Paleo Ingredients or Not?

Is it Paleo?

chef hat mascotBaking Ingredients



ketchup-with-tomatoesCondiments and Sauces

ghee in a jarFats and Oils



Fruits and VegetablesFarmers market place

corn-kernal-seed-and-grains-in-bags-smGrains and Pseudograins







Nuts, Seeds and Their Productswalnuts

medium-rare-cooked-beef-roastProteins and Meats








Herbs and Spicessalt-selection-sm


Drinking water-webDrinks





  1. Stacy C

    Is maple syrup to be used as a sweetener paleo?

    • Aimee McNew

      Hi Stacy,

      Yes, maple syrup is a Paleo sweetener! You can also use raw honey, coconut nectar, or coconut sugar.

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