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Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS® is a clinical nutritionist specializing in functional and evolutionary nutrition. Her own experience of overcoming multiple autoimmune disorders by adopting a Paleo lifestyle vastly contributes to her passion for helping others to also reclaim their health and vitality by making informed dietary decisions.


22 Swaps to Make Your Next Meal More Paleo

The Paleo diet is the original diet of mankind, meaning, it's the foods that humans have been eating for the majority of our time here on earth. Our bodies evolved eating meats and vegetables, and it's not surprising that these are the foods that optimize our health. The Paleo diet includes and excludes specific foods for good reasons. The foods that are excluded on the diet are ones that tend to cause problems for people like weight gain, leaky gut syndrome, elevated blood glucose … Continue reading


41 Holiday Gift Ideas: A Paleo Gift Guide

If you’re searching for a healthy gift to give this holiday season, look no further! Putting together our annual Paleo gift guide was a breeze—we just listed all the things that we’re hoping Santa stuffs our stockings with! In case you missed them, here’s our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, which are also packed full of Paleo and fitness gifts galore. Need a hand cooking a healthy Paleo holiday feast this year? PaleoPlan’s got you covered! Download a … Continue reading


4 Tips for an Allergy Friendly Halloween

Halloween can be a tough time for kiddos with food allergies. It can feel isolating and seem totally unfair when everyone around you is happily swimming in piles of colorful Halloween candy, and you can’t eat a single bite of it! While there’s not much you can do about that, there are ways to help your child feel less excluded during the trick-or-treat season. Even if it doesn’t affect your immediate family, you should be aware of the growing epidemic … Continue reading

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Our New Favorite Protein Powder

I’m not sure about you, but where I live in the Pacific Northwest, autumn is definitely in the air! With the kids returning back to school, parents should have more time to themselves, although that often ends up not being the case… So today we wanted to chat about how to save time while packing a protein punch into your Paleo meals – with protein powder! Last week our nutritionist Aimee shared what’s in her Paleo Smoothie Pantry and today … Continue reading

Weight Loss

Hack Your Weight Loss

Howdy friend! If you’ve come to the Paleo diet with the goal of weight loss, you’re in the right place! Paleo helps to achieve ideal weight by providing the bio-available nutrients that we need for repair and metabolism. The body has amazing healing capacities when it’s fed the right ingredients, which is in part, the power of Paleo! This week on the blog, our Nutritionist Aimee answers 3 common questions about weight loss on Paleo: How Fast Will I Lose … Continue reading

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Join The PaleOlympics

Hey Champ! Have you been watching the Olympics this year? It’s always inspiring (albeit humbling) to see the world’s top notch athletes performing at their very best. Ok so maybe none of us will ever be Olympians, but if you’re ready to perform at the top of your game, then Paleo should be a part of your game plan. The Paleo diet transforms lives, restores health and vitality, and allows you to not just survive, but to THRIVE (SurThrive)! Paleo … Continue reading

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Back To School – Are You Ready?

Calling all kiddos (big and small)! Can you believe it's already time to head back to school!? Even if you're not a parent, autumn often equates to more hours spent commuting and a greater need to manage your time and plan ahead for meals. Whether you’re packing a Paleo lunch for yourself or for the apple of your eye, making the transition back to school or work requires a shift away from mostly home-cooked meals towards lunch box mentality, that … Continue reading

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Hack Your Sleep

How did you sleep last night? Did you know that your body does the majority of its healing while you're asleep? Likewise, a lack of consistent sleep can trigger inflammation and chronic disease. No bueno! Over the past 50 years, the average American’s sleep has decreased from 8+ hours to less than 7 hours, while chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, cancers, etc. have been on the rise. We spend a lot of time in the Paleo community … Continue reading


Take a Paleo Cooking Break

We wanted to let y'all know about a CRAZY deal that our friends at Paleo On The Go are offering for the month of July. If you’re sick of cooking, need a hand in the kitchen, or want to liberate some time away from food prep, then July’s your lucky month! In case you don’t know, Paleo On The Go (POTG) is a certified gluten-free kitchen and Certified Paleo company that prepares and ships pre-made (frozen) Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo (AIP), … Continue reading


Got Adrenal Fatigue?

We've been a little tired lately. Ok, exhausted is a better word for it.  After finishing another successful 30 Day Paleo Challenge and wrapping up our epic Evolve Your Life Kit, we could use a nap (or two)! Summer is a busy time for all, and we sometimes forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. Particularly in the stressful months leading up to 'back to school', adrenal fatigue can readily set in. It affects as much as 60% … Continue reading

Eatology Frozen Paleo Meals

Eatology Paleo-Zone Saved My Life (and did my dishes too)!

Freshly Prepared Paleo, Primal & Zone Food - Delivered For the past few weeks I’ve been working overtime to put together Paleo Plan’s Evolve Your Life Kit (sorry you missed it....), which has been consuming my days and nights making it near impossible to find the time to prepare food for myself. I titled this review “Eatology Saved My Life” because quite literally, they did (and they did the dishes for me to boot)! Recently, the CEO of Eatology, Laurah … Continue reading


Dr. Tim Gerstmar Talks Hormones

Our nutritionist Kinsey interviews Dr. Tim Gerstmar all about Functional Medicine, hormone testing, and the very special offer he's contributing to Paleo Plan Evolve Your Life Kit! Dr. G speaks in details about the various methods of hormone testing and why they're important for both men and women. Learn the positive and negative aspects of each test, but most importantly, learn about how you can get a FREE Dutch Hormone Test ($399 value) when you purchase Paleo Plan's Evolve Kit and join … Continue reading


Are You Ready to Evolve?

ATTENTION PALEO NATION!!!! I told you we had an incredible offer for you today, and here it is! Yippee!!! Announcing…. the Paleo/Primal deal of the year <<<insert drumroll here>>> Paleo Plan’s Evolve Your Life Kit! (crowd cheers!) For ONE WEEK ONLY, you have a small window of opportunity to take advantage of some big…nay…HUGE savings on the top Paleo & Primal products available anywhere! • Are you ready to take your health to the next level, while helping your friends … Continue reading


It’s Here…But Not For Long! The Evolve Your Life Kit

Are You Ready to Evolve Your Life? I’ve been neurotically glued to my computer for what seems like forever, and the outcome is worth every painstaking minute. Why would I inflict this sort of self-torture you might ask? Well, I’ve been hard at work putting together what may be the LARGEST, and by far most EPIC Paleo/Primal bundle kit that's ever graced the face of the natural health world. Think I’m exaggerating? Read on… What the Heck is a Bundle Sale? Bundle … Continue reading

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Party on Paleo

Independence Day is coming up on Monday…are you fixin’ to party it up this 4th of July weekend? In an effort to help you party on Paleo, check out our 4th of July Survival Guide containing 10 tips for navigating a non-Paleo party and some tasty ideas if you're hosting your own Paleo-palooza! People are often shocked to discover that alcohol is allowed on the Paleo diet. Of course we should do our best to keep it in moderation, but having … Continue reading


Top 5 Reasons to Eat Paleo

The sun is shining and the folks in our Summer 30 Day Paleo Challenge are already starting to feel the Paleo glow! As a Paleo nutritionist, I hear every excuse under the sun about why people can’t change their diets. But as our nutritionist Aimee explains this week on the blog, you really don’t need a reason to eat Paleo! Having said that, I wanted to share my top 5 reasons to eat Paleo for at least 30 days of … Continue reading