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John Welbourn

Elite Athletes Choosing Paleo

With Paleo growing in popularity, you may have wondered how long it would take for professional athletes to catch on. Reports are beginning to leak of just this. Below are a few articles from recent months about professional athletes eating Paleo: Why Olympian Amanda Beard and other athletes are switching to Paleo Steve Nash is still an NBA All-Star at age 37. He and 38-year-old teammate Grant Hill try to only eat things that have been around for 50,000 years … Continue reading


Paleo for the Active Person

I talked to a guy recently who told me he'd tried eating Paleo and failed. At first I thought, "He just can't resist the temptation of donuts for breakfast and bread for lunch." And then I let him plead his case, and it went something like this: when he gave Paleo a shot, he found he didn't have the energy he needed throughout the day. He was super tired, lethargic and couldn't get through his workouts. I'm sometimes too quick … Continue reading