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5 Ways You Save Money with the Paleo Diet

In these tough economic times, we all want to save money, right? The Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet Plan produces some pretty amazing results not only for your health, but also for your pocketbook. And can you believe that it tastes great, too? 1. No more packaged and processed foods. These typically are far more expensive than the natural originals and far less healthy. And the money part should be obvious. The food companies want to make a profit. So … Continue reading

How the Paleo Plan Naysayers are Wrong

Say for a moment that there isn't a conspiracy between pharmaceutical giants, the chemical industry, the food industry, the AMA and the FDA. Health costs would be going down, cures would be arriving for such things as cancer and heart disease, and good food would be helping to increase our longevity. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Where did the fairy tale go wrong? Could it be greed? Yes, that same bug that bit the Wall Street elite also bit other industries, … Continue reading


The Paleo Diet: The Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

Eating raw foods is one aspect of the Paleo diet plan, which is based on the diet of primitive people during the Paleolithic Era. During those times, agriculture and farming did not exist, and people survived by eating what they could find in the wild. People hunted game animals and fished seafood. They also gathered a wide assortment of food sources such as eggs, nuts, fruits, seeds, vegetables, mushrooms, spices and herbs. Fire wasn’t around yet or was rarely used … Continue reading