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How We Design Our Paleo Meal Plan

Something that we frequently get asked is how our Paleo meal plan is designed. It is a really great question! Our food plan is designed to be an integral part of a lifestyle that turns your body into the highly efficient, optimally functioning, fat-burning machine it is meant to be. This is what nature has always intended for you. With a modern mimicking of the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, we can reprogram our genes for optimal expression, a.k.a. health!   By … View Recipe

Fall into Paleo – 30 Day Challenge (Plus New Meal Plan Features!)

Fall into Paleo! Since eating Paleo is also about eating seasonally, it seems fitting to host a 30 day Paleo challenge every equinox and solstice. With the autumn equinox arriving this week... it’s time for our seasonal “Fall into Paleo” 30 Day Paleo Challenge, which fires off Monday September 21st, 2015! With the holidays right around the corner, this is your last chance this year to fall headfirst into one of our Paleo challenges, as we won't be hosting another until 2016! Ready to … View Recipe

Q&A: Nutrients in the Meal Plans

We recently received this message with some important questions for our new members in it about the seasonality of our menus, the nutritional value of our members, and binge eating like our ancestors would have. Below are the questions and answers. Hi, I'm brand new to the paleo diet and have a few questions for you. First, I found your site the other day and wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Not only can I get all of … View Recipe

What is the Paleo Flex Plan?

I recently got an email asking for some clarification on the Flex day and Flex Plan we send out each week. While this information is available in our Resources section, I also understand not everyone has the time to read the whole site, nor find the answers to their questions. So, I thought I'd re-post my reply here and make see if others had the same question. What is the Paleo Flex Plan? The short answer is that the flex … View Recipe