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If You’re Craving Carbs, You Might Just Need Some Carbs

Is this you? Low-Carb Endurance Exerciser "I run or do CrossFit 5 days a week. I'm on a Paleo diet - no grains, no high glycemic fruits, no starchy veggies because that's what I heard I should be doing. But I have these intense cravings for sugar and I end up bingeing on cookies because I just can't control myself. What am I doing wrong?? Maybe I just need more self control..." Or this... Low-Carb Moderate Excerciser "I lift 2-3 times a … Continue reading

Zone Paleo: Eating Lots of Carbs, Gaining Weight, and Feeling Good

After my ketosis experiment, I told you I had some serious carb cravings. Well, the intense sugar cravings subsided and I went back to eating my normal Paleo diet, which usually means eating under 100 grams of carbs a day. Sometimes a lot less than that. But I started being hypervigilant about my energy levels after that ketogenic week of almost blacking out every time I would stand up, having a hard time making it up the stairs, and not … Continue reading

Ketosis Experiment Update: I Yield

As one commenter put it, I've cravenly gone "running back to my 'safe starches'" after experimenting with nutritional ketosis (NK) for a paltry 6 days. After my update last Thursday, I made it one more day and then gave up. The meal pictured here was the safe starch bomb that rescued me from NK. It was a banana tapioca crepe topped with an entire 10-ounce bag of frozen blackberries cooked in a tablespoon of maple syrup. It was amazing. And it … Continue reading

Fruit And The Paleo Diet

I love me some fruit. I can't imagine you don't, too. I love it so much that because of the dearth of fresh, organic fruit lately, I've been thawing out bags of frozen berries and mangoes and eating little cups of it every day. It's awesome that way because there's a natural syrup that forms when the fruit thaws. I eat at least one banana a day. Screw all that talk about fructose; I love fructose. I've been eating a … Continue reading