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Camille Macres Paleo Kitchen TV

Have you heard the good news? There’s a fabulous new Paleo cooking show airing on FoodyTV! I was so excited to hear about this that I plopped right down in front on my computer to check it out and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! After finding myself glued to the screen for nearly four hours and nine episodes of Camille’s Paleo Kitchen, (there will be 10 aired episodes at time of this posting), I felt completely inspired … Continue reading

Ode to the Food Processor: Your Key to Fast, Delicious Paleo Goodness Every Night of the Week

This post was kindly guest-written by Camille Macres, a Paleo chef of the website www.reciperx.com and the podcast Food, Love, & Transformation. She's also trying to fund a new Paleo cookbook called Paleogasm with a kickstarter. Without further ado, let's let the fun begin :) I have a little secret for you: I’ve been a chef nearly a decade and I still avoid chopping stuff as much as possible. I’m fast, and it can still take way too long. Because I’m hungry … Continue reading