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Paleo for Teens

As the Paleo diet grows in popularity, it’s reaching a younger audience, and for good reasons! Many of the health conditions that teenagers struggle with such as acne, obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune disease can benefit greatly from eating Paleo. But is Paleo for teens a safe diet? The short answer is, yes—it sure can be! The longer answer is that it depends on the foods that are being consumed on the individuals’ Paleo diet. Importance of Diet in the Teen … View Recipe

Liz Wolfe on Homesteading, Skin, and Her Own Paleo Journey

I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by Liz Wolfe and her new homesteading experience. Who is Liz Wolfe, you may be asking? She's a Paleo nutrition practitioner, the blogger at, author of The Skintervention Guide, author of her new book, Eat The Yolks, and co-host with Diane Sanfilippo of the very popular Balanced Bites Podcast. She's a busy girl! But she'll tell you all about that in the interview below. Anyway, back to living primitively. You may have seen my post … View Recipe

Caveman Cafeteria’s Video Interview with Neely

This past Sunday I went down to Denver to chat on camera with Will White of the Caveman Cafeteria. The video below is his first episode of "The Caveman Show", which will air on YouTube every Sunday. I let you know in a recent post that Will is featuring our Bison Chili recipe on his food truck this month, so he wanted to let his fans know a little more about me and Paleo Plan. Here's the schedule for his … View Recipe

Caveman Cafeteria Food Truck Serving Paleo Plan Recipe!

Will White got out of the military earlier this year and pretty much immediately opened a Paleo catering company and food truck in Denver. It's called Caveman Cafeteria - check it out. Will, who's also a badass comedian, found Paleo while he was serving in Iraq and lost 25 pounds because of it. He decided the entire Denver area needed to have access to Paleo foods, too. Read an interview posted on with Will to learn more about him. This … View Recipe

Success for A Paleo Plan Subscriber

We recently did an interview with Nina, a Paleo eater and Paleo Plan meal plan subscriber to see how the plan is working for her and how Paleo has changed her life.   PP: How long have you been following Paleo? Nina: I started a strictly Paleo diet May 5th, 2012 and actually signed up for the that same week I believe.   PP: Why did you join Paleo Plan? Nina: I had been having intestinal pain, bloating, gas and I wasn't … View Recipe


Slimkicker Interview with Neely

I was recently interviewed by Slimkicker, a new diet tracking, weight loss challenging website that just might make your health goals a little more achievable. They make your weight loss goals into a winnable, level-up game for those of you who need a little more accountability and fun in your life. In the interview, I answered questions about things like whether quinoa is acceptable on the Paleo diet, grain substitutions, how much fruit to eat, whether or not you should … View Recipe

Nell Stephenson

Nell Stephenson on Paleo Endurance Athletes

I recently had the opportunity to interview Nell Stephenson of Nell is a highly successful endurance athlete, having placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd several times in her age group in Ironman races around the country. And she does these feats of athleticism while eating a Paleo diet! She also co-authored The Paleo Diet Cookbook with the esteemed Dr. Loren Cordain, and her new book, Paleoista, is available for pre-sale right now on Amazon. She does Paleo lifestyle coaching with clients around the … View Recipe

“CrossFit Chick” Loses Weight & Improves Breast Health With Paleo

This is a woman's Paleo story that inspired us so much, we decided to make a whole blog post out of it. After all, Paleo is not just about weight loss, and this story is a perfect example of that. My name is Betsy Hodgdon and I'm 40 years old. I have a 10 year old daughter and I work full time for an online language learning company. I travel for work and I've figured out how to do Paleo … View Recipe

Chris Kresser on Fertility and Nutrition

You've probably noticed Chris Kresser around the Paleosphere lately. He's been on Robb Wolf's podcast, he has his own very informative podcast, and he's cited on blogs for the in-depth research he does. He's known for getting to the bottom of health problems, including digestive disorders, thyroid health and fertility. In fact, to further emphasize his dedication to his science-based approach to finding answers, he signs his emails "Chris Kresser, Investigative Medicine." He's a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative … View Recipe