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Fishpeople Prepared Dinners Review

(Note, this review by Jason Glaspey.) Earlier this week we got to try Fishpeople prepared dinners. While eating Paleo typically means trying to cook our own food--using whole ingredients--there are times when it's easy to wax nostalgic for simple, heat-and-eat dinners. So, when I read about Fishpeople, I was intrigued. Their whole gig is centered around making healthy, natural dinners from sustainably harvested fish, and natural ingredients. And even better, two of their dishes are pretty close to Paleo (there … View Recipe


Paleo Bread Review

A little over a month ago, I found a recipe for Paleo Bread at Free the Animal (Fat Bread Recipe). I'd been really missing sandwiches, burritos, burgers… Pretty much anything that you can eat with your hands and hold. I made the recipe and was incredibly excited to absolutely love the bread. It's delicious, moist, and made a chicken sandwich with extra mustard taste like the good-old days. AND, it was super high in fat while being low in carbs. … View Recipe


Packaged Paleo?

This post was written by Jason, founder of Paleo Plan, entrepreneur extraordinaire, and non-dogmatic Paleo eater. Packaged Paleo foods. By definition, it's somewhat of a contradiction of terms. Clearly, there were no pre-packaged jerky snacks roaming the prehistoric countryside. But here we are in 2012, and there's a whole sub-niche of products springing up offering to make your Paleo journey that much easier. So, are they a good thing? Bad thing? Unsurprisingly, it depends. Three years ago when I started … View Recipe

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Food For The Cultured Caveman

Paleo diners in the Pacific NW can rejoice as tomorrow, Cultured Caveman, the first 100% Paleo friendly food cart on the West Coast is opening here in Portland, OR.  It's located at the Alberta15 food cart pod on NE 15th & Alberta. For a better idea of what they're serving up and who's behind the revolutionary Paleo food cart check out their Kickstarter page or follow them @CavemanCart on twitter.  And if you're in the area go grab a bite … View Recipe


Let’s Go Drinking!!

This post was kindly written by Max Shippee of CrossFit 1440. Find out more about Max here. Thanks, Max! "How much water should I drink?" "How often do you pee, and what color is it?" "Seriously?" "Seriously." It's a bit interesting to me how concerned we are with what we're putting into our bodies, and never take much notice about how it comes out. Not that we have to go collecting samples or anything, but just having an idea of … View Recipe

Baked Eggs in Bacon Rings

10 Food Myths Debunked

Often times, people in the Paleo diet world feel at odds with the rest of the non-Paleo food community. Many such people have grabbed on to food myths, or out-dated research, and just refuse to believe that some of the pillars of a Paleolithic lifestyle can be healthy. So, I love it when I stumble across a non-Paleo resource that confirms a lot of what we've been preaching about the Paleo diet. Over at Lifehacker, today they covered 10 Stubborn … View Recipe

A Paleo Plan Testimonial

We got this testimonial from Laura, a woman at CrossFit HAX who works out under Max Shippee, a regular contributor here. We loved her enthusiasm, and thought some of our readers could relate to her experiences. To see some other testimonials, head to our Paleo Plan Testimonials page. I am not creative in the kitchen. I am way too impatient to think up a meal, and other than salt and pepper, spices really confuse me. So can you imagine my … View Recipe


Product Review: Slant Shack Jerky

Here at Paleo Plan, we just love jerky. I lovelovelove it, and eat it whenever I can get my hands on it. However, I try and keep away from your basic supermarket jerky (Oberta and whatnot), but don't always have a chance to get down to my local butcher who makes incredible jerky from local beef. So, I started looking for some jerky online, to see what I could find. And we found a few suppliers that were nice enough … View Recipe

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Elite Athletes Choosing Paleo

With Paleo growing in popularity, you may have wondered how long it would take for professional athletes to catch on. Reports are beginning to leak of just this. Below are a few articles from recent months about professional athletes eating Paleo: Why Olympian Amanda Beard and other athletes are switching to Paleo Steve Nash is still an NBA All-Star at age 37. He and 38-year-old teammate Grant Hill try to only eat things that have been around for 50,000 years … View Recipe

5 Things Your Skin Needs to Look Radiant!

Your skin is the major organ of your body, and the secret to keep it radiant no matter your age is to protect it by eating what benefits it. Good nutrition = Great, radiant skin In the same way: Poor nutrition = Colorless, gloomy skin The saying, “You are what you eat”, holds a lot of truth behind it. Anything you eat will affect your body functioning in a good or bad way. Food affects your hormonal state, your insulin … View Recipe

Robb Wolf’s Post on Tim Ferriss’ Blog

We recently got an email asking about Robb Wolf's new book, and the discussion that took place at Tim Ferriss' website. We thought it was worth sharing our answer, so here it is. We've posted the original question, followed by our answer. Let us know in the comments what you think. Original Question: I am sure you saw the recent post by tim ferriss and the book by Robb Wolf. Just curious, does your- the Paleo Plan web site- and … View Recipe

Paleo-Friendly Salad Dressing

In a few of our recipes we mention "paleo-friendly" salad dressing. We've been questioned a few times about this, so we thought we'd post our answer here for everyone. On the Paleo Plan site, we don't discuss specific brands of dressing because they seem to change a lot based on the grocery store and geographic location you're in. But basically, just look for a dressing that is sugar, gluten, and dairy-free. If it passes that test, there's a pretty good … View Recipe

Positive Motivation for Sticking to Paleo

Summer is here. And with it comes several things that make following Paleo a little bit harder. All day BBQs on the weekends, and afternoon invites to meet friends on a patio somewhere after work definitely make Paleo difficult. People will be cooking and making food that is way off from Paleo, and the opportunity to catch up with friends outside, often on a whim, make food planning even more difficult. I just wanted to encourage you with a few … View Recipe

What to eat for a Paleo Breakfast?

One of the difficulties of eating Paleo has been knowing what to eat for breakfast. Our culture has turned "breakfast" into a meal traditionally filled with junkfood, even by non-paleo standards. However, when you eliminate dairy, sugar, grains and cereals, it can be daunting to know what to eat and still feel like it's a "breakfast." Some friends I know have just slowly migrated away from thinking of breakfast as anything else than another meal, and regularly eat fish, and … View Recipe

Paleo-Friendly Restaurants

One of the problems I often face is doing business lunches during the day. I'll want to meet with someone, or just feel like taking a break from the kitchen sometimes, and get overwhelmed with the prospect of eating Paleo at a restaurant. While it's definitely possible, unless you go in knowing something in advance, it can often turn in to either a bunless burger or just another chef's salad. Not that these are bad, but sometimes the goal of … View Recipe