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Paleo Baby: Is Formula Feeding Paleo?

There are many types of baby formula on the market. They’re sold as powders, concentrated liquids and ready-to-feed liquids. Standard formula is cow’s milk based and there are specialty formulas to meet special needs such as lactose-reduced and lactose free formulas for babies who have difficulty digesting natural milk sugar, protein hydrolysate formulas for pre-term and low-birth-weight babies whose delicate stomachs can’t yet handle intact protein. Protein hydrolysate formulas are also for more mature infants who are allergic to milk … Continue reading


Paleo Baby: Breastfeeding Benefits and Challenges

Breast milk is Paleo! It's a whole food that provides perfectly balanced nutrition for your baby. Nature spent many millions of years making it this way to optimize survival rates for human newbies in the precarious time of life’s first few years. Based on the practices of contemporary hunter-gatherer groups and our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, it’s estimated that Paleolithic moms nursed for two to four years, not two to four months or so like we do. Breastfeeding … Continue reading

Q&A: Breastfeeding While Starting Paleo

Judging by the number of questions we received this week about breastfeeding while eating Paleo, there are a whole lot of nursing moms out there wanting to go Paleo. Here's one of those questions and my answer to it below. Q: Hi Neely, My question relates to detox & breastfeeding, my wife & I have been eating Paleo, but my concern is that whatever her body removes through detoxing is going into her breast milk. Can you offer any insights … Continue reading