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Coconut Sap: A Paleo Sweetener

We all know that sugar and Paleo don't really mix well. Most people avoid the Paleo diet like the plague purely because they can't have their sugar on the diet. The only sweets we get on this diet are fruits. I used to think that the only dessert worth having was bready and chocolate-y - certainly not fruity. Maybe if the fruit was accompanied by chocolate. Anyway, all of us who eat on the Paleo spectrum probably indulge in sweets … Continue reading

Paleo Ice Cream

It seems like an oxymoron, right?  Paleo ice cream. For those times when you need something sweet, and in particular a pint of Ben & Jerry's, this is your answer. There are certain times when eating ice cream is an obligatory part of life (for some of us, anyway), and being Paleo does not excuse you from that obligation. I'm not saying you should eat ice cream every day, or even once a week, especially if you're trying to lose … Continue reading