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Max Shippee

A CrossFit Owner’s Thoughts on 8 Common Criticisms of CrossFit

This is a post addressing some of the major criticisms of CrossFit that people have. If you don't see a question that you have here, PLEASE post it in the comments. We want to do a follow-up post!! This post was written by Max Shippee, CrossFit 1440 Owner and Coach, and PaleoFit Coach.  For a review of what we've already said here about CrossFit at PaleoPlan, here's Jason's great post/response to safety concerns about CrossFit, and Neely's two posts (about … Continue reading

Very old woman of the San Bushman tribe

But I Thought Hunter Gatherers Died Young…

Alright, time to tackle one of the biggest arguments to eating Paleo: "Why would I want to eat like a caveperson if they only lived to be like 30 years old?" I'm sure you've heard this argument or thought it yourself. So what's the retort? It's simple. We live in a fortuitous time when we have the best of both worlds - modern medicine AND high quality, organic Paleo foods at our fingertips. Hunter gatherers throughout time and geography weren't … Continue reading