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$250 Giveaway AND Only 24 Hours Left for Primal Life Kit

The Primal Life Kit 2014 is all over the interwebs! You may be sick of seeing it on your favorite blogs and newsletters by now, but rest assured that you will not see anything else about it ever again after tomorrow Monday April 28th at 11:59pm PDT. The sale, which contains the following list of amazingness, will end before you know it.

The Primal Life Kit 2014 Products

  • 35 Paleo and Primal eCookbooks and Informational eBooks ($498 Value)
  • 3 research papers by Dr. Loren Cordain ($15 Value)
  • 1 Online Cooking Club subscription ($39 Value)
  • 3 Fitness Programs ($67 Value)
  • 2 Paleo Challenges ($44 Value)
  • 2 Meal Plans ($69 Value)
  • 2 Online Magazine Subscriptions ($36 Value)
  • 1 Bonus Video about Eating Paleo on the Road
  • 14 Discounts ($757+ Value)

That’s over $1500 worth of stuff. All for $39.

Yes, really.

Is This Real?

Some people have been emailing me saying, “Neely, is this real? I don’t believe it – it’s too good to be true.” To which I reply, “Well, I created this bundle of goodies – I put it together with all my Paleo blogger/author friends – and I’m not one to lie to people. I know that it’s for real because I made it :)”

Truly Only $39. Ever.

Other people have been wondering whether they will ever be charged anything other than the $39, and the answer is absolutely not. I will not charge you anything more for this Primal Life Kit, even though it’s 97% off the original price (what?!). The only way you’ll ever get charged for anything else is if you use one of the many discount codes in the kit that go to other sites’ products. You’d have to enter your credit card into their site in order to be charged anything, though. Your choice.

My Favorite Products in the Kit

300px_0001_well-fed-2Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan

I am a huge fan of Melissa Joulwan from I think she’s a badass, and a really intuitive, creative chef. Her first cookbook, Well Fed, was so popular that she decided to create a Well Fed 2. And it’s in the sale!

It’s full of recipes that are inspired from many different cultures, like the Taj Mahal Chicken, Pina Colada Chicken, Thai Basil Beef, and a lot more. Every recipe has a beautiful picture, and they’re all truly Paleo recipes (no grains, dairy, legumes, sugar).

She even uses unconventional (but very much Paleo) ingredients like liver to make your food as nutrient dense as possible. Melissa’s gone through a lot with her own health, and these are the foods she uses to heal her own body, so I know they’d do the same for you.

Check it out in the Primal Life Kit here



300px_0020_cavegirl-cuisine Just A Taste of Cavegirl Cuisine by Michelle Fagone

Another product I’m really excited about in the Kit is Michelle Fagone’s “Just A Taste of Cavegirl Cuisine” in ebook format.

It’s an abridged version of her paperback book, Cavegirl Cuisine Cookbook, and it contains over 60 recipes from her big book. They all have gorgeous pictures, and all are illustrated with her fun, inspirational style.

I don’t know – something about her recipes gets me psyched to get in the kitchen and make delicious things! She’s got some real comfort foods in there, like her Reuben Benedict, Paleo Honey Crunches Cereal, Lobster Bisque, Trail Mix Cookies, Bacon Chocolate Meringues, and a lot more – yum!

Check it out in the Primal Life Kit here


LizWolfeBRAND NEW Cooking Club Launch! Good Food for Bad Cooks Lifetime Membership by Liz Wolfe

Little does Liz know, I’m her biggest fan. There’s nobody in the Paleo blogosphere who’s as witty or interesting to me. She’s a homesteader, which means she posts hilarious photos of her goats doing crazy things all over Facebook (you should follow her if you don’t already).

She calls herself a “bad cook”, which I can honestly relate with. It’s one thing to be an accomplished cook and come up with really complex recipes that blow people’s minds.

It’s another thing entirely (and in my mind sometimes even better) to create simple recipes that don’t take forever and a day to make, that still taste really good and give your body the nourishment it needs. That’s what Liz does, and that’s what her new cooking club is all about – teaching you how to do the same for yourself. You get a lifetime membership to her cooking club when you buy the Primal Life Kit.

Check it out in the Primal Life Kit here


Those 3 products alone are worth about $65, which is almost double the price of the Primal Life Kit ($39). Along with those, you get 46 other Paleo and Primal products, including 3 research papers by Loren Cordain, meal plans by Primal Blueprint, books on autoimmune disorders, magazine subscriptions, “How-To’s” of Paleo, and a LOT more recipes.

If I were you, I’d get my butt over there and get this before it goes away tomorrow (Monday) night!

CLICK HERE to check out the Primal Life Kit



——–>>>$250 AMAZON.COM GIVEAWAY TIME!!<---------

This giveaway is simple. All you have to do is go over to the Primal Life Kit page here, pick out your favorite item in the kit, and come back to this blog post and tell me what that item is in the comments section. Make sure you include your email address when you comment so I know how to contact you if you win.

I will randomly choose 1 winner of a $250 gift card on Tuesday, April 29th 2014 and announce it in the newsletter (sign up if you’re not already on there!).

CLICK HERE to go to Primal Life Kit Page

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  1. Chris Sorel

    Pigskin Paleo sounds great

  2. Well-Fed2!

  3. Kara Honda

    Squatty Potty discount is the sh*t! ;)

  4. I’m looking forward to Toadally Primsl Smoothies. Good luck to everybody!

  5. Amy Skelton

    I would love to read the Well Fed2 book!

  6. Would love the auto immunal by sarah ballntyne

  7. Rebecca

    “This giveaway is simple”. Right, cause there’s not a ton of great things to pick from in the kit :P I guess my pick would be Paleo on a Budget, since as a student, any bit of saving helps!

  8. StewSmith Circuit Training 101

  9. WELL FED 2 is the best cookbook I have ever seen. not even the best paleo cookbook but the best cookbook. Up against Martha Stewart, Melissa Joulwan wins.

  10. Kelly D

    I like the Toadally Primal Smoothies ebook.

  11. Barbara H

    My favourite item in the kit is Well Fed 2. Melissa has some fantastic recipes. I make her paleo msyonnaise every week but use the immersion blender method as I’ve never had any success with the blender version or the upper body workout method lol.

    My email is

  12. Well Fed 2 is my favorite item in the kit. I love Well Fed (1), so Well Fed 2 must be awesome!

  13. Kim Albano

    Joshua’s Primal Lunchbox by Kathryn Kos

  14. Autoimmune books since I have an autoimmune liver disease. Looking for more ways to improve the quality of my life.

  15. Kristen

    Definitely Toadally Primal Smoothies. I’m big into smoothies right now!

  16. chloe johnstone

    I would love to read the Research Paper on The Paleo Diet and Acne, I need help with my skin!

  17. Mike Marlan

    Inflammation Free Zone: Amy Hager

  18. My favorite item is “Paleo on a Budget”! With a family of 4 including 2 teenagers, the biggest challenge that we have faced switching to a paleo lifestyle has been the increase in our weekly grocery bill.

  19. Anonymous

    Toadally Primal Smoothies is right up my alley!! Email address is

  20. Elizabeth

    I am really excited for the membership to Liz Wolfe’s new site, Good Food for Bad Cooks!

  21. Kim Tirona

    It is hard to pick just one. I found several of them that I just want to have open in different windows and flip back and forth, but since you asked for just one….I suppose I will have to settle for Pigskin Paleo this one time. I am in love with all of them. :)

  22. Suzanne

    I’d like to get Well Fed 2.

  23. Michele

    30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes. I am all about dessert!

  24. My favorite item is the membership to Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness for a penny! People need to realize this site works for ALL fitness levels, old to young, gym rat to couch potato. The support, recipes, science, movement videos and more make me feel uber-healthy and are the perfect supplement to how I eat!

  25. Tim Lind

    My favorite would be 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes, since I find snacking to be the most challening part of paleo!

  26. Anna-Marie

    I would love to check out Well Fed 2! I’ve heard so many good things about her books and recipes!

  27. Paleogasm cookbook :)

  28. I am going to have to say “Well Fed 2″. I loved the original Well Fed, and am really looking forward to reading this one.

  29. Curt Hunter

    I am looking forward to the Cave Girl Eats and trying AMRAP bars!

  30. Lyn Moffatt

    Looking forward to the Good Food for Bad Cooks. That one hit home. Great collection of products…thank you!

  31. Paleo on a budget by Carolyn Rush

  32. Stephanie

    Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats – Gotta get in more gelatin :)

  33. My favorite part of the kit is the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan.

  34. Lauren Eckhardt

    Well Fed 2 is my favorite because I loved the first version so much!

  35. Rebecca

    The Paleo Snack Cookbook sounds awesome!

  36. Jessica Perez

    The good food for bad cooks membership :D

  37. adriane

    plo coupon!

  38. Well-Fed 2! Loved her first book!

  39. Ratandy

    We just decided to do the cleanse, but only if I don’t have to plan my own meals, so I’m going with the 21-day Paleo cleanse!

  40. My family of four and I are newbies to paleo. LOVING the meal plans but the fitness programs are what I’d like to try next :)

  41. I love the concept of good food for bad cooks!

  42. Jennifer

    I like the Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats as I’m just starting to incorporate gelatin in my diet.

  43. My favorite book is Inflammation Free Zone : 30 Day Online Protocol. Had a very high C reactive protein blood test and looking forward to reading how to correct it. Thanks!

  44. Melissa Spille

    Toadally Primal Smoothies!!!

  45. Well fed2 looks really good, the recepes could help make a paleo diet less challenging and more people could be eating healthier with less processed foods being pushed into their system

  46. 30 minute Paleo Dessert Recipes would be my pick, I have such a sweet tooth!

  47. Jennifer

    Would love to read the Well Fed 2!

  48. Kathryn

    Fav is the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

  49. Inflammation Free Zone: 30 Day Online Peotocol

  50. Vanessa

    Just A Taste of Cavegirl Cuisine by Michelle Fagone is my favorite item in the kit. :)

  51. sharont

    Paleo on A Budget! I’d love to have the entire bundle, too bad I am a broke girl!

  52. WellFed 2 is THE BOMB!!! :)

  53. Stephanie M

    Cavegirl cuisine! Can’t wait to try all of these mouthwatering recipes!

  54. Well Fed 2. I love Melissa’s recipes and approach to the Paleo lifestyle!

  55. Ananya RM

    I love the look of The Paleo Snack Recipe eBook by Suzanne Crawt!!

  56. Lorelei

    Just A Taste of Cavegirl Cuisine! I’m so excited to try some of her recipes!

  57. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I avoid table sugar like the plague and I’m always trying to find Paleo friendly desserts. The 30 minute Paleo dessert recipe book sounds Ahhmazing!

  58. Melinda Brenner

    I dig the Paleo Living magazine and the Paleo snack recipe ebook as I am always looking to snack, seriously love snacking and can never find any great snacks that are Paleo friendly!

    Would be great if someone wrote a Paleo for Pets book! I feed my Bulldog grain free and as much whole food as I can.

  59. Diane Porter

    The snack recipe ebook…. I mean lets be real, that is the hardest part of the day…. something healthy, quick and paleo is what I need at times…. especially for parties and family movie night.

  60. Paleo snack cookbook! For feeding 5 kids. Gotta be a winner

  61. Andie Espinoza

    Good Food for Bad Cooks membership looks pretty cool.

  62. Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide caught my eye!

  63. My favorite’s got to be the Upgraded Self discount (Dave’s products are a bit pricey).

  64. The Paleo Snack Recipe Book

  65. Karen Burk

    Good food for bad cooks sounds like it would be right up my alley seeing as I haven’t quite mastered the kitchen yet!

  66. Deb King

    Paleo Snack Recipe Book

  67. Doug Christy

    Well Fed 2!

  68. Nicole Chappell

    Paleo on a Budget.
    Good eating should not cost an arm, leg, and the first born!

  69. Hannah A

    I would def have to say Well Fed 2. Thanks!

  70. Beverly

    I would like The Inflammation Free Zone or The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough. I’m trying to follow the AIP and need all the resources I can get.

  71. Melissa C

    The books are all awesome, but it’s gotta be the paleo butter!

  72. Celena W

    Birth control unlocked: your body, your options, your guide. I love that Stefani Ruper is being a voice for women in the paleo community. It gives me hope that this lifestyle works and I can “fix” my body.

  73. “Just A Taste” of Cavegirl Cuisine

  74. Rebecca

    Paleo on a budget!

  75. Paleogasm sounds delectable!

  76. Erika Pollak

    Looks like any of the Fast Paleo books would be ideal for me! I hate to spend hours in the kitchen. Besides, why should we, nowadays? ;-)

  77. Roseann Pairo

    I’m looking forward to the 30 min desserts. I like to cook but baking sometimes takes up too much time. but having them ready in 30 min is fabulous!!! I’m getting the hang of paleo desserts and not eating something too sweet but I’m always looking for more recipes!!

  78. Derric Smith

    Well Fed 2

  79. The Primal BluePrint Meal Plan.

  80. Good Food for Bad Cooks cause I’m not a great cook!

  81. Well fed 2 has been a big help in our journey

  82. Rosalyn

    My favorite item are the Paleo deserts. As a new fan of Paleo I am still not ready to give up my deserts and this sounds so good. Thank you for the wonderful chance to win this awesome gift.

  83. Stephanie

    I’m excited about the Cavegirl Cuisine ebook!

  84. The Salad seasons and autoimmune breakthrough sound AMAZING!!!! I would love to win I have lyme disease and could really use these !!!!!!!

  85. Well Fed 2

  86. Well Fed 2!

  87. Mike Patterson

    Step By Step Paleo

  88. Jessica Stiner

    My favorite would have to be Paleo on a Budget. As a mom of 3 little piggies, budgeting is important for me and cooking real food is hard with limited funds but I’m getting there and this would be super helpful.

  89. Well Fed 2

  90. Marty young

    Well fed 2

  91. I’m pretty excited about PaleoCare!!!

  92. Suzanne

    Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide & The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough

  93. This was an incredible value to start with, but Liz Wolfe’s “Good Food for Bad Cooks” really tipped the scales for me.

  94. Paleo on a Budget sounds great to me

  95. Shanna W

    I love Well Fed 2!!!

    My email:

  96. Jennifer g

    Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide

  97. Marlene Wilson

    My favorite is the Toadally Primal Smoothies. I feel so healthy when I have a smoothie.

  98. Wellfed 2

  99. Ashley Tucker

    The Paleo Snack Recipe eBook.

  100. Amy Sikes

    Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed 2 is my fave!

  101. Fast Paleo Best 100 of 2013!

  102. ChristineW

    Autoimmune protocol quickstart

  103. Well Fed 2

  104. Cindy frazer

    All the autoimmune info! Already read it!

  105. Amanda S.

    Simply Salads by Season! I’m trying so hard to stick to seasonal foods, but it’s hard when all the recipes I find have something from every season in it.

  106. The Paleo Snack Recipe eBook

  107. Michele

    Paleo on a Budget!! I just started paleo and so far loving it!

  108. You’re seriously going to make me choose JUST one??? “Just A Taste” of Cavegirl Cuisine : )

  109. Got to be Paleo on a Budget, since I am currently a broke student…

  110. Stoked about the “Downloadable 6-Week Paleo Meal Plan for Endurance Athletes”

  111. Heather

    Paleo on a budget for sure.

  112. Barbara

    Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats…!

  113. Toss up between Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options, Your Guide and Primal Deliverance: How Paleo Saved My Life from Addiction

  114. Teresa Hiller

    Well Fed 2

  115. Anonymous

    paleologix supplements adaptaboost


  116. Meredith T

    SO MANY OPTIONS! I’m really excited about Liz Wolfe’s “Good Food for Bad Cooks” club, and also Sarah Ballantyne’s Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide, because I love her Paleo Approach cookbook and look forward to a guide to getting started with managing my eczema and addressing lifestyle factors for health. Oh, and Well Fed 2 because Well Fed rocked my taste buds. Sorry, I picked three. Please don’t hold it against me. :D email: dareyoutoblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  117. Chris A.

    I have a super-sweet tooth! I want the 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes!

  118. Billie Jo

    paleologix supplements adaptaboost


  119. I’m pretty excited about the Paleo Snack Recipe eCookbook; I’m always on the hunt for quick, simple, and tasty snacks to tuck into a lunchbox for days when I have to work late!

  120. I love smoothies, so I vote for Totally Primal Smoothies.

  121. Julayna

    Paleo on a Budget! Always looking for ways to pinch pennies!!

  122. Jenny Koenig

    I think Toadally Primal Smoothies is one I will love!!

  123. Danielle

    I’d love to read Inflammation Free Zone by Amy Hager.

  124. Well Fed2!

  125. Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats

  126. Becca Brown

    Pigskin paleo!

  127. Caroline

    Definitely Well Fed 2!

  128. Robin K

    Definitely Well Fed 2. I love her first book & her blog!!

  129. Fast Paleo Best 100 of 2013

  130. Arlene B

    They all look great. Sounds like Well Fed 2 will be great.

  131. Everyday Paleo Success Stories ebook by Alison Golden sounds great!

  132. Laurel Holler

    I would love the 30 minute paleo desserts. I love desserts. Yum!!!!!

  133. Sheena Walter

    The Inflammation Free Zone: 30 Day Online Protocol sounds really helpful!
    sheenaw at outlook dot com

  134. Leonard Curtis

    Paleo Pigskin!!!

  135. Stephanie S

    Good Food for Bad Cooks Lifetime Membership by Liz Wolfe! So excited for the launch!

  136. Caroline

    Well fed 2. Soooo good!!!

  137. Gloria Daigle

    Paleo on a budget!!!

  138. Primal Deliverance! Been battling with some addictions as of late… :-(

  139. Well fed 2, toadally primal smoothies, and the Paleo Snack recipe eBook are awesome. I’ve already made a few recipes from them!

    Email is

  140. leigh ann raab

    Paleo snack recipe e book looks for me!

  141. I would love the 30-Minute Dessert recipes or Well Fed 2

  142. Tiffany


  143. Kathy S

    Well Fed 2 cookbook

  144. 30 minute paleo dessert recipes – mostly because I can’t live without dessert, so it would seem I couldn’t live without this

  145. Stasia K

    Alison Golden’s Everyday Paleo Success Stories :)

  146. Wendy A

    Caveman Feast I love George’s recipes!

  147. Upgraded self discount! What a great kit!

  148. Paleo on a Budget would be great for our family of teens!

  149. Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough is what I’m really interested in.

  150. 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes

  151. Nikki McConnell

    Well Fed 2 is what I’m looking forward to getting!

  152. 30 minute paleo dessert recipes! Who doesn’t love dessert and in 30 minutes? Best book ever!

  153. Amy Martin

    I’m all about the Paleo Snack Recipe book – but, I am also very interested in the Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options and Your guide!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  154. Jen Pope

    The online cooking class sounds awesome!

  155. Toadally Primal Smoothies! 100x better than Jamba juice!

  156. Very excited for the squatty potty discount. Even pooping can be primal!

  157. Adriana

    Well Fed2

  158. Ronnie O'Brien

    Well Fed 2

  159. Savannah sooter

    I would have to choose (though this is a killer to only pick one!) paleo on a budget.

  160. billy dechert

    paleogasm would be great. Billyd13 @ gmail

  161. Al Kelly

    I have been dying to try the squatty potty since I heard Howard Stern revenue about it!!!

  162. Well Fed 2 is fantastic. Toadally Primal Smoothies also quite good. Looking forward to the Paleo gelatin treats.

  163. Sabrina

    I love Well Fed 2!! The recipes look amazing and I can’t wait to try them! So great having pics alongside to see what it should turn out looking like.

  164. Kerstin Spain

    I love that there are different autoimmune protocols included in this! I wasn’t going to get it until I read the complete list and now that I have and it has everything I was missing in my previous Paleo purchases, I can’t wait to get started!

  165. Maria Alvarado

    So many I would choose but since you said pick just one. I would choose the paleo on a budget.

  166. I like the Meal Plan, because I am better at following things to the T when starting a new plan. I also like the 2 kid paleo books because my kids actually get into being healthy and would love something directed to them specifically.

  167. Paleogasm!

  168. foxytk30

    I do LOVE Well Fed 2!!! I have both 1 & 2, and I’m thinking I can give it to my friend who already has 1. Anyhow, I would also love the milkshake book!!! Can’t wait!

  169. I’m going to cheat a bit and pick two: the success stories e-books. SO motivating! :D

  170. Monique

    1 Month for $.01 Primal Blueprint Meal Plan by Mark Sisson

  171. Becca F

    Loving the squatty potty discount

  172. My favorite item in the Primal Life Kit is the Optimum Performance Training Course.

  173. Edward Henke

    The research papers by Loren Cordain.

  174. Michelle P

    I’m really excited about The Cooking Club with Liz Wolfe. I’m always looking for cooking tips and new recipes!

  175. WellFed2 cookbook!

  176. Sara Armstrong

    I would love the Paleo immune protocol quick start guide as I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

  177. Christine

    Birth control unlocked.

  178. Toadally primal smoothies because i am a little smoothie and love love love getting my smoothie mixes on!

  179. Krystle

    Wow! This is way too exciting Neely!
    I’m looking forward to “Easy Gelatin Treats” because I’m always wondering what to do with my gelatin!

  180. My favorite item would be the inflammation free zone. I met a dietician on a plane once and he told me it’s all about inflammatory response in your body! I’d be interested in the foods in that book! :) thanks!

  181. Dylana P

    so ready for the change to more consistent paleo- my body has been craving it so I am looking forward to ALL of these goodies to help me start and stay on my journey!

  182. Wellfed 2 looks good, I would be very interested in trying it!

  183. Ali Wetter

    I love simply salads!!

  184. Caveman Feast
    my email:

  185. Lesley Wilsker

    I am really interested in Paleo on a Budget! I love the recipes on this website; it’d be nice to see how to save some $ and still get the same flavors/results.

  186. I bought it mostly for Well Fed 2! Although the autoimmune info and recipes as well as gelatin snacks sounded fun too!

  187. Gayla W

    My favorite is ‘Paleo Secret Sitting Guides”. It was easy to do and no more neck pain. Such a surprise.

  188. 30-Minute-Paleo-Dessert-Recipes

  189. I’m interested in egg Whites and Autoimmune Disease!

  190. Caveman feast!!! George Bryant is the bestest!!!

  191. Cathy Eads

    Oh this is a tough decision – Joshua’s Primal lunch box for the kids? OR Squatty Potty for hubby’s b-day in two weeks? Hmmm, guess the Squatty Potty is the winner – actually hubby would be the winner for receiving it. :)

  192. Well Fed 2. I love the first book so can’t wait to try some recipes from volume 2.

  193. The paleo kids books are my favs. Definitely challenging getting my kids to give junk up.

  194. Paleo on a Budget would be my choice!

  195. Ernie Sanchez

    Well Fed 2! I own the original Well Fed Book and have loved all the recipes I’ve made from it!

  196. Julie Poe

    I really like the subscription for Good Food for BadCooks.

  197. gordana

    simply Salads by Season

  198. Jennifer Hourani

    Paleo on a Budget by Carolyn Rush sounds amazing! jenni3588@gmail. Thanks :)

  199. The Paleo Snack Recipe ebook!! I’m always looking for paleo snacks!

  200. Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats – I can’t seem to make too many gelatin treats for my family!

  201. Beth N.

    Well fed 2!

  202. The AIP books are my favorite because my wife has struggled so much with inflammation and I love to cook for her in ways that make her feel good.


  203. Sarah Ballantyne’s Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide

  204. Wendy Payne

    Well Fed 2!!

  205. Heather

    Simply Salads by Season :)

  206. Paleo on a Budget looks like an interesting read!

  207. Wendy Payne

    Well Fed 2!!!

  208. Electra Z

    Besides the books, I love that these kits have a discount page. This allows me to try new products at a discount which are great for integrating new ideas (or trying things I was too cheap to pay full price for when unsure about). Thanks!

  209. I would love a subscription to the Paleo magazine! Thank u for all you do!

  210. Ryan Canty

    Toadally Primal Smoothies looks fantastic!

  211. Well-Fed2 sounds like a great book!

  212. Well-Fed2 sound great! Can’t wait to read since I am new to paleo diet and lifestyle

  213. Trisha Bell

    I’d love to have the OpenNutrition Challenge

  214. Margaret Weglarz

    Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options, Your Guide


  215. Where to begin??….Definatley looking forward to Well Fed 2, Simply Salads by Season and both ‘Best Of’ Fast Paleo ecookbooks :-)

  216. 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes – I would love this. My husband would love it more. He is always trying to find a dessert and when you have to 2 young children in the house who like their treats, oreos, chips, etc. it is hard to resist those!!

  217. I love the variety of recipes, but my favorite would be Circuit Training 101 and OPENutrition Challenge.

  218. Melanie Sheets

    Paleo on a Budget looks very interesting!

  219. Tarasa Sheffield

    Well Fed 2

  220. Angela A.

    Easy Paleo Gelatin treats – always looking for healthy, easy snacks for my kids.

  221. Primal Deliverance: How paleo saved my life from addiction

  222. I would like to read The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough by Anne Angelone …. Thanks!

  223. Danielle Kobelin

    I think that the 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes – I am always looking for tasty paleo foods and I especially love desserts!!

  224. Jan Johnson

    Paleo on a Budget sounds right up my alley! As a single mom with health issues and not a lot of work, it’s difficult to eat as well as we would like.

  225. “Just A Taste” of Cavegirl Cuisine (RELEASED JUST FOR THIS SALE!)
    40 of the mouthwatering Paleo recipes from the paperback Cavegirl Cuisine Cookbook, by Michelle Fagone of ($14.99 value)

    This is my absolutely favorite item in the kit! Michelle has done great. I love her website. She inspires me.

    LisaR101484 gmail com

  226. Margaret

    Well Fed – I love the way the recipes are written and it’s REAL cooking and planning for people who live in a real (and busy) world.

  227. Karyn Taylor

    The autoimmune Paleo breakthrough

  228. Jennifer Miller

    Definitely Paleo On A Budget, with Joshua’s Primal Lunchbox a close second.

  229. Anthony

    Fast Paleo: top 100 of 2013

  230. Miranda Payne

    So many things in the kit look amazing and I would love to have them all immediately! Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options, Your Guide caught my eye though. I’ve really been loving the natural approach to things and it sounds like a great book!

  231. Vicki M

    Sarah’s AIP Quickstart guide will be the first thing I read, but it was a difficult choice, there’s not a bad book among them!

  232. The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough is the whole reason why I started the Paleo diet!

  233. Suzanne K

    Very difficult to choose just one, but I’ll go with Paleo on a Budget. Single Moms always need resources on how to eat very healthy, on the cheap.

  234. Just a taste of Cave Girl Cuisine…..
    Would be mine ;-)

  235. The Paleo Snack Recipe eBook

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    Thanks for a great Primal Kit – here’s to many hours of happy reading/cooking :-)

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  243. Well Fed 2 . But I am so excited to work through all in the package…so much!!!! thank you for sharing all this information so affordably.

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  252. Kathleen

    I have Sjogrens, fibro, osteo arthritis, IBS, Microscopic Colitis and I try to eat Paleo/clean all the time. Inflammation is rampant in my body and I would love to add Inflammation Free Zone: 30 Day Online Protocol to my library of books.

    This is a sweet deal! One lucky person will be thrilled to win!

    Thanks, Kathleen

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  254. Well Fed 2–beautiful pictures of beautiful, healthy food

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    I would love the Amazon giveaway! Thanks!

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    Sounds like a wonderful educated book my husband would love based on accurate medically based information of course! I would so love this!

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    Thanks for the awesome package!

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    My email address is

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    Chowstalker Community eCookbook because if people in the community put it in the book then they have probably actually eaten it and liked it.
    Inflammation Free Zone: 30 Day Online Protocol, because seriously… if you live in North America you more than likely have excessive inflammation issues due to diet~!
    Thanks for putting this all together!

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    By James Gregory and Ute Mitchell of ($14.97 value)
    Because I need “tried and trued” quick recipes!

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    By Amy Hager of looks very interesting, however so does everything else! :-)

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    Thank you for the chance to win!

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    Fast Paleo Best 100 of 2013 + 4 Bonus eCookbooks

  321. Robin S

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    Also, the Simple Salads cookbook sounds great too – and will be certainly trying those.

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    I like the immune/inflammatory response literature


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  340. Absolutely Joshua’s Primal Lunchbox by Kathryn Kos is going to be my son’s favorite. He promises to eat his lunch if I can “make his lunch look like the pictures”. We are working on a meal plan together for his school lunches.

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