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Is the Paleo Diet Worth Trying Out?

As you probably know by now, our modern society has developed awareness on the need to stay healthy and fit. This is precisely why hundreds of diets of all types and descriptions have cropped up over the years. Regardless of which diet you choose, all of them have a handful of things in common. These include increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, and cutting back on either carbohydrates or protein. Despite these common themes, the Paleo Diet still manages … Continue reading

The Dreaded Detox

So you’ve started eating Paleo, and you’re a few days into it. You’re not feeling the amazing effects of the diet that so many others before you have, and in fact, you feel worse! Naturally you’re asking, “Is this really worth it?” Almost everyone who is on the Paleo Diet or similar plan has been right where you are—you are not alone. Here’s the scoop on what’s happening in your body. Why Do I Feel Worse After Going Paleo? For … Continue reading