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Too Busy for the Paleo Plan Meal Plan?

Think you're too busy to try out the Paleo Plan Meal Plan? Here's my advice to another reader about that... Hello! My wife and I both looked at your website and are very interested in starting the Paleo Plan Meal Plan. I wanted to speak to someone about the complexity of the diet and see if this is something we can do with our schedules.My wife and I are both Police Officers. She works four days a a week 10-15 … View Recipe

Q&A: Proper Ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 Foods

Hey Neely, Quick question. I know we should be eating a proper ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 foods. In layman's terms, should we be eating more omega-3's to omega-6's or vice versa? Could you give me an example of how that reflects in one's daily diet, i.e., more fish and leafy veggies vs. nuts? Thanks so much!! With confusion, as usual, Mark Hi Mark, The proper ratio of omega 6's to omega 3's is between 1:1 and 4:1. The problem … View Recipe

Free Paleo Q&A Google Hangout July 15th at 6:30pm MDT

Hey all! As some of you many know, I host a free Paleo Q&A Google Hangout sometime in the middle of every month. This month it’ll be on July 15th, 2013 at 6:30pm Mountain Time. Who am I? I’m a Certified Integrated Clinical Nutrition Therapist specializing in the Paleo diet, and I answer people’s questions about Paleo for a living here at Paleo Plan :) Here’s my complete bio for more info on me. And that’s me below. I love answering your questions about Paleo! … View Recipe

Do You, Dear Readers, Like Giveaways and Promos?

Paleo Plan often gets requests from different companies in the Paleosphere (or not) to do promos on our site because our audience is, well, rather large. Some of these products - like coconut oil, pastured meats, coconut ice cream, fermented veggies, and awesome fat from FatWorks - are things we really love and think you will, too. So we do blog posts about them, shout outs on Twitter and Facebook, and let people know about them in our newsletters. We … View Recipe

How and Why to Eat Sardines

I recently decided I don't like to eat meat that much because the taste of it grosses me out. So I started eating tuna because it's much more palatable to me. Then my husband decided he doesn't want to deal with a senile wife 30 years from now - brought on by mercury poisoning - and he 86-ed the tuna. A few of my friends swear by sardines, so I decided I'd give them a try. Turns out they're AMAZING! … View Recipe

Free Paleo Q&A Google Hangouts with Neely Every Month

Free Google Hangouts Every Month! I just want to let you guys all know that on the 15th of every month at 7:30pm Mountain Time, I'll be hosting an hour-long FREE Google Hangout with up to 10 people so that you can get all of your quick questions about Paleo and Paleo Plan answered. Who am I? I'm a Certified Integrated Clinical Nutrition Therapist specializing in the Paleo diet, and I answer people's questions about Paleo for a living :) Here's … View Recipe

The Paleo Problem with Living Off The Grid

Lately I've been fantasizing about living in the middle of nowhere in a small home off the grid. Here are some of my housing picks so far...       I'm actually serious about doing this some day, and all of these options are viable in my mind. I don't need much: just a kitchen, a bed, and the internet and I'm good. Oh, and some rocks to climb on would be nice. And yes, the treehouse has internet! But … View Recipe

Taking Paleo on the Road This Year!

I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home, or really, from anywhere that has an internet connection. My job is dreamy: educating people about Paleo/Primal living while helping an honest Paleo company grow... from the comfort of my couch. Last summer, my husband and I lived in my favorite climbing area, Rifle Mountain Park (click here for pics of Rifle), for about 5 weeks out of a tent and our car. It was fantastic, and both of us … View Recipe

4 Ways Paleo Plan Can Help You With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Since we've had such a flurry of activity over here at Paleo Plan, I wanted to take a moment to bring you all up to speed on what's happened at the website, what we're offering now, and how all these things can help you lose weight, stay on track with a Paleo diet, and get fit for the new year. For a long time now, Jason and I have been wanting to add tools to Paleo Plan to help you … View Recipe

Paleo Group Coaching Calls Now Available!

As a nutrition therapist, I do Personal Paleo Coaching on an hourly or monthly basis with people looking for individualized help with their health. What happens in those sessions can be life-changing for people. The kind of coaching I do is really valuable for people trying to lose weight, increase energy, improve athletic performance, or just understand Paleo better, and I know that more people would do it if they could afford it. So... because our mission here is to make Paleo … View Recipe

When Paleo Doesn’t Cut It: My $1500 Lab Test Results

TMI alert! This post is about my body and its functions, so if you're not into that kind of thing, stop reading now. But since we all have bodily functions, and many of us are on the same diet, and many of us are still having symptoms and seeking answers, I thought I'd share my illuminating recent findings from the $1500 worth of testing I just had done with my naturopathic doctor. Why I Did The Tests In my last … View Recipe

My n=1 Non-Paleo Pizza Experiment

By experiment, I just mean that I ate a piece of pizza. One time. One mouthwatering slice. In the past, this simple act would've led to things like bloating, eczema, a red rash on my face, a yeast infection the next day (or the same day), diarrhea and/or constipation, acne, intestinal cramping, sinus congestion, heartburn, wheezing, itchiness on my face, or brain fog. I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting, but after 7 years of not eating gluten and … View Recipe

Boulder Paleo Meetup

My Boulder Paleo Meetup

So this is the worst quality picture ever, but luckily I got a new camera as a wedding gift (hooray!), so this kind of terrible photography will never happen again. I promise. However, it's a picture of some of the attendants at my first Paleo meetup in Boulder, which is AWESOME! This post is just to encourage you all to set up or join a Paleo meetup in your area. I put mine together at, and while it did … View Recipe

Paleo Plan Meal Plan Weekly Menu

How To Make Small Changes To The Meal Plan To Fit Your Needs

We sometimes get emails from meal plan subscribers who are either experiencing fatigue and/or hunger. We also get emails from people on the meal plan who aren't losing weight as quickly as they'd like on the plan. My first questions to both of these kinds of people are: -How big of a person are you? -How active are you? -And are you tweaking the meal plan to fit your personal needs at all? Are You Eating Enough, Too Much, Or … View Recipe

Planning our Paleo wedding

I’m Engaged! And I Need A Bit Of Help…

It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front these past few days because I've been busy planning a wedding! My boyfriend, Seth, proposed last Thursday, April 5th after 6 1/2 years of togetherness. Coincidentally, he proposed to me last year on April 5th, too, but we had to call off the engagement to do some soul searching for a while. This time it's for real - we're committed, and we're both looking forward to spending forever with each other … View Recipe