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You’ve gone Paleo – that’s great! The first step in getting ready for the diet is to purge your kitchen & make it Paleo. Once your kitchen is emptied of the bad, let’s fill it back up with good-for-you Paleo foods!

When you go shopping for the first time on the Paleo diet, the grocery store can seem like a completely foreign place.
When you’re not used to operating within certain food restrictions, it can be overwhelming knowing what to buy.

We won’t sugarcoat things…learning how to shop Paleo will be a learning curve, but rest assured that it’s a very temporary bump (and important step!) along the Paleo road.

We offer a free library of resources including our Complete Guide to Shopping Paleo, which details everything you need to know to make the right Paleo decisions at the store. The guide includes what’s Paleo and what isn’t, the best and worst in terms of food quality, how to read labels, shopping Paleo on a budget, and more. You may also find our comprehensive Paleo ‘Yes/No’ Food List helpful to print and take to the store (or have on your smartphone). Our healthy cookware guide will point you towards non-toxic alternatives for pots, pans and appliances.

If you’re wondering which products your nutritionists here at PaleoPlan love, check out our Nutritionist Favorite Product Recommendations. We also offer several guides for easy reference when you’re shopping at popular Paleo spots:

Trader Joe’s Shopping Guide
Whole Foods Shopping Guide
Tips for Shopping Paleo at Walmart
Thrive Market Paleo Shopping Guide
How to Shop Vitacost Like a Paleo Pro

Happy Paleo shopping everyone!

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