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Looking for a Quick Start to Following Paleo?

With over 50 pages of easy to read information, we outline the basic premise behind the Paleo diet. What to eat, what to avoid, and why. We provide lots of good information, but don’t get carried away with a molecular breakdown of that one food and how it affects that one thing.

Doing a Paleo Challenge? We have everything you need.

We provide 6 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists, along with a full outline of the rules of a Paleo challenge. So whether you’re part of a CrossFit challenge, or just challenging your coworker, we have everything you need, including what to eat.

Need more delicious recipes? Yep, got those too.

Just telling you about Paleo won’t help you too much, so we provide our favorite 100 recipes from Paleo Plan. Along with our meal plans and shopping lists, you have everything you need to get started.

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  • Bonus #1: Paleo Plan’s Athlete’s Guide

    If you’re an athlete following Paleo, you might not be getting all the fuel you need, or you might need to modify your macronutrient ratios. Get Paleo Plan’s Athlete’s Guide for information on modifying your Paleo diet if you’re an endurance athlete or power/CrossFit athlete looking for better nutrition. Includes a sample menu for both Power and Endurance athletes, and a free recipe for making your own high performance Paleo sports drink!

  • Bonus #2: Paleo Plan’s Guide to Oils and Fats

    For the “Standard American Diet” it’s easy to simply vilify all types of fat, but if you’re following Paleo you know that fat is an important and healthy part of your diet. However, not all fats are created equal. In Paleo Plan’s Guide to Oils and Fats, we break down the good, the bad, and the sometimes OK oils and fats, and help you understand how they affect your body. We also discuss Omega 3 and 6s, and what ratios you should be striving for.

  • Bonus #3: Paleo Secret’s Sitting Solution

    In this powerful bonus guide doctors of physical therapy and co-authors of the highly popular blog, Chad & Brenda Walding, provide the coveted secrets to taking back your posture, and alleviating the hellish neck pain that millions of people experience daily due to our “flexion based society.” Understand where the problems come from, and receive a printable step-by-step guide, as well as a companion viedo, on how to solve them!

Get the bundle (valued at over $84) for only $34!

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