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23 Paleo Summer Recipes

Some people view Paleo as a heavy diet, chock full of meats, fats, and the stuff that comfort food is made of. But Paleo is for all seasons, and this collection of summery goodness will prove that being Paleo is delicious at any time of the year. 1. Coconut Yogurt-Less Parfait Healthier than ice cream, nothing says fresh summer morning than a berry parfait. Recipe by PaleoHacks  2. Watermelon Mojito Salad Truly nothing says summer more than watermelon, but why … Continue reading

Q&A: Canola Oil, Goat Yogurt, Pita Bread, Popcorn, Green Beans, and Condiments

These very good questions came in a recent email from a Paleo Plan reader. Here are her initial comments and her questions follow with my answers below them in italics. Thank you for helping those of us who have questions on allowed Paleo foods. I read thru the list of Q&A's and didn’t find my specific questions addressed. I started eating healthier today after reading The Paleo Answer this weekend. I finally understand the science behind not eating beans and grains. 1) Is … Continue reading