Cooking with coconut flour looks interesting, but I too bought this package a few days ago and can’t wait to dig through it all.

  286. Rebecca

    Well Fed
    Super cookbook, my family uses it weekly.

  287. Brooke

    I already have some of the books and they are great! Of the others I’m interested in grain free lunch box, paleogasm, and primal tightwad

  288. SJ

    I am looking forward to using “Baking with Coconut Flour”, I already experiment but having all these recipe books will be so nice.

  289. Liz Overton

    I want Paleo Everyday, A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving, 30 Day Intro to Paleo, Paleo Magazine subscription… so many fabulous options! I already own Well Fed and love it!

  290. Julie

    I really want to get Well Fed. And some tallow. :)

  291. julie s.

    Back to school slow cooker meals because anything to save me time while still eating good is a win.

  292. Emily T.

    I’m most interested in the Paleo Magazine subscriptions

  293. Lisa L

    I would love to have the Paleo Chocolate Cookbook.

  294. Jill

    Oh my is there a lot to choose from! The meal plans are very tempting but Real Food Hits the Road would come in very useful!

  295. Elle


  296. McKenzie Kiichler

    Paleogasm, because the name is just awesome :) And it’s definitely how I feel about Paleo!

  297. Laura

    The Grain Free Lunchbox!!!

  298. Michaela

    I am interested in the Paleo weekly meal plans and well Fed Cats: Feeding Cats a Diet of Whole Raw Foods ($9.99) by Linda Zurich

  299. Lorna

    The one about making ice cream!!

  300. Ellen Sosnoski

    I have to go with Fast Paleo Top 100…the quicker the better. When I am in a hurry and don’t have the time is when I break down and eat too many carbs. Time saving tips are what I really need!

  301. Kimberly B

    I actually would be interested in 2 items: Paleogasm and the Paleo Miracle. I’m a sucker for erotic AND inspirational books!

  302. P Campbell


  303. Janelle B.

    I really like “Inside Out Simplicity” but there’s a whole lotta good stuff in that bundle!

  304. Nicole D.

    I own Well Fed (as well as some other titles from the last bundle sale)!

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