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3 Hidden Sources of Gluten at Restaurants

When I first went gluten free in 2005, I made a lot of mistakes, mostly at restaurants. I'd happily eat my supposedly gluten free restaurant meal and quickly find myself in the bathroom, or itching away at my skin like I did before I was gluten free. In order to help you avoid making those same mistakes yourself, I want to give you a few tips about ordering food when you're out. Before I begin, I want to remind you … Continue reading


The One Food I Never Ever Eat

Before I removed gluten from my diet, I was overweight, I suffered from IBS (gut pain, constipation, diarrhea), I had super itchy skin that kept me awake at night, I binged on sugar all the time, my skin was inflamed and broken out, and I was very depressed. That's why I never, ever, ever eat gluten. Even at restaurants. Ever. And I think if other people knew how powerful gluten was in their own bodies, they'd stop eating it forever, too. And … Continue reading


Help! My diet is boring! (Recipe Inside)

If you’re anything like anyone who’s ever not succeeded with a diet... I’m willing to bet BOREDOM was a big culprit. It’s really easy to get into a rut and start eating the same thing over and over... feel frustrated... and then give up. This is especially true with the Paleo diet because it limits nearly all pre-packaged (and many restaurant) foods. The reason I’m writing this is because I found one more way you can finally get all the amazing benefits of eating … Continue reading


3 Ways to Deal with Food Cravings

Cravings. Ugh. Food cravings are the #1 killer of diets all across the planet. They're insidious, nasty buggers that come out of nowhere and destroy even the best of dietary intentions. Here you are, trucking merrily along with your new lifestyle of healthy eating, and all of a sudden - whammo! - you're eating a donut out of a vending machine. Not even a good donut... And cravings are contagious, too. Your friend at work goes out, driven by her … Continue reading

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Q&A: Still No Period Even On Paleo

Here's an interesting question from a Paleo Plan reader... Hi Neely! I have been Paleo for about a year and half and it has been the best decision I've made! I've been working out for about 3 years and started Crossfit about 3 months ago. I feel great most of the time and do it everyday. My only concern is that I haven't had my period in a long time. I'm 18 and I first got it when I was … Continue reading

Food Label and tape measure

Do Calories Count?

"Calories don't matter! Just eat Paleo and you'll be fine." Sound familiar? This is a common theme in the Paleo world. So I feel a little timid coming out and saying that I think calories DO matter. That is, in certain contexts. I don't think calories should just be dismissed as a mythical concept that doesn't have any bearing on your health or weight. And I certainly don't think that people who ARE overweight and desperately needing to lose fat … Continue reading


Free Paleo Q&A Webinar October 28th

It's been a while since I did the last Paleo Q&A session, and for that I apologize! I know you have questions and I want to answer them. So I'm trying out a new format for the Q&A, which is MeetingBurner, a webinar hosting service. What It Is Paleo Q&A Session What It's About Join me in this webinar and I'll answer your questions about the Paleo lifestyle. Ask anything from "What are some quick snacks?" to "I'm having trouble … Continue reading

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Essential Equipment: A Notebook

"I want to run a marathon." "Awesome, that's a great goal that a lot of people have in common. What's your mile time right now?" "Um. I ran, like, 5 miles on Sunday." "Great! What was your time?" "Less than an hour." "So you don't know your exact time?" "" "Ok. Well, it's gonna be hard to improve on something if we don't know where we're at, huh?" "Um...yeah." So simple You need to be keeping track of what you're … Continue reading

Real Food Con

Free Cookbook! And Free Online Real Food Conference

It's all about free stuff over here at Paleo Plan lately! With last week's giveaways, and now this new event I'm about to tell you about... How fun! Watch the Free Real Food Event Alright, so here's the deal. Sean Croxton of put together the Real Food Con. The Real Food Con is made up of a ton of videos of Real Food Experts, some Paleo and some not, talking on the subjects they know the best. For free. … Continue reading

Here Are The Winners of The Giveaways!

Wow, giveaway week was super fun for me! It was so awesome to watch so many enthusiastic people enter to win these awesome things this week: Tisano Chocolate Goodies Squatty Potties Fatworks Beef Tallow US Wellness Meats $75 Gift Cards and finally...  A Kindle Fire! I wish I was Oprah Winfrey so I could give all of you all of these things. I really do - I mean who doesn't really? But alas, I can not! Thank you all so … Continue reading


Kindle Fire Giveaway!

UPDATE! THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, AND THE WINNER OF THIS GIVEAWAY WAS CHOSEN. CONGRATS TO JULIETTE! Today is the final day of the Paleo Plan giveaway week! And this last giveaway is pretty rad. Here it is... The Last Giveaway is A Kindle Fire HD 7" 8GB Tablet ($139)! Here's what Amazon has to say about it: Experience movies, TV, and games, and more on a stunning HD display (216 ppi / 1280x800) Fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor—apps launch quickly, … Continue reading

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$75 US Wellness Meats Gift Card Giveaway!!

UPDATE! THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, AND THE WINNERS OF THIS GIVEAWAY WERE CHOSEN. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! Today's giveaway is TWO $75 Gift Cards to U.S. Wellness Meats! This giveaway is pretty exciting because you can get SO MANY different things with that money: lamb, rabbit, beef, pet food... Here's U.S. Wellness Meats list of offerings so you can see for yourself. Their meat is all naturally raised - grass-fed, pastured, humane - and sent directly to your door. I don't think … Continue reading

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Fatworks Beef Tallow Giveaway!!

UPDATE! THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, AND THE WINNERS OF THIS GIVEAWAY WERE CHOSEN. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! It's Day 3 of Giveaway Week at Paleo Plan! Today we have something very, very special for you. Something that will improve the nutritive value of all of your foods and make your food taste better. Today's giveaway is 4 jars of BEEF TALLOW FROM FATWORKS!! This stuff doesn't need much explanation. Suffice it to say that beef tallow is rendered beef … Continue reading

Squatty Potty :)

We Have 5 Squatty Potties to Give Away!!

UPDATE! THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, AND THE WINNERS OF THIS GIVEAWAY WERE CHOSEN. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! As you may have seen in my last post about our Tisano chocolate giveaway, it's GIVEAWAY WEEK!! Today's giveaway is the amazing Squatty Potty - woot woot! We have FIVE Squatty Potties to give away to five random entrants. Each Squatty is worth $34. Don't know what a Squatty Potty is? You're probably intrigued, though, right? Well, just as we evolved for millions of … Continue reading

Tisano Chocolate Tea

Tisano Chocolate Giveaway!!

UPDATE! THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, AND THE WINNERS OF THIS GIVEAWAY WERE CHOSEN. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! I'm super excited to announce that it's giveaway week at Paleo Plan!! WOOHOO!! Today we have some delectable chocolate goodies worth $30 to give away to 5 of you, and I'll be notifying you via email of the even bigger and better giveaways for the rest of the week. If you haven't already, definitely sign up for our newsletter on the right … Continue reading

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The Biggest Paleo Sale Ever – 71 eBooks for $37

Our main goal at Paleo Plan is to help you live a healthy lifestyle as easily as possible. I'm always trying to find and create the best resources for you to make your life easier. AND I've written extensively about how to save money in the process. Well, this week both of those things are taken care of in the biggest bundle sale ever created in the whole universe, the Harvest Your Health Sale :) This Harvest Your Health bundle … Continue reading

That's me with a bruised ego after failing on a rock climb.

The Formidable Force of Fear and Failure, and How to Overcome It

For the past month on my extended rock climbing trip, I've been struggling with failure, lack of confidence, and an overwhelming sense of negativity, punctuated by brief moments of triumph and poise. I love rock climbing. Sometimes I wonder why, though, in those moments when all of my muscles ache, the skin on my fingers is chafed raw, my heart is racing, and every cell in my body is saying, "What the hell are you doing, you dummy? This is so … Continue reading

Concerned Grandmother Believes Paleo Is Hurting Her Grandson

I recently received this comment below from a reader on my blog post called "Is Paleo Safe for Kids?" I think this question is a perfect representation of how so many grandmothers, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends, etc. feel about the paleo diet for kids. To be honest, her comment irks me a little with the whole "I don't care what she says - I'm feeding my grandson what I want to feed him," and the "fad diet" bit. But her concerns … Continue reading

Q&A: How does a vegetarian transition to Paleo?

Here's a really interesting question from a reader and my thoughts on the matter... I have been a vegetarian for almost three years and a few days ago I spoke to a friend that has been on the Paleo diet for a few months now. After speaking with her about all of the positive results she has seen so far I decided to change my whole lifestyle and transition into the Paleo diet. Previously my vegetarian diet was a lacto-ovo … Continue reading


Paleo Success Story! Losing Weight and Healing Hidradenitis…

We've been getting some great submissions to the Paleo Success Stories page, and below is one of them. I'll try to share one of these with you guys every week, since we all love these Paleo testimonials. I'm sure you'll be as impressed with her story and transformation as I am. Nice work, Leila! If you'd like to tell us your own story and have it featured here on the blog, please fill out the form here - we'd love to … Continue reading