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Vanilla Pound Cake

New Vanilla Pound Cake Recipe!

As you may know, it's dessert month at Paleo Plan! And this week's recipe is Paleo style Vanilla Pound Cake, just like the kind my grandmother used to make (but without all the stuff that would make me feel terrible now ;) Traditional pound cake is definitely delicious, but it gets its name from the ingredients: a pound of butter, pound of eggs, and a pound of flour. Not Paleo friendly by a long shot. Fortunately, you can make a … Continue reading


Going Paleo While Pregnant

I receive questions pretty regularly from women who are pregnant and wanting to go Paleo. They want to know whether or not it's safe for them to change their diet so drastically in the midst of such a dynamic phase of their lives. Here's what I say to people who are pregnant when they ask if they should go Paleo. I don't think it's a bad idea. However, I do think it's VERY important that you transition slowly and methodically. … Continue reading


Multiple Sclerosis and Paleo – Does It Help?

This is a great, and sort of near to my heart question about multiple sclerosis from a concerned mother. Hello Neely, My 37 yr old daughter was just told she has MS. We are so very concerned. She has some vision loss, neck pain and has been dizzy for years with out any relief from many doctors. I found the paleo plan on the recommended MS site. It talked about being anti inflammatory for arthritis and MS relapses. What is … Continue reading

Ben's 10 (1)

How to Realize Your Exercise Resolution

This post was kindly written by Max Shippee, our PaleoFit Coach and knower of all things fitness. "I'm really going to do it this year!" "What's that?" "Work out and lose this weight!" "Have you tried this before?" "Yeah, but this time it's different!" "What's the plan?" "Head to the gym at 6am everyday, and prepare my food ahead of time." "Is that the same plan you had in years past?" "Um....yeah." "So how's this different?" "'" We all have … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Brownies with Paleo Frosting

New Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe!

We really don't have a ton of dessert recipes on Paleo Plan. So I decided this month shall be Paleo dessert month, complete with 4 new dessert recipes! Yes, I know: "Paleo dessert" is an oxymoron in many people's minds, but I think that if someone has a hankering for something sweet, or there's a special event coming up, it's WAY better to eat that sweet treat in its Paleo form than the alternative. Having said all that, these rich … Continue reading


Bundle Sale! 52 eBooks for $39

I've been in sort of a post-holiday haze, not quite ready to get back into the swing of things. Can you relate at all? I had an awesome, friend-filled Christmas in Chattanooga, and a quiet New Year's Eve watching Elf (love that movie!). And lots of relaxing. It was great. I hope yours was, too. I was prodded out of my delirium, though, by the announcement that the biggest bundle sale in the history of the universe is available again … Continue reading

morning sickness

Navigating Nausea from Pregnancy on Paleo

There’s a 2-for-1 sale until Xmas Eve on this cookbook we contributed to. Get yours here! Thanks, Lauren, for this awesome question that I know many other pregnant Paleo women will be able to relate with! Hey Neely, First of all I am so very appreciative for what Paleo Plan has done for my husband and I. We have been trying to conceive without success. My doctor suggested changing my diet and exercising more regularly. We researched a lot of different … Continue reading


New Paleo Yeast Bread Recipe!

This is the last of our bread recipes of Bread Month here at Paleo Plan, but don't worry - there will be more in the future! So, when I published our Paleo Sandwich Bread recipe, someone asked if they could use yeast in it and still call it Paleo. I hadn't honestly thought of that before, but in the end I decided there wasn't anything at all wrong with using yeast in bread on a Paleo diet! So this is … Continue reading


Q&A: What To Eat at Restaurants on Paleo

There's a 2-for-1 sale this week on this cookbook we contributed to. Get yours here! This very common question is from a member of our Paleo Meal Plan service. I hope this sheds some light on some of your eating-out questions! Just joined the meal plan. My wife and I already eat "fairly" paleo, and I've gotten the core info from mark's daily apple. I'm a triathlete, and we do CrossFit together 3 times/week. Your plan really puts the organization … Continue reading

Neely Quinn

Free Paleo Q&A Session December 19th!

Because I love answering Paleo questions and I want you to be as well educated about Paleo as possible, I host a free Paleo Q&A Google Hangout sometime in the middle of every month. This month the Hangout will be on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 at 8:00pm Eastern Time, and you can join us from this link. A Google Hangout is sort of like Skype in that we’re all on video talking to each other as a group. You can be on the call … Continue reading


Should You Do A Post-Workout Recovery Drink or No?

This post was kindly written by Max Shippee, our PaleoFit Coach and knower of all things fitness and looking good ;) "So, I just got this great new post-workout shake!" "You did!? What's in it?" "It's's supposed to help you recover faster!" "Ok...wasn't one of your goals to lose weight?" "Um... yeah." "And we've already talked about sugar being the trigger for inflammation & fat storage, right? "Um...yeah." "You know that recovery shakes often have lots of sugar, right?" … Continue reading


New Paleo Pumpkin Bread Recipe!

I'm very excited to present you with our third bread recipe this month! It's Paleo Bread Month at Paleo Plan, and we've so far created a Paleo Herbed Focaccia and an everyday Paleo Bread. Now we're going to spice things up a bit. If you’re looking for an easy holiday bread that’s Paleo friendly, this pumpkin bread is perfect. Made with almond butter, arrowroot, and pure pumpkin, it’s perfectly seasoned, deliciously moist, and easy to whip up. It makes a great … Continue reading


The Healing Powers of Silence and Doing Nothing

After 4 months of living in a camper van, going from state to state and forest to forest in search of the best rock climbing and the best temperatures, I am officially exhausted. The plan is/was to continue on the road for at least a year, which we may still do. But for now, we've settled into a furnished apartment for one month in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I have literally not left our new home since we arrived here 5 … Continue reading


New Paleo Bread Recipe!

We all miss bread sometimes. I do! Luckily for us, this month is Bread Month at Paleo Plan, which means we'll be serving up 1 new bread recipe a week for 4 weeks. Last week was the Herbed Focaccia, and this week it's a simple, everyday Paleo bread you can feel totally safe eating. It doesn’t contain any grains, soy, dairy, or any other non-Paleo ingredients, and it comes together quickly in a food processor or stand mixer and turns … Continue reading

PF Correct Lift Cllg 1TXT

The Importance of Good Posture

"Do you actually pick things up like that?" "Like what?" "Like the way you picked up that 5 gallon water jug; completely rounding out your back and neglecting to use your legs as the primary movers of the weight." "Uh….huh?" "You lifted with your back, instead of your legs." "Ohhhh….That's bad, right?" "Yeah, but it's not the end of the world, or your back….but let's make a few changes so you can be a little more awesome." The Importance of … Continue reading

Portion sizes

Q&A: What’s The Right Serving Size for Me?

Here's a question from a Paleo Plan subscriber that I thought you might be able to relate with... Neely, Good morning! Quick questions here. So the last three months have been a dieting/fitness nightmare. My work schedule switched to a hybrid night schedule. I'm working 1-10 at night. It's really jacked things up. That being said, my eating has been nasty. And you know what? I feel like total garbage. So excuses, sob stories here, just need to crank things up. … Continue reading


Q&A: Why Do Non-Paleo Foods Make Me Sick Now?

Here's a question from a Paleo Plan member that you may have had yourself... Hi, I have a question for you ... I am having very positive results from the Paleo Plan, but now feel sick when I eat foods that are not on the Paleo Plan (grains, sugars). Prior to Paleo, I never had this reaction to these types of foods. I'd like to understand why my body is now responding this way. Any information would be much appreciated. … Continue reading

Max Shippee

Your Turkey Day Workout!

This post was kindly written by our sadistic talented PaleoFit coach and CrossFit owner, Max Shippee :)  "" "What?" "These are PERFECT!" "Um...what are those?" "They're my pregnancy pants, with the elastic waist!" "'re not pregnant anymore, why the excitement?" "They can be my Thanksgiving dinner pants! Room for expansion! Duh!" "Oooohhhhh...right" So, it's coming. We all know it. The biggest, most baddest cheat day of the year. Christmas is one thing. You can kind of excise yourself from the … Continue reading


New Paleo Herbed Focaccia Bread Recipe!

Paleo breads are hard to get right, especially those of the crispy, flavorful, and well textured variety. When I was a bread eater, I loved focaccia (who doesn't?). Or anything Italian, really. So we came up with this Paleo Herbed Focaccia in honor of that old favorite. Traditional focaccia is an Italian bread that is crisp, light, and coated with olive oil. It’s an airy, flat loaf and is often made with herbs, vegetables, or olives. Our Paleo version is easy … Continue reading

Shea Butter

7 of My Favorite Natural Household and Beauty Products

Here's a little secret about me. I can't stand perfumes. Synthetic perfumes in soaps, shampoos, hand sanitizers, cleaning products, laundry detergents, air "fresheners", perfumes... all of it. Perfume makes my skin crawl and my head ache, literally. Perfumes make me sneeze, sometimes I wheeze from them (if they're really strong), and if they get on my skin I get itchy. This is not a newly acquired this-isn't-natural-so-I-don't-like-it Paleo thing, either: I've been like this for years. Why Go Natural? The … Continue reading