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Paleo Cooking 101: How to Cook Meat Like a Pro

Eating healthy can be wildly difficult when walking through a world of processed and refined foods. Paleo eaters are all about living and sourcing their food as close to Mother Earth as possible. In this modern world, it can be quite the task to eat this way! It can be difficult for anyone who isn’t comfortable in the kitchen to find ways to get enough protein into their daily grind, but with a few basic skills, you can become as … View Recipe

23 Paleo Summer Recipes

Some people view Paleo as a heavy diet, chock full of meats, fats, and the stuff that comfort food is made of. But Paleo is for all seasons, and this collection of summery goodness will prove that being Paleo is delicious at any time of the year. 1. Coconut Yogurt-Less Parfait Healthier than ice cream, nothing says fresh summer morning than a berry parfait. Recipe by PaleoHacks  2. Watermelon Mojito Salad Truly nothing says summer more than watermelon, but why … View Recipe

The Ultimate Guide to Paleo Drinks

A question people often ask when they’re first starting a Paleo diet is what can they drink? Paleo drinks aren't just limited to water, and in fact, can be just as exciting as beverages that aren't good for you. What Drinks Are Paleo? Obviously, water is Paleo. First and foremost, I recommend drinking pure, filtered water to maintain hydration on the Paleo diet. A general rule of thumb for how much water to drink each day is to drink half of your … View Recipe

47 Best Paleo Desserts for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year, yet many who eat allergy-restricted diets feel like they're left out of all the fun. The fact is that there are dozens of fabulous, delightful Paleo desserts that rival conventional desserts on every level. I've gathered 47 of the best Paleo desserts for your holiday parties and family get-togethers. They're festive, grain-free, dairy-free, and perfect for any time of year. Paleo Chocolate Desserts Chocolate makes the world go 'round, right? Well, we've got … View Recipe

Is the Paleo Diet Safe for Babies?

It’s a big deal when a baby goes from only drinking formula or breastmilk to making the leap into the world of solid foods. It’s exciting, and also terrifying, for most parents — especially new parents. As a new parent myself, I thought that introducing solid foods would feel exciting, but when the time came to try some foods with my son, I felt more scared than anything else. Even as a nutritionist, I worried that I would do the … View Recipe

How to Stop Drinking Soda

If you search for advice on how to stop drinking soda, you're going to come across "experts" who suggest that you switch from regular to diet soda (hello — diet soda is still soda), or that you simply replace your soda with an equally as sugary but not carbonated beverage. While this blog post will focus on soda, it applies to any overly sugary beverage that does not offer nutritional value. But first, let's discuss why soda is really so bad for you, and it … View Recipe

How to Start Eating Vegetables (When You Don’t Like Them)

One of the biggest concerns that I get from people who are considering switching over to a Paleo diet is that they don’t like this, that, or the other kind of vegetable. Do you have to LOVE vegetables to be able to eat a Paleo diet? The answer may surprise you! No — you do not have to love vegetables to follow a Paleo diet. You only have to be willing to try them. I’m not saying you have to … View Recipe

Fishpeople Prepared Dinners Review

(Note, this review by Jason Glaspey.) Earlier this week we got to try Fishpeople prepared dinners. While eating Paleo typically means trying to cook our own food--using whole ingredients--there are times when it's easy to wax nostalgic for simple, heat-and-eat dinners. So, when I read about Fishpeople, I was intrigued. Their whole gig is centered around making healthy, natural dinners from sustainably harvested fish, and natural ingredients. And even better, two of their dishes are pretty close to Paleo (there … View Recipe

Paleo Bread Review

A little over a month ago, I found a recipe for Paleo Bread at Free the Animal (Fat Bread Recipe). I'd been really missing sandwiches, burritos, burgers… Pretty much anything that you can eat with your hands and hold. I made the recipe and was incredibly excited to absolutely love the bread. It's delicious, moist, and made a chicken sandwich with extra mustard taste like the good-old days. AND, it was super high in fat while being low in carbs. … View Recipe

Packaged Paleo?

This post was written by Jason, founder of Paleo Plan, entrepreneur extraordinaire, and non-dogmatic Paleo eater. Packaged Paleo foods. By definition, it's somewhat of a contradiction of terms. Clearly, there were no pre-packaged jerky snacks roaming the prehistoric countryside. But here we are in 2012, and there's a whole sub-niche of products springing up offering to make your Paleo journey that much easier. So, are they a good thing? Bad thing? Unsurprisingly, it depends. Three years ago when I started … View Recipe

Food For The Cultured Caveman

Paleo diners in the Pacific NW can rejoice as tomorrow, Cultured Caveman, the first 100% Paleo friendly food cart on the West Coast is opening here in Portland, OR.  It's located at the Alberta15 food cart pod on NE 15th & Alberta. For a better idea of what they're serving up and who's behind the revolutionary Paleo food cart check out their Kickstarter page or follow them @CavemanCart on twitter.  And if you're in the area go grab a bite … View Recipe

Let’s Go Drinking!!

"How much water should I drink?" "How often do you pee, and what color is it?" "Seriously?" "Seriously." It's a bit interesting to me how concerned we are with what we're putting into our bodies, and never take much notice about how it comes out. Not that we have to go collecting samples or anything, but just having an idea of how your system is functioning, at both ends, can help you make better decisions when fine tuning your nutrition, … View Recipe

10 Food Myths Debunked

Often times, people in the Paleo diet world feel at odds with the rest of the non-Paleo food community. Many such people have grabbed on to food myths, or out-dated research, and just refuse to believe that some of the pillars of a Paleolithic lifestyle can be healthy. So, I love it when I stumble across a non-Paleo resource that confirms a lot of what we've been preaching about the Paleo diet. Over at Lifehacker, today they covered 10 Stubborn … View Recipe

John Welbourn

Elite Athletes Choosing Paleo

With Paleo growing in popularity, you may have wondered how long it would take for professional athletes to catch on. Reports are beginning to leak of just this. Below are a few articles from recent months about professional athletes eating Paleo:

Why Olympian Amanda Beard and other athletes are switching to Paleo
Former NFL offensive lineman (and current CrossFit owner) John Welbourne details his journey towards the Paleo diet
View Recipe

5 Things You Need for Healthy Skin

Your skin is the major organ of your body, and the secret to keep it radiant no matter your age is to protect it by eating what benefits it. Good nutrition = Great, radiant, healthy skin. In the same way, poor nutrition = Colorless, gloomy skin. The saying, “You are what you eat," holds a lot of truth behind it. Anything you eat will affect your body functioning in a good or bad way. Food affects your hormonal state, your insulin … View Recipe

Robb Wolf’s Post on Tim Ferriss’ Blog

We recently got an email asking about Robb Wolf's new book, and the discussion that took place at Tim Ferriss' website. We thought it was worth sharing our answer, so here it is. We've posted the original question, followed by our answer. Let us know in the comments what you think. Original Question: I am sure you saw the recent post by tim ferriss and the book by Robb Wolf. Just curious, does your- the Paleo Plan web site- and … View Recipe