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All There is to Know About Coffee

“Let’s have coffee sometime!” It’s a familiar refrain isn’t it? Coffee is a conversation starter, an excuse to get together and a neurological stimulant. From 16th century “Schools of the Wise” in the Near East that fostered culture and discussion of current events to 17th century “Penny Universities” in England where you could purchase a cup of coffee for a penny and “engage in stimulating conversation” and on to the rise of modern era coffee establishments (Starbucks anyone?), coffee has … Continue reading


Heart Rate Apps: A Few to Consider

A few weeks ago, we did a little post about tracking your heart rate, and now it's time to review a few apps that can help you do that more effectively! Most bluetooth heart rate monitors will pair with any of these apps, though the ones from Wahoo, Zephyr, and Polar all make claims to work with most any device, as well as their own native apps (Wahoo Utility - Wahoo Fitness). A smart shopper will spend between $50-$100 on … Continue reading

Paleo Pigs in a Blanket for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2015 - Paleo Style It’s that time of year again...the 49th Super Bowl is rapidly approaching this weekend (Sunday, February 1st at 3:30pm PST). I’ll admit I’m not a terribly huge football fan, but being from Washington State, I can’t help but be stoked that the Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl...for the second year in a row! Go Hawks! :) It’s not that I don’t like football, it’s more that I don’t quite understand the rules … Continue reading


Are Chestnuts Paleo?

Chestnut trees are native to the forests of China, Japan, Europe and North America. Did you know that until blight wiped them out about 100 years ago, the American Chestnut dominated the hardwood forests of the east coast? Billions of trees succumbed to a deadly fungus introduced to the North American ecosystem via Asian Chestnuts, which are naturally resistant. Researchers and breeders are working to bring back the American Chestnut but the process will take decades and in the meantime, … Continue reading


Is Paleo The Last Diet You’d Ever Want To Follow?

We live in a culture that loves to rank things according to their greatness (or awfulness). Diets are no exception! So why does Paleo keep getting the shaft from mainstream media, especially at a time when it's getting widespread publicity from Hollywood? U.S. News recently ranked 34 diets, from great to not-so-great, and Paleo ended up at the bottom of the list. According to their description, diets were ranked high by being easy to follow, having nutritional benefits, and being … Continue reading


Is Salt Paleo?

Integral to ancient religious practices, trade, politics and the growth of economies, salt has played key roles in social and cultural developments around the world throughout history. Salt maintains a significant presence in our lives today as a major player in diet and nutrition. Should we be eating salt? Is salt Paleo? Nutritional Value of Salt The following values are based on 1 teaspoon table salt Calories: 0 Total Fat: 0 Cholesterol: 0 Carbohydrate: 0 Protein: 0 Fiber: 0 Sodium: … Continue reading


Stars Align With Research: From Vegan to Paleo

Stars Ditch Vegan Diets and Go Paleo Um, has anyone else noticed the recent trend of celebrities abandoning their vegan diets to go Paleo? Just recently we were hearing about actress Anne Hathaway and former President Bill Clinton making the switch away from veganism back towards meat-based diets. Now it’s NBC’s The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper who's making headlines. In a report published by Inquisitr, Harper proclaimed his love for animal protein and egg yolks, and emphasized low-carb, Paleo-style diets … Continue reading


Is Cacao Powder Paleo?

Perhaps you’ve seen cacao powder for sale at the store, but aren’t quite sure what cacao is, how to use it, or whether or not it’s Paleo-friendly. Or maybe you’re wondering what the difference is between cacao powder and cocoa powder. This article will hopefully answer any questions you may have about what cacao is, and whether or not you should include cacao powder in your Paleo diet. To cut to the cacao chase however, the answer is YES, cacao … Continue reading


Is Carob Paleo?

Have you ever taken a bite of what you thought was a chocolate chip cookie, only to find out that it was a carob chip cookie? I have, and the little sugar monster that lives inside of me was not happy about the situation. That’s because carob is not nearly as sweet as chocolate, although it looks deceivingly similar. Carob is commonly available in chip and powder forms, although a Paleo-friendly carob chip can be hard to come by. Carob … Continue reading


Are Cacao Nibs Paleo?

The culinary use of cacao dates back to about 1,000 BC  in Mayan cultures, who used roasted cacao paste made from cacao nibs to make drinks, sauces and cocoa-containing foods. Cacao beans (cocoa beans) are not actually beans, they are seeds that grow within cacao pods, which are the colorful fruits of the tropical cacao tree (Theobroma cacao).  Cacao nibs are made by removing the shells and breaking the larger cacao beans (seeds) into smaller pieces. Cacao nibs can be … Continue reading


Is Cocoa Powder Paleo?

The terms cacao and cocoa are often used interchangeably, but they are not technically the same thing. While both are made from cacao beans (also called cocoa beans) that grow within fruits of the tropical cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), cacao is usually referring to the raw and minimally processed form of the cacao bean, whereas cocoa is the processed form of cacao. Likewise, cacao powder is often confused with cocoa powder, and while they may look similar, the two are … Continue reading


Nightshades: Foods and Substitutions

What Are Nightshades? Perhaps you’ve heard of Belladonna? No, I don’t mean the 1981 quadruple-platinum album by Stevie Nicks. Belladonna, a plant that is a member of the nightshade family, means beautiful lady in Italian and was used historically to enlarge the pupils of women’s eyes. (I guess, at the time, this made them seem more attractive.) Pupil dilation is a side effect of this “deadly nightshade” that acts to block nerve function and when taken in large enough doses, … Continue reading


Paleo Plan Holiday Gift Guide

DOWNLOAD OUR PDF VERSION - print and start shopping...   Looking for the perfect gift for the Paleo or fitness fanatic in your life? Our team at Paleo Plan has put together this uber handy shopping list of a few of our favorite things...that we’re pretty sure the Paleo peeps in your life are gonna love too! Most of these gifts are available online, and if you place your orders soon, they should arrive before the holidays do. Happy shopping, and … Continue reading


Are Brazil Nuts Paleo?

  Brazil nuts are actually seeds of the fruit of the Castania tree found in the Amazon. Brazil nuts are a nutritious staple in the diets of native Amazonians but most Westerners know them only as those big oily nuts that you push out of the way when you’re going for the almonds in a can of mixed nuts. Should you be eating Brazil nuts? Are Brazil nuts Paleo? Nutritional Value of Brazil Nuts Serving Size: 1 ounce (6 nuts, dried) … Continue reading


Paleo Baby: Is Formula Feeding Paleo?

There are many types of baby formula on the market. They’re sold as powders, concentrated liquids and ready-to-feed liquids. Standard formula is cow’s milk based and there are specialty formulas to meet special needs such as lactose-reduced and lactose free formulas for babies who have difficulty digesting natural milk sugar, protein hydrolysate formulas for pre-term and low-birth-weight babies whose delicate stomachs can’t yet handle intact protein. Protein hydrolysate formulas are also for more mature infants who are allergic to milk … Continue reading


The Autoimmune Epidemic: Part 3 Autoimmune Protocol

This is part 3 of a three-part blog series covering the ins and outs of autoimmune disorders. Part 1 explained that autoimmune diseases are an unspoken epidemic affecting far more people than is currently realized. In part 2, we discussed the connection between leaky gut, immune system function, and autoimmune disease. In this final article of the series, we will take a closer look at new research demonstrating precisely how diet and gut health are intimately connected to autoimmunity. I … Continue reading


Celebrities Abandon Vegan Diets and Go Paleo

Cover your eyes vegans...because you’re probably not going to like this. It looks like actress Anne Hathaway and former President Bill Clinton are making headlines yet again for their dietary choices, but this time they’re chewing the fat...and I mean that literally. In a report published by the Inquisitr, both celebrities were interviewed for their recent shifts away from a vegan diet and towards low-carb Paleo diets. Anne Hathaway states that her vegan diet was sapping her energy and that she … Continue reading


Paleo Baby: Benefits of the Paleo Diet for Breastfeeding Moms and Babies

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Paleo moms and babies.  Part 1 discusses the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding. In this article, I cover nutrition and how a Paleo diet can be beneficial in achieving the right nutritional balance for breastfeeding moms and babies.  Part 3 will cover baby formulas and which are best for your Paleo baby. Have you been wondering if the Paleo diet is appropriate during breastfeeding? I assure you, it is. The Paleo … Continue reading


Is Brine Paleo And How Do You Make It?

In its most basic form, brine is a solution of salt and water.  Traditionally used to preserve foods and age certain cheeses, brining nowadays is often done to add flavor and tenderness to meat.   Brining the Thanksgiving turkey has become particularly popular as it can turn a dry, flavorless bird that only gobs of gravy can make palatable into a moist and flavorful centerpiece of the holiday meal.  Nutritional Value of Brine The following values are based on a … Continue reading


Understanding Your Heart Rate Fitness

"That was a great workout!" "I'm glad you liked it!" "I wonder if I could've gone any faster." "I wonder too, you seemed to be taking some breaks, just because you felt like it was time for a break." "I'm unsure sometimes just how hard I can push it." "You like gadgets?" "Sure." "It might be time for a heart rate monitor." It's easy to sit back sometimes and think about how superior our Paleo ancestor's lifestyles were. While there's … Continue reading