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Improving My Body Image By Living Without A Mirror Or A Scale

I have a client right now who has an eating disorder. After years of over-exercising and under-eating, she has extreme adrenal fatigue, and she's now struggling with my assignments to eat more and exercise less. Don't get me wrong: this girl is a determined bad-ass and so far she's doing what I've suggested, but it's hard for her. She's boxed herself into her body by her scale and the size of her clothes, and if either of those increases, her … Continue reading

Stop Being Afraid of Your Body

This rant post was written by Max Shippee. "I just want to have smaller thighs/have them not touch in the middle/more firm arms/to see my abs/this little bit gone." "Oh, how long have you wanted that?" "My whole life. I want to look like Giselle! You know her?" "Oh yeah, sure, we used to date."   This might come off as a rant, but you need to hear it. Look. We all have body issues. Every one of us. If you … Continue reading