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Otzi in his summer garb

Otzi, The 5,300-Year-Old Mummy, Was Not Paleo

Recently, there was an incredibly poorly researched article from about Otzi, the mummified man who lived about 5,300 years ago. Otzi was discovered in the Otztal Alps near Italy in 1991 after being preserved by the snow since the day he died. It's been discovered that he had "clogged arteries", or arteriosclerosis, which can potentially lead to heart attack or stroke (but not always). The author of the article concluded, "Since coronary heart disease seems to predate potato chips … View Recipe

Hunter Gatherer Profile: The Kitavans

I covered the traditional Inuit in the last hunter gatherer profile, whose diet consists of sometimes 90% animal products. Hardly eating any carbohydrates at all for most of the year, they are on one end of the hunter gatherer macronutrient intake spectrum: the high protein end. On the other end are the Kitavans, whose diet consists of about 70% carbohydrates, 20% fat and 10% protein. I chose this group of people because they have been so well studied, and because … View Recipe

Hunter Gatherer Profile: The Inuit

There's not much that fascinates me more than the diets of non-modernized people. Whether it be the present day Suri tribe in Africa, the Swiss mountain dwellers of 100 years ago or the ancient South Pacific islanders, it's all downright riveting to me. In my free time I watch movies about them, read books on what they ate, and compare it all to our modern lives. I'm a food dork in the weirdest way. The more I learn about them, … View Recipe