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Zits and Paleo (My Current 1st World Problem)

A long time ago, before I got my head on straight about my diet and went Paleo, I had pretty bad acne. In fact, I remember very clearly this one time when someone asked me if I had small pox. Seriously, that happened. For years it was on my chin, my neck, and my back and chest were always troubled areas, too.  It was embarrassing to wear tank tops, and I was constantly picking at and scrubbing my skin with random … Continue reading

Is The Birth Control Pill Worth It?

After being told three times in the last two months by a gynecologist or otherwise vagina-related medical person that I should go on the pill, I decided to write a post on this ubiquitous pharmaceutical. My PA, MD, and med tech's heavy-handed suggestions to start taking hormonal contraception came as a surprise to me every time, especially because my visits to these people had absolutely nothing to do with potential babies. I think I actually made them slightly angry, or … Continue reading

Cashews Are Bad (for Me)

If you'd spent any time around me during meal times over the last year, you would know that I was a very, very finicky eater.  "What do you mean you can't eat olive oil, Neely?  That's ridiculous!"  I know it's ridiculous.  Olive oil is delicious.  It brings out the Italian in any meal and what's ridiculous is that until recently it made me itch immediately upon ingestion.  "What do you mean you can't eat rice, Neely?  I've never heard of … Continue reading

Is Dairy Paleo?

Some Paleo experts believe dairy is absolutely not acceptable on the Paleo diet, while others believe that certain types of dairy may be just fine in moderation. Here's some background so you can make your own decisions about it. … Continue reading