Jeb Bush Gives Paleo His Vote


While Paleo has been notably making the rounds among celebrities in Hollywood, it recently came out that Jeb Bush, Presidential Candidate, has found weight loss success through following a Paleo diet. Media opinion has been mixed, and most seem to believe that the former governor of Florida is starving himself to lose weight. Reading Jeb Bush’s quotes about the Paleo diet, however, seems to imply that he was being sarcastic when he said he was “always starving.”

While Paleo may not be the most convenient diet, especially if you’re traveling a lot, it is certainly manageable and one of the few diets where you dont have to starve. I’ve been Paleo for more than seven years, and never once have I gone through a phase where I’ve been hungry, unlike when I tried fat-restricted diets or low-calorie diets.

jeb-bush-2015-sm-300x200.jpgGovernor Bush has reportedly lost 30 pounds since last December by following the Paleo diet, and while many Paleo critics are saying that it would hamper his ability to really work a campaign trail by being so picky with his food choices, I think that Governor Bush should be commended for making a health decision that works for him. Celebrities and politicians may well be in the public eye, but they’re still people who need to make smart choices for their own health. That can’t be easy with so many critical voices out there, especially when there will always be someone vehemently opposed to whatever it is you’re doing.

Could we end up with a Paleo White House someday? I see zero reason why it couldn’t happen, especially since former President Bill Clinton has also found success through Paleo. It’s a diet that has far-reaching potential because of its proven health benefits that go well beyond weight loss, but the fast track to getting trim is often an alluring component. However, I think that the blood pressure and cholesterol lowering benefits, as well as the blood sugar balancing, visceral fat loss, and improvement of autoimmune and chronic disorders are also extremely positive results of Paleo that warrant as much consideration and coverage as the latest celebrities to sign on to the paleolithic lifestyle.

As a Paleo nutritionist, I’m always more interested in the health benefits that come along with Paleo than worrying about someone’s pant size—but it would be naive to assume that people are only interested in bettering their health. We all want to look our best, too, and Paleo happens to kill two birds with one stone. So many diets sacrifice long-term health for short-term consequences, and people who eat Paleo don’t need to worry that they’re ultimately shooting themselves in the foot.

Whatever reason you’re Paleo—famous or not—what positive results have you seen in your own life? What made you want to try Paleo in the first place? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Aimee McNew, MNT, Certified Nutritionist

[email protected]