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Paleo Weight Loss Part 2: What Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight On Paleo?

(This is Part 2 of a 3 part series on Weight Loss covering Factors of Weight Loss, Paleo Foods to Eat and Exercise, Paleo and Weight Loss.  So be sure to stay with us) While the entire Paleo diet is great for health and weight loss, certain foods will help to speed along the process of losing weight faster than others. When you’re eating Paleo, make sure you’re including these foods and food groups: Protein While it’s fairly easy to get … Continue reading

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Paleo Weight Loss Part 1: How Fast Will I Lose Weight On Paleo?

(This is Part 1 of a 3 part series on Weight Loss covering Factors of Weight Loss, Paleo Foods to Eat and Exercise, Paleo and Weight Loss.  So be sure to stay with us) Starting on a Paleo diet with the purpose of losing weight can seem exciting, and many have read the fabulous success stories where people lose a substantial amount of weight in a short amount of time. While this can and does happen, the results aren’t necessarily … Continue reading


Is Pokemon Go Paleo?

I was sitting in my rocking chair, morning coffee in hand, when I started seeing tweets about something called Pokemon Go. As I pieced together things from my Twitter timeline, I started to figure out that some sort of new app had been released, and with it, people were chasing virtual Pokemon characters. Moreover, they were leaving their couches and their houses to do so. People of all ages — kids, teens, parents, and even much-older-than-parents were out trolling the … Continue reading

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The Barefoot Experience

I have a new client, let's call him Myke. Like many that come to see me, Myke has been away from his fitness for quite some time, and has put on a few extra pounds. Unlike many that come to me, Myke used to be a professional athlete, and actually has won a championship in his sport. Did I mention that he has also had three knee surgeries on one knee, and two on the other? Myke has made a … Continue reading


Are Olives Paleo?

The fruit of the olive tree and the source of olive oil, olives have been eaten by humankind for millennia. When most people say "olives", they are referring to olea europaea, otherwise known as the European olive however, olives grow throughout the Mediterranean as well as California, Africa and the Middle East and hundreds of different cultivars of olives exist. Some olives are green when picked but become black during the curing process while other olives turn black on the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Questions From People New to Paleo

Starting the Paleo diet can feel extremely exciting, but it can also get pretty overwhelming if you’re new to this mindset. Here are the most frequently asked questions I get as a Paleo nutritionist, and answers to help you get on your way! Q: Are gluten-free grains Paleo? A: No grains of any kind are Paleo. Grains contain lectins and other properties that make them difficult to digest, so if you’re looking to follow a Paleo diet, you’ll swap vegetables, … Continue reading

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Are Beets Paleo?

Beets have been enjoyed as food and used as a medicine for millennia. Are beets Paleo? Nutritional Value of Beets A 1 cup (136 g) serving of raw beets contains the following: Calories: 59 Total fat: 0.2 g Saturated fat: 0 g Polyunsaturated fat: 0.1 g Monounsaturated fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 106 mg Potassium: 442 mg Carbohydrates: 13 g Fiber: 3.8 g Sugar: 9 g Protein: 2.2 g Health Benefits of Beets The term "beets" generally refers … Continue reading


You Don’t Need a Reason to Eat a Paleo Diet

I’ve heard and seen many statements over the last few years that indicate that many people think you need a reason to eat a Paleo diet, and that just wanting to be “healthy” isn’t enough. A year or two ago, it was common for people to be teased or jeered for following a gluten-free diet unless they had been diagnosed with celiac disease. In some circles, I see a similar pattern: “Oh you’re Paleo? Do you have a disease? No? … Continue reading

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Is Tomato Paste Paleo?

Tomato paste is a commonly used ingredient in Italian dishes such as tomato sauce as well as  in many non-Italian dishes to thicken, color and enhance flavor.  Does eating tomato paste benefit your health?  Is tomato paste Paleo? Nutritional Value of Tomato Paste (Without Added Salt) Serving Size 2 TBS (33gms) Calories 30 Total Fat: 0 g Saturated Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 20 mg Total Carbohydrate: 7 g Dietary Fiber: 2 g Sugars: 4 g Protein: 1 … Continue reading


Not All Protein is Created Equal

Doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and other healthcare professionals are extolling the virtues of protein. An essential part of our diet at every age, protein helps burn fat, build muscle, bolster the immune system and acts as the building blocks for bones, skin and blood. Tuna is a great source of protein and Omega 3s. But not all protein is created equal. Where your tuna comes from is as important as how much you consume. Five ounces of tuna has 13 grams … Continue reading

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Is Fish Paleo?

Known scientifically as gill-bearing aquatic organisms that lack digits and have a spine, fish have been part of humanity's diet for millions of years. Does fish fit into the paleo diet? Should I Eat Fish And Is it Paleo? One of the few foods that receive glowing recommendations from Paleo experts as well as mainstream nutritionists, fish is the number one source of animal protein for the human race today. Without any doubt or hesitation, fish in its whole state … Continue reading

Fresh turmeric root, and ground spice

Is Turmeric Paleo?

Commonly referred to as the "king of the spices", turmeric is used as a flavoring spice as well as medicinally for its numerous benefits. Does Turmeric fit into the Paleo diet? Should I Eat Turmeric And Is it Paleo? Closely related to the ginger plant, turmeric has been eaten for millennia and is widely considered by most Paleo experts to be in compliance with Paleo dietary guidelines. In Asia and India, turmeric was first used as a dye and then … Continue reading


Top 5 Paleo Foods For Clear Skin

As we approach the summer, it’s the time of year when people like to let their skin show more. More sun time and less make-up can leave some wishing for colder weather if acne or other skin conditions are a problem. Not only is Paleo a great diet for helping to get clearer skin, but there are specific foods that can help to bring more clarity to the body’s largest organ. Sweet potatoes — These root vegetables will help provide … Continue reading


The 5K Challenge

There's something that happens on a regular basis all over this country, and in many others. Groups of people come together, and building comradery, and often doing so for a cause that's close to family and friends. The 5K 5K. 5,000 meters. 3.1 miles. This is not a marathon but a good distance for most people regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. The vast majority of people can walk this distance in less than an hour, while the super-fit … Continue reading


Paleo Helped Me Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Almost two years ago, I wrote a blog post about Paleo and fertility, which also discussed my personal history with autoimmune disease and infertility. The blog was called Can Paleo Make It Easier To Have A Baby? and it was written while I was still struggling to find the right combination of dietary and medical help to stop my miscarriages and to ultimately have a successful pregnancy. Fast forward 18 months, and I am happy to report with certainty that … Continue reading


Living a Paleo Lifestyle

Top 5 Paleo Foods for Clear Skin As we approach the summer, it’s the time of year when people like to let their skin show more. More sun time and less make-up can leave some wishing for colder weather if acne or other skin conditions are a problem. …Continue reading Meditation or Quiet Time - It's Paleo! There was a time in our not so distant history, where we had time during the day that was relatively quiet. Even a … Continue reading


Is Fish Sauce Paleo?

Fish sauce, also referred to as nuoc nam, is a commonly called-for ingredient in many Southeast Asian recipes. It adds a combination of tangy saltiness and authenticity to many Vietnamese and Thai dishes. But does fish sauce meet the guidelines for people on Paleo diets? How can people eating Paleo benefit from consuming fish sauce? Is Fish Sauce Approved on a Paleo Diet? If fish sauce is made with just fish and salt (and possibly other natural ingredients for flavor), … Continue reading

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Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) and You

What are Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs)? Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs are products of normal dietary metabolism in all animals and to a much lesser extent, plants as well. There are hundreds of different types of AGEs and although this rowdy gang behaves like oxidants with the potential to damage proteins such as collagen, DNA and our cells, our antioxidant system under normal conditions, does a good job of neutralizing and excreting most of them in our urine. Problems occur … Continue reading

Otto's Cassava Flour

Is Cassava Flour The New Paleo Baking Favorite?

I started down a long road of Paleo baking experimentation about six years ago. Back then, the only readily accessible Paleo flour options were almond and coconut. Almond flour played well with others and could easily be substituted for gluten free flour blends or for wheat. Coconut flour, as you will know if you’ve tried your hand at Paleo baking, does not act “normal” and soaks up a lot of liquid. It is best used in small quantities, and usually … Continue reading


Thrive Market Shopping Guide

The online world of Paleo shopping has exploded in recent years, and Thrive Market joined the ranks in 2015. An online, members-only subscription site, Thrive Market offers foods that meet a variety of dietary requirements and preferences (Paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, organic), and boasts discounted prices much like Costco, only not in bulk. A one-year membership to Thrive Market is $59.95, and they will tell you that you’ll save much more than that if you purchase a membership and … Continue reading