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Hack Your Hormones

Let’s face it - whether you’re male or female, you probably understand that being a woman is difficult–career demands, body changes, relationships, taking care of the family...the list goes on and on! Unfortunately, hormones don’t always cooperate (and aging doesn't seem to help). Despite your gender, it's a game changer to gain a better understanding of female hormones. It may sound like an impossible mission, but it’s really not! Learn how to hack your hormones at the Women's Wellness Summit. … Continue reading


Is Canned Coconut Cream Paleo?

Coconut cream is a thicker version of coconut milk – it’s comprised of pressed coconut meat with less water. You’ll find coconut cream used in coconut curries and other dishes that are enhanced by its thickening effect. Do not confuse coconut cream with creamed coconut, a semi-solid block of coconut meat without any added water. Should you eat canned coconut cream? Is canned coconut cream Paleo? Nutritional Value of Canned Coconut Cream* Serving Size: ½ cup Calories: 225 Total Fat: … Continue reading

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Are There Paleo Protein Powders?

Many Paleo eaters want to know the best option for a Paleo protein powder, and there are certainly plenty of mixed reviews on the internet. Often the Paleo community seems to be in favor of grassfed whey protein, but since it is dairy-based it can often be problematic for those who are sensitive to dairy or who wish to avoid it altogether. Many non-whey protein powders are plant-based, but these often contain grains, which are also not Paleo. So what … Continue reading


Are Peas Paleo?

Peas are one of the oldest vegetables ever domesticated by human beings. But are peas Paleo? Should I Eat Peas And Are They Paleo? Peas were long the staple of many neolithic and medieval peoples, particularly those living in Europe and Asia. When the Mayflower set sail for the Massachusetts Colony, half of their food cargo was in the form of dried peas. A number of vegetables and their seeds are referred to as "peas," including snow peas and black … Continue reading

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Are There Paleo-friendly Condiments?

Does time fly, or does it spring? Because it feels like this season is springing away! ;) It’s already week 3 of our ‘Spring into Paleo’ 30 Day Challenge where we’ve been dialing in Paleo for weight loss and autoimmune issues. Sound interesting? Come join us! In other great news, we’ve got a FREE GIFT for you this week - who doesn’t love that? Especially when the gift is a free jar of Paleo-friendly mayonnaise! Until supplies run out, our … Continue reading


Is Ketchup Paleo?

It can be spelled in two different ways, catsup or ketchup, and can refer to a sauce ranging from a tangy tomato creation to a spicy fish condiment. Does ketchup fit into the Paleo Diet? Should I Eat Ketchup and Is it Paleo? Originating from a Malaysian condiment closer to what most westerners would today classify as fish sauce, ketchup can refer to just about anything. When it comes to popular commercial brands, ketchup is primarily a mix of tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Autoimmune SOS

In addition to National Nutrition Month, did you know that March is also Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month? We've got quite a few folks in our Spring Paleo Challenge group who are eating Paleo to combat inflammation, so this week I thought we should chat about the connection between diet, inflammation, and autoimmunity. If you happen to be one of the estimated 20% of Americans living with an autoimmune disease (disorder), then you may realize how serious things can become when … Continue reading


Is Mayonnaise Paleo?

One of the hardest parts of committing to the Paleo diet is determining which sauces and condiments are consistent with the dietary guidelines. One of the most-loved condiments around the world is mayonnaise, and those new to the Paleo way of eating often wonder: is mayonnaise Paleo? Is Mayonnaise Paleo? The short answer is that, yes, mayonnaise can be Paleo – but there is more to it than just running out to your local grocery store and picking up a … Continue reading


Top 7 Foods for Thyroid Health

One of the more common autoimmune disorders is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, a condition where the body attacks the thyroid by producing antibodies against it. This results in low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism. Eating Paleo was extremely therapeutic and healing for my own Hashimoto's by helping me to reduce inflammation in my body and enhancing my digestive function.  While most Paleo foods can be beneficial in this process, here are my top seven recommendations for foods that benefit overall thyroid health and why I … Continue reading


We Found The Best Paleo Beef Pot Pie That Money Can Buy!

I've enjoyed several meals from Paleo On The Go, including their delicious Thanksgiving feast, as well as several meal plans that I purchased on my own. It's convenient for those nights when you don't feel like cooking, or don't have time, to pull something out of the freezer and have a "home cooked," 100% Paleo compliant meal. It's also great for people who don't like to cook, or who find it overwhelming to try to prepare Paleo foods. Paleo On … Continue reading


Is Mustard Paleo?

The term mustard is a bit confusing as it refers both to the plant (and its seeds) as well as a commercial product available on grocery store shelves and at restaurants. The mustard plant, is one of the oldest foods consumed by humans and is most definitely Paleo. The commercial product in a jar, unfortunately, is rarely Paleo. Should I Eat Mustard And Is it Paleo? If you've only consumed commercial mustard from a jar or squeeze bottle your entire … Continue reading


Eggciting News!

~Happy Spring~! Have you joined our guided Spring 30 day Paleo challenge yet? We're off to a great start this week, and there's still time to hop on board! Our live video chat recording will give you an overview of the challenge - or simply click here to join the group right now! With March being National Nutrition Month (and Easter coming up this Sunday) we wanted to pay tribute to one of our most beloved Paleo foods – Eggs! Last year the … Continue reading


Paleo Plan Newsletters

Have you signed up for the Paleo Plan newsletter yet? Every Wednesday, our Paleo Nutritionist, Kinsey Jackson sends out a fun and informative newsletter power-packed with healthy Paleo recipes, inspiration, nerdy science facts, and helpful tips n’ tricks for living and loving the Paleo lifestyle. Stay in the loop with the latest health-related news, research, and not-to-be-missed deals and freebies from our friends around the Paleosphere! You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here – no spam– just weekly … Continue reading


Is Detoxing Paleo?

So it's almost spring and you're realizing that you're more than a few pounds away from wanting to put on that swimsuit. You start to think about quicker ways to shed pounds, and then the magical concept of detox comes to your attention. What if you eat a super-strict diet and take some supplements and down some chalky-tasting fiber powder, or what if you severely restrict your calories, or what if you toss salt over your shoulder every time you … Continue reading

30 day paleo challenge video

Spring Paleo Challenge – Live Video Chats with our Experts

To spring off the 30 day Paleo challenge, our first live video chat was held on Sunday March 20, 2016 at 4pm ET/1pm PT. We chatted about how to get going on the challenge and answered various questions on getting started. Click on the Video link below to watch it! Resources mentioned in the video: Paleo Challenge Group Paleo Meal Plan Paleo Challenge Group Files Things to do before and after your 30 day Paleo challenge how to do burpees … Continue reading

Paleo diet Food List / Guide – Paleo Plan

Here at Paleo Plan, we believe in having a great framework that helps you easily say "yes" or "no" to certain foods. In addition to our Paleo diet food list, you should also consider using our freePaleo recipes and easiest of all you should try our Paleo Meal Plan. The Paleo Plan meal plan makes following a Paleo diet really easy, since your menus, recipes and paleo shopping lists are all laid out for you. In general, eating Paleo means … Continue reading


Is Stevia Paleo?

Stevia is sweeter than table sugar but has zero calories, so it's not surprising to see it replace artificial sweeteners in many commercial food products. You may assume that it's Paleo-approved since it's extracted from a natural-growing plant that originates from Paraguay, but not all Stevia products meet Paleo standards. Is Stevia Paleo and Should I Eat It? Stevia is Paleo as long as you purchase a pure powder with no added ingredients. Unfortunately, this will rule out many of … Continue reading


Free Fruit Programs Make Big and Little Shoppers Happy

If you’ve ever taken a small child grocery shopping, you know how difficult it can be to relax and enjoy the task at hand. A bored, whiny child can really dampen the mood and make the experience wearisome and arduous. Parents, have you found that you'll do anything to keep your child happy and occupied so you have time to read a few labels and get a quality shopping done even if that means pacifying your kiddo with free cookie … Continue reading

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Spring 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Spring into Paleo! It's almost time for Paleo Plan’s Spring into Paleo Challenge, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve got a great group of Paleo Plan members raring and ready to dive headfirst into a 30 day Paleo challenge...and we’d love for you to join us! Doing a Paleo challenge in a group setting is a great way to glean support from other like-minded individuals and get your questions answered by our skilled team of brilliant nutrition experts. Did I mention … Continue reading

digital connections

Why You Need a Digital Detox

We live in a culture that is increasingly obsessed with connectivity. We get faster phones and Internet, new social networks, and more methods of staying constantly in touch with everyone we know, sort of know, and only know online. It is easier than ever before to be fully connected to the outside world without ever leaving your house, but that's not a win for introversion or hermits — that's a sign that we, as a culture, are losing the ability … Continue reading