The Ultimate Paleo Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift-giving can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re shopping for someone who lives on a restricted diet. If you want to get the Paleo, AIP, or keto person in your life something that is not only meaningful but useful, use our expertly crafted gift guide. Curated by our team of nutritionists, fitness professionals, and bloggers, you’re sure to find a winning gift from the following ideas.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Choose from this specially-selected list for your Christmas gift-giving, but here’s a hint: it also works for gifts at any time of the year.

1. PaleoPlan Membership


Get a professionally crafted meal plan sent right to your inbox. Bonus: it’s also fully customizable for food allergies, preferences, and serving sizes!

2. Paleo Skincare

FatCo produces Paleo-friendly skincare products from ingredients like beef tallow. Not only are they free from nasty ingredients, but they’re also good for irritable skin, as well as eczema, psoriasis, and other itchy or dry conditions.

3. Jump Rope

Step up your fitness with a jump rope. Small enough for a stocking, this big-impact gift is perfect for the fitness lover in your life, whether they’re relatively new or a seasoned pro.

4. Spiralizer

Get zoodle-crazy with a spiralizer. But here’s a hint: it goes way beyond just zucchini.

5. Glass Measuring Cups

These handy measuring cups can also double as mixing bowls, which cuts down on dishes and mess when you’re batch cooking or food prepping.

6. Slow Cooker

Don’t slave over your meals; let them cook while you attend to your busy life! One of the best kitchen staples for a Paleo planner, this appliance is a must-have.

7. Insulated Tumbler

Stay hydrated with this insulated cup that keeps water cold for an entire day. The 30 ounce size is perfect for cutting down on remembering how many times you’ve refilled the cup, and still fits in most cup holders thanks to the sleek design.

8. Glass Food Storage Dishes

Perfect for the food prepper or meal planner, the lids are fitted tight with a silicone seal so there’s no leakage when your cooler accidentally tips upside down. Made in the USA of BPA-free pyrex glass, they can be used to store, heat, reheat, bake, or serve food in. Safe for freezer, dishwasher, and even the microwave.

9. Bullet

Perfect for the smoothie lover, this appliance makes blending a snap, without the mess. The easy clean-up and mixing cups that can double for drinking or storage are a perfect addition to a Paleo kitchen.

10. Chocolate

You can’t ever go wrong with a chocolate gift, and these coconut butter cups are the perfect mix of sweet Paleo ingredients.

11. Dumbbells

Cheaper than a gym membership, and easier to use, give these dumbbells to the fitness lover in your life to inspire year-long fitness.

12. Food Processor

Get fancy with your Paleo baking, food prep, and even baby-food making. A high-quality food processor like this one has dozens of uses in the kitchen, and won’t take up a ton of space.

13. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

Toss the plastic from your kitchen without worrying about shattering glass. These measuring cups stand up to heavy use, are dishwasher safe, and make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift idea.

14. Paleo Magazine

Gift a year-long subscription to the world’s only print Paleo magazine.

15. WODies

Perfect for the CrossFitter in your life, these hand grips will help them take their lifting game to the next level.

16. Medicine Ball

Gift your fitness-loving friend or relative a medicine ball, which will help them step up their ab game and turn their home workouts into gym-quality sessions.

17. Essential Oil Skincare

AnnMarie Skincare is a perfect all natural skincare option that relies on high quality oils and pure essential oils to nourish your skin and achieve a non-toxic, luxurious fragrance.

18. Thrive Membership

Give the gift of savings on Paleo-friendly and healthy groceries all year long. A Thrive membership offers unique deals on healthy foods, cleaning products, and skincare items, with an easy Paleo search tool to cut down on label-reading and shopping time.

19. Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

The best way to ditch plastic from the kitchen is to replace it with something equally as usable. These bamboo utensils hold up to heavy use and are perfect for the Paleo food lover in your life.

20. Olive Oil

True, pure olive oil is a delicacy. Give high-quality olive oil as the heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory gift that will keep on giving.