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Food For The Cultured Caveman

Paleo diners in the Pacific NW can rejoice as tomorrow, Cultured Caveman, the first 100% Paleo friendly food cart on the West Coast is opening here in Portland, OR.  It's located at the Alberta15 food cart pod on NE 15th & Alberta. For a better idea of what they're serving up and who's behind the revolutionary Paleo food cart check out their Kickstarter page or follow them @CavemanCart on twitter.  And if you're in the area go grab a bite … View Recipe

Paleo-Friendly Restaurants

One of the problems I often face is doing business lunches during the day. I'll want to meet with someone, or just feel like taking a break from the kitchen sometimes, and get overwhelmed with the prospect of eating Paleo at a restaurant. While it's definitely possible, unless you go in knowing something in advance, it can often turn in to either a bunless burger or just another chef's salad. Not that these are bad, but sometimes the goal of … View Recipe